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EASIER ENGLISH LANGUAGE BASIC BOOK SECOND COPY Dictionary Games in the Series English Terminology: Easier The english language Basic Synonyms 0 7475 6979 several English Research Dictionary you 9016 5963 1 Less difficult English Student Dictionary zero 7475 6624 0 English language Thesaurus for young students 1 9016 5931 several Specialist Dictionaries: Dictionary of Accounting zero 7475 6991 6 Book of Financial and Fund 0 7475 6685 a couple of Dictionary of Business 0 7475 9680 0 Dictionary of Economics 0 7475 6632 one particular Dictionary of Environment and Ecology zero 7475 7201 1 Dictionary of Accommodations, Tourism and Catering Managing 1 9016 5999 two

Dictionary of Human Resources and Personnel Managing 0 7475 6623 two Dictionary of ICT zero 7475 6990 8 Dictionary of Marketing 0 7475 6621 6 Book of Medical Terms 0 7475 6987 8 Book of Military Terms 1 9038 5620 5 Dictionary of Nursing 0 7475 6634 almost 8 Dictionary of Science and Technology zero 7475 6620 8 Check your English Language Workbooks: Organization 0 7475 6626 7 Computing 1 9016 5928 3 English for Educational Purposes 0 7475 6691 7 PET 0 7475 6627 five FCE + 0 7475 6981 being unfaithful IELTS TOEFL 0 7475 6982 7 zero 7475 6984 3 Check out our website for complete details of all of our books ttp: //www. bloomsbury. com/reference LESS DIFFICULT ENGLISH STANDARD DICTIONARY SECOND EDITION General editor G.

H. Collin A BLOOMSBURY REFERENCE PUBLICATION www. bloomsbury. com Second edition posted 2004 Initially published in the uk 2001 Copyright S. H. Collin, F. Collin, S. M. H. Collin 2001 This edition Copyright Bloomsbury Publishing 2004 Bloomsbury Publishing Plc 38 Soho Sq . London W1D 3HB All rights set aside. No element of this newsletter may be reproduced in any contact form or by any means without the permission of the publishers. British Catalogue Cataloguing-in-Publication Data

A catalogue record for this book is available from your British Library ISBN 0 7475 6644 5 eISBN-13: 978-1-4081-0202-2 Text message processing and computer typesetting by Bloomsbury Publishing Branded and destined in Italy by Legoprint All paperwork used by Bloomsbury Publishing will be natural, recyclable products made out of wood produced in well-managed forests. The manufacturing procedures conform to environmentally friendly regulations from the country of origin. STANDARD EDITOR S. H. Collin Editorial Members Penelope Hands, Howard Sargeant Text Creation and Proofreading Katy McAdam, Joel Adams, Daisy Jackson, Sarah Lusznat

Preface This dictionary contains the most frequently used words in English and provides the basic vocabulary needed for every day communication by simply anyone starting to learn the terminology. It is specifically useful for fundamental and pre-intermediate students of all ages and will be suitable for individuals working towards an general level English examination such as KET or PET. Every single word is usually individually identified, and no terms, not even adverbs, are given with out a definition. Cases are included for many words and phrases to provide patterns for the user’s individual production of English sentences.

Each term, including substance words and phrasal verbs, has its own easy-to-find main entrance in striking type. Every single word contains a pronunciation in the International Phonetic Alphabet. Common phrases and idioms linked to the main term are demonstrated in striking type and separately described within the admittance. The connotations of the main common detects of each phrase are given evidently and simply, utilizing a limited and easily understood vocabulary. Meanings are grouped with each other by their component to speech. Extra help emerges in Records at the end of some entries.

These include safety measures about words which can mistaken for each other, unusual inflected forms and regularly collocating prepositions. The major differences in US and British transliteration are observed. A useful partner to this dictionary is Easier British Basic Alternatives which even comes close and clashes words with similar meanings, showing the similarities and differences in usage. Emblems before a new part of conversation before cases before a phrase or perhaps collocation ahead of an redewendung a meaning of the word will probably be found at the spot indicated extra information will be found at the location indicated we? Pronunciation

The following symbols have been completely used to show the pronunciation in the main words in the book. Stress have been indicated by a main pressure mark ( ) and a secondary pressure mark ( ). Remember that these are simply guides, while the stress from the word changes according to its position in the sentence. Vowels? a? a? a? a??? e elizabeth? e? at the? i i actually?? u u?? Consonants backside harm prevent type how hire hour course irritate head reasonable make move word keep happy regarding fit near annual pool book travel shut n d? d f l j e l m n? l r s i9000? t t? v w x z buck lifeless other bounce fare platinum head yellow-colored cab leave mix zero sing print rest ave shop consider change robbery value operate loch evaluate zone Standard. fm Page 1 Fri, January of sixteen, 2004 3: 10 PM HOURS A a2 /e? as well as, A noun the 1st letter in the alpha- incredibly able manager. There are exceptional activities pertaining to able kids. a gamble, followed by W Do you mean ‘dependant’ spelt with an ‘a’ or ‘dependent’ with an ‘e’? from A to Z completely, all the way through about /? ba? t/ preposition 1 ) referring to about something This individual told me all about his procedure. What do you would like to speak to the doctor about? installment payments on your to be about to do something being going to do something very soon We were about to go home when you arrived. 3. ot exactly Trying to find waiting for about four hours. She’s only about fifteen years old. how about? 1 . what do you think about? We aren’t find a new chairperson to get the golf club ” What about Sarah? installment payments on your would you like a cup of tea? while you are about it as well as the fact you are doing While you are about it, are you able to post this kind of letter? a2 /?, e? /, an /? n, n/ content 1 . one particular a a significant hole a good guidebook She has bought a new car. I need a cup of tea. We had to hold back an hour to get the coach.

You examine ‘Dictinory’ in category ‘Essay examples’ (NOTE: an is utilized before terms beginning with a, e, i actually, o, u and with h if the h is not noticable: an apple or perhaps an hour. is used before words beginning with all other letters and also before u where u is noticable /ju /: a useful guidebook) 2 . for each or to each Apples expense? 1 . 40 a kilo. The car was travelling at 50 kms an hour. This individual earns? 75 a day. over /? n v/ preposition 1 . greater than above The aircraft was soaring above the atmosphere. The heat in the street was above 40 degrees. By prices previously mentioned? 20, no one will buy it. installment payments on your older than In case you are above 18, you have to shell out the full service. 3. louder than My spouse and i couldn’t hear the telephone over a noise with the drills. give up /? m nd? n/ verb 1 ) to leave abandon someone or something in an unkind way

Your canine had been forgotten by its owner. 2 . to give up or stop performing something The organization has decided to abandon the project. We abandoned thinking about setting up a London office. abstract /? bri vi elizabeth? (? )n/ noun a abbreviation short form of a word overseas /? br? d/ adverb in as well as to another overseas country They’ve gone in another country on holiday. My spouse and i lived abroad for three years. ability as well as? b? t? ti/ noun 1 . an all natural tendenability cy to do a thing well I admire his ability to stay calm in difficult scenarios. We can develop their normal abilities. (NOTE: The dual is abilities. ) I will do it towards the best of my own ability Items o it as well as I could 2 . the very fact of being smart suitable for diverse levels of capacity (NOTE: no plural) absence / bull crap? ns/ noun the fact of beabsence ing away from a spot She would not explain her absence from the meeting. The previous president was sentenced in his absence. inside the absence of because someone or something is not presently there In the a shortage of the leader, his deputy took over. In the absence of virtually any official support, we had to make our own cash. able / e? b(? )l/ adjective 1 . to be able to able make a move to be in a position of a thing or have the chance to do something They will weren’t able to find the ouse. Will you be capable to come towards the meeting? 2 . good at performing something, or perhaps good at performing many things She’s a missing / baloney? nt/ adjective not right now there absent Ten of the staff are lack of with influenza. absolute as well as bs? lu t/ adjective comabsolute plete or total Basic. fm Page two Friday, January 16, 2005 3: 12 PM totally 2 go along with absolutely adverb 1 . / bs? lu tli/ com- little present. 2 . to talk about ‘yes’ or agree to something She acknowledged the give of a task in Australia. I actually invited her to have us and she recognized. (NOTE: Usually do not absolutely pletely I am absolutely sure I actually left the keys during my coat pocket. 2 . / bs? lu tli/ fue, of course Do you build it your self? ” Totally! absorb /? b z .? b/ verb 1 . to take in something such as a liquid This particular should be absorbed by the daily news. Salt absorbs moisture from the air. installment payments on your to reduce a surprise The car’s springs are meant to absorb any shock through the road surface. ridiculous /? m s d/ adjective totally unreasonable or impossible to believe It’s silly to expect you can expect to win the lottery should you only if you buy one ticket. abuse1 /? bju s/ noun 1 . irritating words The individuals being arrested shouted misuse at the authorities. 2 . incredibly bad treatment the intimate abuse of youngsters She suffered physical maltreatment in penitentiary. absorb bsurd abuse (NOTE: [all senses] no plural) abuse2 as well as? bju z/ verb 1 . to treat someabuse one incredibly badly, usually physically or sexually The girl had been mistreated as a child. installment payments on your to make the incorrect use of a thing He mistreated his situation as financial director. three or more. to say irritating things about somebody The group noisily abused the group of politicians as they entered house. academic as well as k? deinem? k/ appositive 1 . concerning study in a school Members in the academic staff received a letter from your principal. installment payments on your only theoretically, not in practice It is only of academic interest. i noun a university instructor All her friends will be academics. ccelerate /? e sel? re? t/ action-word to go quicker Don’t speed up when you be able to traffic lights. accent / ks? nt/ noun 1 ) a particular means of pronouncing a thing He echoes with a north american accent. 2 . the better or even louder part of a word or sentence in your essay In the phrase ‘letter’ the accent is on the 1st syllable. a few. a indicate over a notification showing a certain way of delivering it Coffee shop has an highlight on the ‘e’. accept /? k sept/ verb 1 ) to take and maintain a present We hope you will accept this academic accelerate accentuate accept befuddle with except. ) appropriate /? e sept? b(? )l/ qualificative acceptable sufficient to be approved, although ot particularly very good Fighting on the street is certainly not acceptable behaviour. Smoking has become less socially acceptable. A small gift of flowers would be very acceptable. The offer is certainly not acceptable for the vendor. access / kses/ noun a way of reaching a you can put concert corridor has gain access to for wheelchairs. At present there is not any access to the internet site. to have usage of something in order to reach a spot, meet a person, or perhaps obtain some thing I’ll get access to the facilities day and night. The organization has entry to substantial cash. i action-word to get information via a computer She tried to gain access to the addresses list. car accident / ks? d(? nt/ noun 1 ) an unpleasant issue which occurs and causes destruction or harm He dropped his leg in an incident at work. The lady was linked to a car accident together to go to hospital. 2 . something which happens all of a sudden Their third baby was an accident. by chance without being prepared or expected He found the missing papers accidentally. accidental / ks? dent(? )l/ épithète happening without being planned or perhaps expected a great accidental getting together with accidental harm His fatality was not unintentional. accidentally as well as ks? dent(? )li/ adverb without being prepared or anticipated accommodation /? k? meters? de? (? )n/ noun a place to live or somewhere to tay for a small amount of time Are you nonetheless looking for holiday accommodation? Visitors have difficulty in finding hotel accommodation during the summer. (NOTE: In Britaccess accident random accidentally lodging ish English language, accommodation is without plural. ) accompany as well as? k mp(? )ni/ verb 1 . to accompany go with someone or something Your woman accompanied me personally to the door. 2 . to play a musical instrument while an individual Basic. fm Page several Friday, January 16, 2004 3: 10 PM attain else performs another instrument or sings She did and was accompanied for the piano by her dad. (NOTE: combined with someone or perhaps something) complete /? e mpl? as well as verb to perform omething effectively You won’t attain anything simply by arguing. in accordance to /? k? d? tu / preposition 1 . as someone says or writes The washing machine was installed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. According to the police, the car was going too fast. 2 . in agreement with rules or possibly a system Almost everything went relating to program or timetable. 3. with regards to The educators have separated the children in classes relating to their age groups. account /? ka? nt/ noun 1 . same as bank-account 2 . I was worried on her behalf account I used to be afraid something might eventually her on account of because of, because of the trains happen to be late n account with the fog. We all don’t use the vehicle much because of the price of gas. take some thing into account to consider anything We have to take the weather into mind. on zero account certainly not accurate / kj? l? t/ qualificative correct in all details Are the figures correct? We asked them to make an accurate copy of the strategy. accurately as well as kj? r? tli/ adverb correctly The elements forecast effectively predicted the storm. accuse /? kju z/ action-word to say that someone has been doing something wrong Law enforcement accused her of taking the money. (NOTE: You hang something on someone of your accomplish relating to accounts accurate accurately accuse rime or of accomplishing something. ) achieve as well as? t? i actually v/ verb to succeed in doachieve ing some thing after striving very hard Maybe you have achieved all your aims? The company has obtained great achievement in the USA. accomplishment /? t? i vm? nt/ noun something which continues to be done effectively She is incredibly modest regarding her accomplishments. Coming sixth was a great achievement, as he had never entered your competitors before. success 3 action acid / s? d/ noun a chemical substance chemical p that is able to reduce metals admit /? e n? d? d / verb 1 ) to acknowledge say that a thing has been received She didn’t acknowledge obtaining my etter. 2 . to take that something is true The lady acknowledged that she acquired seen me personally there. acknowledgement /? e n? m? d meters? nt/ noun a notification or notice sent to admit something has become received acorn / elizabeth? k? n/ noun the fruit of an maple tree buddie /? kwe? nt? ns/ noun a person you know slightly This wounderful woman has many acquaintances in the travel and leisure industry but no actual friends. acquire /? kwa? / verb to become the owner of something This lady has acquired a sizable collection of old books. around /? kr? s/ preposition 1 . in one side towards the other May run across the street without looking to see if there may be any visitors coming. installment payments on your n the other side of He saw her across the street. i actually adverb from one side to the other The river is only twenty foot across. The stream is very narrow ” you can easily hop across. take action / kt/ noun 1 ) something which is carried out He thanked her to get the many works of amazing advantages she acquired shown him over the years. installment payments on your a part of a play or show Take action 2 from the play occurs in the garden. 3. a quick performance The show involves acts by simply several fresh singers. four. a legislation passed by Parliament an act to ban someone buy of weaponry i action-word 1 . to accomplish something You will have to act quickly if you wish to stop the fire. She acted in a very dependable way. to act as someone or something to do the work of someone or something The thick curtain acts as a screen to cut away noise from your street. installment payments on your to behave in a particular way She’s been acting very strangely. to get your work together to organise yourself properly In the event that they don’t get their action together, they’ll miss their teach. action as well as k? n/ noun 1 . the fact to do something We all recommend quick acacknowledgement acorn acquaintance get across act action Basic. fm Site 4 Friday, January of sixteen, 2004 three or more: 10 EVENING active tion to prevent the situation spreading. What action should you take to prevent accidents? lace of action not working The auto has been out of actions for a week. 2 . something that is done They are yet to shown their very own commitment by their actions. several. a activity Avoid immediate actions that can alarm the animals. some. the things that happen in a efficiency such as a enjoy or film The actions of the enjoy takes place within a flat in London. 5. an instance in a legislation court exactly where someone tries to get money from someone else to bring a task for damages against someone active as well as kt? v/ adjective 1 . involved in lively an activity or activities, especially in an energetic method He didn’t play an energetic part inside the attack around the police stop.

My grandmother is still very active when justin was 88. installment payments on your (of a volcano) exploding or more likely to explode Researchers think the volcano has ceased to be active. 3. the form of the verb which will shows that the topic is doing anything (NOTE: Should you say ‘the car hit him’ the verb is active, but also in ‘he was hit by the car’ it really is passive. ) activity as well as k big t? v? ti/ noun 1 . the work or activity fact penalized active 2 . something that an individual does to pass time happily Children are presented various holiday break activities ” sailing, windsurfing and water-skiing. (NOTE: The plural in this sense is activities. ) actor as well as kt? / noun an individual who acts in actor this individual theatre, in films or on TV actress / ktr? s/ noun a woman who also actress acts in the theatre, in videos or in the news (NOTE: Some women prefer to call themselves stars rather than fashionistas. ) real / kt? u? l/ adjective true actual I think quite tiny but the real height can be 5 metre distances. Her actual words were much stronger. basically / kt? u? li/ adverb really actually It looks quite small , but basically it is above 5 metres high. This individual said he was ill, but actually he wanted to go to the football match. 4 addresses ad / d/ noun an advertising campaign (informal ) ad If you would like to sell your car or truck quickly, put an advertisement in the conventional paper. adapt as well as? d pt/ verb 1 ) o alter something to be suitable for a brand new situation Your woman adapted the storyplot for TV SET. The car continues to be adapted intended for disabled motorists. 2 . to change your behaviour to fit to a new situation We’ll every have to figure out how to adapt to the brand new system. flexible /? g pt? b(? )l/ adjective able to change or become changed quickly to deal with new situations or uses add / d/ verb 1 . to make a total of quantities If you put all these numbers together it should make 50. (NOTE: Addadapt adaptable add ing is generally shown by the sign &: 10 & 4 = 14. ) 2 . to join one thing to a different Interest is usually added to the account monthly. Add two cupfuls of sugar.

Set a teabag into the weed and add boiling water. By building the annexe, they have added 25 rooms towards the hotel. 3. to say in order to write anything more I possess nothing to increase what I placed in my notice. She added that we nonetheless owed her some money to get work your woman did a month ago. add up phrasal verb to generate a total the figures usually do not add up the overall is not really correct addition /? d? (? )n/ noun 1 ) someone or something put into something else the latest addition to the family He showed us the additions to his collection of artwork. 2 . the act of adding numbers to make a total You don’t need a calculator to perform a simple addition. n addition to as well as You will find twelve signed up letters to become sent in conjunction with this parcel. in addition as well in addition to as well as You will find twelve registered letters being sent in conjunction with this parcel. additional as well as? d? (? )n? l/ adjective included as well as what there is previously address /? dres/ noun 1 . some details of the quantity of a house, the name of a street and the town wherever someone lives or functions What is the doctor’s treat? Our addresses is: 1 Cambridge Highway, Teddington, Middlesex. 2 . the set of albhabets, symbols and numbers that addition further address Fundamental. m Web page 5 Comes to an end, January sixteen, 2004 a few: 10 PM HOURS address book determine someone’s email account my spouse and i verb 1 . to write particulars such as a person’s name, streets and town on a page or courier That notification is dealt with to me ” don’t open it! 2 . to speak or compose to someone Please talk about your questions towards the information business office. Teachers are generally not normally resolved as ‘Sir’ here. several. to make a formal speech to a group The chairman tackled the conference. address book as well as? dres w? k/ noun a address book notebook or perhaps computer document in which you can record someones names, home addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses sufficient / d? kw? / adjective 1 . adequate enough for the purpose We all don’t have sufficient supplies for the entire journey. His salary only is hardly adequate. 2 . only just satisfactory adhesive /? d hello there s? v/ adjective in a position to stick to things i noun a element which stays things together adhesive adjoining /? deb e? s(? )nt/ qualificative very adjoining close to or almost touching something My personal office is an adjacent building. appositive / g? kt? v/ noun a word which explains a noun In the term ‘a big black cloud’, ‘big’ and ‘black’ are adjectives. appositive adjust as well as? d adjust st/ verb to make a moderate change to anything I need to change his seatbelt a bit. to sit in something to be used to a thing How are you adapting to being a father or mother? admiration / dm? re? (? )n/ noun readmiration spect for somebody or something admire as well as? d mum? / action-word to consider admire someone or something with approval He was respected for his skill being a violinist. All of us admired the lovely view from the balcony. admission /? d meters? (? )n/ noun 1 ) the take action admission or fact of being allowed to go ahead to a place Admission for the exhibition is free on Sundays. My pal was declined admission towards the restaurant as they was not wearing a tie. zero admission no one can enter installment payments on your statement saying something negative is true Her 5 edge admission that she acquired taken the cash led to her arrest. entry fee /? d m? (? )n fi as well as noun an amount of money paid out to go to a place such as a museum confess /? g m? t/ verb to let someone to will end up in to a place Children are publicly stated free, nevertheless adults need to pay. This admission admits 3 people. (NOTE: admits ” admitting ” admitted) to admit (to) doing anything to say that you have done a problem They accepted stealing the car. adopt as well as? d? pt/ verb 1 . to take someone legally being a son or daughter They may have adopted a bit boy. 2 . o opt to start using a thing The publication has been adopted for use in almost all English classes. We need to take up a more adaptable approach. adore /? deb? / verb to like someone or something a lot adult / d lt/ noun a fully-grown person i appositive 1 . fully grown an adult tiger 2 . relating to a older person or people adult fiction enhance /? g v? ns/ verb to maneuver forward The authorities slowly advanced across the rectangular. i noun 1 . a movement ahead The police have made some developments in their battle against criminal offenses. The team produced an enhance into their opponents’ half. 2 . money paid as a bank loan or as a part of a payment o be made later we adjective done before a thing happens The lady made an advance payment of? 3 thousands. in advance earlier than the time some thing happens You have to phone beforehand to make a scheduled appointment. They asked us to pay? 2 hundred in advance. advanced /? deb v? nst/ adjective which can be studied for a higher level Your dog is studying advanced mathematics. She has studying for an advanced level. advantage /? d v? nt? deb / noun something which will help you be successful Being able to drive an automobile is an edge. Knowledge of two foreign languages is a plus in this work. She has several advantages above the other work candidates. o take advanadmission fee acknowledge adopt really like adult improve advanced edge Basic. fm Page 6th Friday, January 16, 2004 3: 15 PM adventure tage of something to profit from something They got advantage of the cheap prices on offer. to be given someone to get something unto (good or reasonably from an individual best) advantage in a way that assists someone or something appear especially very good She utilized her familiarity with Italian to good advantage. adventure as well as? d vent out? / noun a new, fascinating and hazardous experience I must tell you about our adventures in the desert. adverb / dv b/ noun a word which usually applies to a verb, a great adjective, another dverb or a whole phrase In the sentence ‘He walked slowly, for the reason that snow was very thicker. ‘ the two ‘slowly’ and ‘very’ will be adverbs. negative / dv s/ qualificative (of condian tions) annoying and undesirable adverse reaction adverse effects ad / dv t/ noun same as adveradventure adverb undesirable advert tisement advertise / dv? tag? z/ action-word to make advertise sure that people know that something is for sale, or that something is going to happen The company is usually advertising intended for secretaries. Performed you see the restaurant is advertising inexpensive meals in Sundays? I could see this watch advertised inside the paper. advertisement /? m v capital t? sm? nt/ noun and announcement which tries to make sure that people know that something is available for sale, or that something is gonna happen marketing / dv? ta? z? / noun the action of making sure that people know that something is for sale, or that something is going to happen The corporation has increased the amount of money it usually spends on marketing. They put in millions around the advertising campaign. guidance /? g va? s/ noun an impression that someone gives you about what you should perform He visited the bank supervisor for suggestions on how to spend his financial obligations. They would not really listen to the doctor’s guidance. My grandpa gave me a very helpful piece of advice.

His mother’s advice was to be in bed. (NOTE: no pluadvertisement advertising advice 6 scared ral: use some advice or perhaps, for one item, a piece of advice) advise /? d va? z/ action-word 1 . to suggest to recommend someone what they should do He advised her to save a number of the money. installment payments on your to tell someone officially that something has happened (formal ) They will advised us that the sale of the house have been completed. agent /? m va? z? /, expert noun someone who helps people to make decisions about what to perform aerial / e? ri? l/ noun a piece of products for obtaining radio or TV indicators aeroplane / e? 3rd there’s r? ple? n/ noun a vehicle hich lures in the air, holding passengers or perhaps goods affair /? fe? / noun 1 . a thing that is relevant to just one person or group of people simply That’s his affair ” it’s nothing to do with me. It’s an affair to get the police. His business affairs were incredibly complicated. installment payments on your a lovemaking relationship with someone who is definitely not the husband or wife He’s having an affair along with his boss’s partner. 3. a celebration The party is just a relatives affair. 5. an event or perhaps situation that shocks persons The whole apologies affair was on the front page with the newspapers for days. i multiple noun affairs situations or activities concerning public or perhaps private existence affect as well as? ekt/ action-word to have an affect on something or someone The new polices have affected our business. Train services have been really affected by the strike. passion /? fek? n/ noun a feeling of preference someone, especially a friend She always chatted of him with superb affection. find the money for /? farreneheit? d/ verb to have enough money to fund something How can you afford such an expensive getaway? be unable to manage, can’t manage to be struggling to accept some thing because it could cause you a problem I can’t afford a delay of more than three weeks. afraid as well as? fre? d/ adjective 1 ) frightened of something or perhaps someone I am scared of nakes. He’s too afraid to ascend the ladder. 2 . to become afraid (that) to be agent aerial aeroplane affair influence affection manage afraid Standard. fm Webpage 7 Fri, January 16, 2004 a few: 10 EVENING after unfortunately I’m afraid that all the cakes have been sold. You can’t see the supervisor ” Now i am afraid he is ill. Have you got a pocket calculator? ” No, I’m afraid not. after /? ft? as well as preposition 1 ) following or next to be able to If today is Tues, the day after the next day is Thurs night. They chatted one after the other. Exactly what is the page after Q in the buchstabenfolge? after you you go first installment payments on your later than We came after six o’clock.

We don’t let the youngsters go out alone after dark. we conjunction later on than a time After the snow fell, the motorways were blocked. Cellphone me as soon as you get home. (NOTE: after following is used numerous phrasal verbs: to look after, to consider after, and so forth ) in fact 1 . inspite of everything Every thing was all right after all. 2 . the fact is This individual should be OK, after all, he could be eighteen now. afternoon /? ft? just nu n/ noun the time between midday as well as the evening This individual always has slightly sleep inside the afternoon. There is an afternoon air travel to Rome. Can we meet up with tomorrow evening? afterwards /? ft? watts? dz/ form word later

We’re going have lunch break first and go shopping after. again /? en/ disjunctive 1 . one more time He previously to take his driving test once again. again and again a couple of times, usually within a firm or determined way The police official asked similar question repeatedly. 2 . back again as you were before Even though I like occurring holiday, Now i’m always happy to be residence again. against /? enst/ preposition 1 ) so as to feel He was bending against the wall. She struck her brain against the low doorway. 2 . in opposition to Britain is playing against South Africa tomorrow. It’s hard cycling uphill against the breeze. They gone against his advice. era /e? as well as noun the number of years which you have lived She is three decades of age. This individual looks younger than his age. i actually plural noun ages many years (informal ) I’ve been waiting here for age groups. It took us ages to get served. afternoon later on again against age six agreement old /e? deb d/ qualificative with the age of 1 aged a girl outdated nine She died a year ago, aged 83. aged2 / e? g? d/ appositive very outdated an aged man agency / electronic? d? nsi/ noun your workplace which presents another company an advertising organization agenda /? d end? / noun a list of details for debate what’s on the agenda? what are we going to discuss? my spouse and i a set of hings that someone plans to accomplish top of the agenda what someone wants most Any occasion is leading of my agenda presently. agent / e? d? nt/ noun a person who performs for or perhaps represents somebody else Our hq is in London, uk but we have an agent in Paris. out and out aggression /? lso are? (? )n/ noun a feeling of anger against someone that is expressed, particularly in physical push an take action of aggression an assault on an individual aggressive /? res? v/ adjective all set to attack an individual aggressively as well as? res? vli/ adverb as though wanting to harm someone before /?? as well as adverb before He phoned a few minutes before. This most happened in the past. NOTE: before aged agency agenda agent aggression hostile aggressively in the past always comes after a word talking about time. ) agree /? ri as well as verb 1 ) to say certainly or give agree authorization After a lot of discussion he agreed to our plan. (NOTE: You agree to or on the plan. ) 2 . to say or show that you have precisely the same opinion as someone else Almost all of the group agreed with her suggestion. arrangement /? ri m? nt/ noun 1 . the take action or reality of considering the same to reach an agreement or come to the agreement on salaries Agreement between the two sides is still a long way off. they are in agreement with the plan they will agree with each of our plan We all discussed this individual plan with them plus they are in contract. 2 . a contract to draw up or to draft an agreement We all signed a with the Italian company. arrangement Basic. fm Page eight Friday, January 16, 2004 3: 15 PM forward ahead as well as? hed/ attributive 1 . in-front ahead All of us was losing, but now we are ahead again. Run on forward and find a few seats for us. You need to move straight ahead, then turn kept. 2 . at a later date My record is filled with sessions for six weeks ahead. 3. before All of us try to fill up the vacancies at least three weeks ahead. before /? hed? v/ 1 . in front of Ahead of us was a steep mountain. They ran on ahead of the others. 2 . in future period You have a mass of work ahead of you. several. before (informal ) That they drafted in extra law enforcement officials ahead of the worldwide match. help /e? d/ noun 1 . help, especially money, food or various other gifts given to people living in difficult circumstances aid towards the earthquake zone an aid worker (NOTE: This of aid has no dual. ) in aid of in order to help We give money in aid in the Red Cross. They are collecting money in aid of asylum seekers. 2 . something which helps you to take a step kitchen supports i action-word 1 . to help something to happen 2 . to aid someone target /e? m/ noun the things you are trying to perform His aim is to do well at school and chicken go to university. One of our aims is usually to increase the velocity of support. i verb 1 . to plan to do something We seek to go on holiday in June. installment payments on your to point a gun by someone or something He was aiming or perhaps aiming a gun at the policeman. air /e? / noun 1 . an assortment of gases which will cannot be found, but which is all around us and which every single animal breathes His inhale was like steam in the frosty air. installment payments on your the air the area around things and over a ground He threw the ball up into the air flow. (NOTE: These types of meanings of air have no plural. ) i appositive referring to a method of travelling or perhaps sending goods using airplane new surroundings routes y air within an aircraft I actually don’t enjoy travelling simply by air. It’s quicker to deliver the notification by atmosphere. i action-word to make a space or clothing fresh by providing them even more air Discussing open the windows to air the space. aircraft / e? kr? ft/ noun a vehicle which usually flies in the air The passengers got into or perhaps boarded the aircraft. The airline aid aim atmosphere aircraft almost 8 alive has a fleet of eight aircraft. (NOTE: The dual is plane: one airplane, six aeroplanes. ) air travel / e? fe? as well as noun how much money a passenger has to pay to travel with an aircraft air force / elizabeth? f? s/ noun a country’s armed service air business airline / e? la? n/ noun a company which in turn akes persons or products to places in aircraft The aircarrier has been the best performer the most popular with business tourists. He’s a great airline initial. airplane / e? ple? n/ noun US a great aircraft air-port / elizabeth? p? t/ noun an area where airplane land and take off You can earn the underground to the air-port. We are because of arrive at Heathrow Airport at midday. alarm /? l? m/ noun 1 . a loud alert sound A great alarm will sound if someone variations the wire. to raise the alarm to warn everyone of threat 2 . just like alarm clock we verb to frighten somebody I don’t want to alarm you, but you will find a police car parked outdoors your house. alarm clock /? meters kl? k/ noun a clock which rings a bell to wake you up album / lb? m/ noun 1 . a sizable book 2 . a collection of songs on a CD, cassette or record alcohol / lk? h? l/ noun a substance in drinks such as beer or wine that may make people intoxicated They will not provide alcohol to anyone beneath the age of 18. alcoholic / lk? they would? l? k/ adjective in relation to alcohol notify /? t t/ épithète watching or perhaps listening thoroughly, ready to recognize something equally /? la? k/ épithète very similar i actually adverb similarly My sibling and I only don’t think equally. The change will impact rich and poor likewise. alive as well as? la? v/ adjective 1 ) iving He was still in when he was rescued from your burning building. When my personal grandfather was alive, there were no supermarkets. (NOTE: not used in entrance of a noun: the fish is alive but a live fish. ) 2 . lively air travel air force air travel airplane air-port alarm noisy alarms album liquor alcoholic notify alike with your life Basic. fm Page being unfaithful Friday, January 16, 2005 3: twelve PM each of the holiday village really comes alive to come alive to become at night. busy and active all /? l/ adjective, pronoun everything or all everybody They all or perhaps All of them just like coffee. All trains visit Clapham Verse. Did you select all (of) the tomatoes?

Where are all the children? we adverb 1 ) completely The floor was all white following the snow had fallen. We forgot about her birthday. 2 . on your own all alone Weight loss do it all by yourself. I’m all by myself tonite ” my personal girlfriend’s gone out. all along right from the beginning all at one time suddenly done up 1 . tired out 2 . including every thing all of a sudden abruptly all over 1 . everywhere more than something installment payments on your finished all right well Your woman was ill yesterday but she’s fine now. nevertheless in spite of this kind of I’m certainly not keen on fear films, yet I’ll select you however. allergic /? l g? k/ épithète suffering llergic from or perhaps referring to an allergy to get allergic to to respond badly into a substance So many people are allergic to grass pollen. She is allergic to cats. 9 uncial Jack has become my closest ally inside the campaign. ally2 /? la? / verb to best friend yourself with or to someone to join forces with someone The unions have allied themselves with the opposition. (NOTE: allies ally ” allying ” allied) nearly /? lm? st/ disjunctive nearly practically London is almost as faraway from here as Paris. She’s almost while tall as I am. She’ll eat just about anything. Hurry up, it’s almost coming back the teach to keep. alone /? l? n/ adjective 1 ) with no a single lse The girl lives by itself with her cats. He was all alone in the shop. 2 . simply She by itself knew the value of the meaning. i disjunctive without others We do not let the children go out alone after dark. I abhor travelling alone. leave alone 1 . to never disturb someone Leave the sister exclusively, she’s trying to read. installment payments on your to stop holding or having fun with something Leave the cat alone, it shouldn’t like being stroked. Keep those keys alone, the noise is annoying me. to go this alone to complete something, especially a business activity, without help from any individual along as well as? l? / preposition 1 ) by the aspect of He has selected and planted fruit trees along oth sides with the garden route. The riv runs along one part of the castle. 2 . within a straight forward path She happened to run along the sidewalk. Walk over the street until you come to the mailbox. I was merely driving along when I caught sight of my brother. three or more. to a place John came along after regarding five minutes. Could it be ok easily bring an associate along? aloud /? la? d/ adverb in a voice which can be conveniently heard abece / lf? bet/ noun a series of albhabets in a specific order, at the. g. A, B, C, etc G comes just before H in the alphabet. Should you be going to Greece on holiday, you ought to learn the Ancient greek language alphabet. uncial / lf? bet? k(? l/ adjective relating to the alphabet in alphabetical purchase in order in the first notification of each word The words in the dictionary happen to be in logogrammatic order. Sort out the treat cards in to alphabetical buy of the someones names. only along allergy or intolerance / l? d i/ noun a negative reaction to allergy or intolerance a element which makes you sneeze, or makes your skin itch, e. g. This wounderful woman has an allergic reaction to household dust. The child has a wheat allergy. let /? la? / verb to let an individual do let something Your woman allowed me personally to acquire her book. Smoking is usually not allowed inside the restaurant. You are allowed to take two components of hand baggage onto the airplane. allowance /? a? ns/ noun 1 . an permitting amount of money paid to somebody regularly a weekly allocated 2 . some money that you simply are allowed to make without paying taxes on it three or more. to make allowances for to take something into mind You must make allowances for his age. ally1 / la? / noun 1 . a country which best friend works together with one other, especially in a war (NOTE: The plural is allies. ) installment payments on your someone who is definitely willing to support you in something you need to achieve aloud alphabet alphabetical Basic. fm Page 15 Friday, January 16, 2005 3: 15 PM already already as well as? l redi/ adverb prior to this or currently I’ve albefore the time described eady completed my searching. It was already past eight o’clock if he arrived. likewise /? ls? / attributive in addition to something or someone else that has been stated He’s a keen cyclist great sister likewise likes to cycle when she can. The lady sings well and can likewise play the violin. (NOTE: also is generally placed bealso fore the main verb or right after a modal or auxiliary verb. ) alter as well as? lt? / verb to get different, or perhaps alter make something different, specially in small methods or in some parts only That they wanted to alter the terms of the contract once they had agreed upon it. The shape of his face acquired altered somewhat. alteration /? lt? re? (? )n/ noun 1 ) the ct of becoming diverse or of making something different installment payments on your something that continues to be, or requires, changing Your woman made a lot of alterations inside the design. alternate1 /? d t and? t/ adjective every other one particular We see each other on alternative Sundays. alternate2 /? luxury touring? ne? t/ verb to keep changing from particular position or condition to another substitute /? d t d? t? v/ adjective 1 . in place of something different If the airplane is full, we will set you on an alternate flight. Do you possess an alternative solution? installment payments on your following a diverse way via usual we noun something which you do rather than something else Now that she’s sick, do we include any alternative to calling the holiday off? though /? t?? / conjunction in spite of the fact that Though it was freezing, she didn’t put a coat upon. I’ve hardly ever been in that store although I’ve often wandered past that. altogether /? lt? at the? / form word taking almost everything together The meals was? 15 and the refreshments? 5, in order that makes? 15 altogether. The staff of the 3 shops come to 200 altogether. constantly /? lwe? z/ attributive 1 . every time She is often late intended for work. How come it often rain whenever we want to go for a walk? 2 . all the time It’s always alteration various alternate alternative although totally always 10 amount popular in warm countries.. often, especially when an individual finds it anShe’s always requesting me to noying provide her cash. am as well as? m, m/ 1st person present singular of become a. m. / e? em/ adverb prior to midday Need to catch the 7 a. m. teach to operate every day. Phone calls made ahead of 6 a. m. are charged in the cheap rate. (NOTE: a. m. is often used to i am a. m. show the exact hour and the word o’clock is remaining out) surprise /? myself? zm? nt/ noun great amazement amaze To his amazement he won first prize. amazing /? me personally? z? / adjective 1 . very surprising It was amazing that the girl never thought anything. 2 . extremely It was an interesting and unusual mazing experience, sailing so far by land during the night. ambition / m w? (? )n/ noun a wish to take a step special His great goal is to ride on an hippo. ambulance as well as mbj? l? ns/ noun a van which holds sick or injured individuals to hospital Once she droped down the stairways, her partner called an ambulance. American /? mera? k? n/ adjective associated with America or the United States among /? m? /, amidst /? meters? st/ preposition 1 . surrounded by or in the center of He was ranking among a large group of tourists. 2 . between a number of people in a group Let’s share the cake in our midst. 3. additionally to others or items Jack was there, mong others. amount /? mum? nt/ noun a quantity of something such as cash The amount within my bank account has reached? multitude of. We put in a large amount of period just holding out. a certain amount some but not a whole lot Painting your house will take a great amount of time. add up to phrasal verb 1 . to produce a total of My year’s savings total less than? a thousand. 2 . being similar or perhaps equal to some thing I think what he said amounts to a refusal to take part. a few. to total the same thing to mean the astonishing ambition secours American amongst amount Simple. fm Webpage 11 Friday, January 16, 2004 three or more: 10 PM HOURS amuse same, to be the same Whether he took ash or totally free holidays, everything amounts for the same thing. The rest of the problems avoid amount to very much. amuse /? mju z/ verb 1 . to make an individual laugh This story can amuse you. to entertain yourself to enjoy or delight in what you are doing The children interested themselves quietly while their parents spoke. 2 . to help make the time go pleasantly pertaining to How can all of us amuse the youngsters on the trip? amusement /? mju zm? nt/ noun 1 . a feeling of pleasure brought on by something that is definitely funny 2 . to someone’s amusement producing someone truly feel pleasure in a funny circumstance Much with her amusement, the band played ‘Happy Birthday to you!. a few. a way of transferring the time nicely They had prepared several visits for the guest’s entertainment. amusing /? mju unces? / épithète funny an /? d, n/? a analysis as well as? n l? s? s/ noun an in depth examination of the parts or elements of something job research to make a great analysis in the sales or maybe a sales examination to carry out an analysis with the market potential (NOTE: The plural can be analyses as well as? n m? si z/. ) historical / e? n? nt/ adjective incredibly old, or belonging to an occasion long ago He was riding a historical bicycle. and /? and,? nd, nd/ conjunction accustomed to join two words or phrases All my uncles and aunts reside in the country.

The youngsters were operating about and singing. Arrive and sit down next to me. amuse enjoyment amusing an analysis old and (NOTE: and is accustomed to say numbers after 75: ‘seven 100 and two and so on, and etc ., (702)’) etc and so forth with other similar things He brought up plants, plants, vegetables, and so forth. anger /? / noun a feeling of staying very annoyed He was able to control his anger. The girl couldn’t hide the anger she felt. angle /? l/ noun a corner in which two lines meet She planted the tree in the angle of the two wall surfaces. at an angle anger angle 11 annoying certainly not straight The shop entrance is at an angle towards the road. ngrily /? r? li/ form word in an irritated way This individual shouted angrily when the children climbed above the fence. irritated /? ri/ adjective annoyed and annoyed, and sometimes attempting to harm someone The shopkeeper is upset with the children because they broke his window. This individual gets upset if the post is past due. I are angry that the government has been doing nothing to prevent crime. If the cashier still hadn’t found midday the boss received even angrier. angrily furious (NOTE: angrier ” angriest) animal / n? m(? )l/ noun a living thing animal that moves independently I love having animals while pets. (NOTE: animal may include humans in scientific situations. )

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