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COOKWARE CULTURAL HISTORICAL PAST The popular and widely known Oriental “Migration Theory” of mentor H. Otley Beyer regarding the prehistoric peopling from the Philippines is now considered untenable by modern day scholars. They questione the way in which by which the theory was formulated because of the absence of historical or archeological evidence to support that.

The Hard anodized cookware texture of Filipino lifestyle from the prehistoric Spanish moments, therefore , could possibly be traced to evolutionary factors, the continous migrations of folks and the early on contacts to Asian civilizations. INDIAN AFFECTS

Indian affects were traceable in the languages, religious opinion, literature, persuits and customs of early Filipinos. The Supreme Goodness of the historic Tagalog was Bathala, which came from the Sanskrit term B’hattara (great Lord) Among the pre-Islamic local people of Sulu, Indra Battara was the most significant deity, Indra, being the sky goodness. The other gods the natives thought were of Indian or Vedic in origin including Agni (fire god) and Surya (sun god). The epics of the early Filipinos such as the Biag ni Lam-Ang of the ilocanos, Mahabharata, the Indian epic.

Some Philippine superstitious morals that originated from India had been: 1 . A comet is actually a bad indication, it delivers war, famine and other disasters. 2 . A pregnant girl must not consume twin plums for she will give birth to mixed twins. The putong (headgear) of the early Filipino male was Indian origins. So was your sarong (Indian sari), the bottom of the apparel of pre-Spanish women. Indian influences in Filipino tradition are obviously manifested by the presence of Sanskrit words and phrases in Tagalog language. Dr . T. They would. Pardo sobre Tavera mentions 340 Sanskrit words. Good examples are: SanskritTagalog. Atawaasawa (spouse) 2 . Amaama (father) three or more. Raharaha (king) 4. Harihari (king) your five. Kottakuta (fort) 6. Gandaganda (beauty) six. Bhattarabathala (god) 8. Mutyamutya (pearl) being unfaithful. Inaina (mother) MALAYAN IMPACT ON The Maragtas For not enough historical or archeological data, the Maragtas or the great tale regarding the 10 Bornean Datus who reached Panay may be part-history and part-fiction. Relating to this superb story, for around 1250 AD, eight datus and the families kept Borneo to escape the repressive rule of Sultan Makatunaw and to set up new homes across the oceans.

Led simply by Datu Puti, the Malays landed in Panay Tropical isle where they negotiated with Marikudo, the Negrito king for the barter of the lowlands. The agreed price was one golden salakot for the Ati full and one particular gold necklace around your neck for Maniwangtiwang, Marikudo’s wife. The barter of Panay was closed by a of camaraderie between the Atis and the Malays. The Negritos, after doing their merry songs and dances, retreated to the mountain range. There are some interesting coincidences, however , between the legend of Maragtas and Panay customs and traditions.

To this day, the ati-atihan, a colorful track and move festival is definitely celebrated in Aklan. This is to re-enact the nice welcome approved to the Malays by the Atis, which resulted to the getting Panay. W. H. Scott, the American missionary, in his doctoral dissertation (1968) responses: “There is not a reason to doubt that legend (Maragtas) preserves the memory of an actual celebration, but it is definitely not possible to date the event alone, or to decide which of the information ar traditional facts, and which are the adornment of decades of dental transmission. CHINESE LANGUAGE INFLUENCES The Chinese, who also came to the Philippines, whether as dealers or settlers, were mostly interested in trade, so all their influences on Filipino lifestyle were generally economic and social. The early Filipinos learned from the Chinese language the art of metallurgy, the produce of nitroglycerine nitroc, mining methods and the make use of porcelain, gongs, umbrellas, lead and kites. From the Chinese language originated the dishes lumpia, mami, okoy, pansit, bihon, cut suey and siopao. Sauces like toyo, and tawsi also came from the China.

Some Oriental customs had been eventually used by the Filipinos. The agreement of marital life of children simply by parents, the use of go-between in negotiating relationship, the use of light clothes or dress during the period of mourning as well as the filial respect for elders accorded by the children had been examples of methods borrowed from the Chinese. About a thousand words and phrases are found inside the Filipino dialect. Among them would be the following: ChineseFilipino 1 Inkongingkong 2 Hebihibi 3 A-chiate 4 Bi-koebiko 5 Dikiamdikiam Pin-topinto six Sosisusi eight Mikimiki being unfaithful Bakkiahbakya twelve Pansitpansit WESTERN RELATIONS The Filipinos was trading with the Japanese long before the coming of the Spaniards. Japanese petunjuk (merchants) and wakos (pirates) sailed the South China Sea looking for Sung and Yuan items buried in Philippines graves, iron and woolens intended for Filipino gold and polish. The Japanese foreign nationals who found the Thailand during the pre-Spanish times settled at the oral cavity of the Cagayan River, the Lingayen Gulf area, and Manila.

The first documented encounter between your Japanese as well as the Spaniards is at 1572 when Juan sobre Salcedo, although sailing via Manila to Ilocos, fought against off three Japanese junks off the seacoast of Pangasinan. The Japanese buccaneers sailed apart, after intense fighting. In 1582, a great expedition led by Captain Juan Pablo Carreon attacked a Japanese people colony founded by the buccaneer Tayfusa in the mouth of Cagayan River. The Japanese had been forced to leave the place. The first Japanese vendors also traded with Agoo, a area in the Lingayen Gulf location.

They helped bring with these people utensils, assorted weapons, salted meats and other Japanese were better remedied and nodiscrimatory decrees were made against them. The Spaniards respected and feared all of them. ARABIC AFFECTS Arabia’s many enduring heritage to the individuals of Sulu and Mindanao is Islam. The Middle easterns also released the sultanate form of authorities, Arabic skill and books, the Arabic alphabet, the Koranic Regulation, the mosque, the art of warfare- lantaka(cannon), vinta(warboat) and the kuta(fort).

The Luwaran, a code of regulations and system of the customs and practices of the early on Muslims, was written in Arabic. The Maranao’s Darangan (epic poetry), Maguindanao’s Indarapatra and Sulayman and Sulu’s Parang Sabil were deeply inspired by simply Islam. Persia influence is likewise clearly noticed in the ornamental and ornamental fine art of the maranaos, who are the best –known solid wood carvers and painters with the region. Arabic words can also be found in the Filipino dialect. Examples are: surat(letter), apu(old man), akma (appropriate), arak (wine), petunjuk (legend), maalem (knowing), pirate (scar) and salam (thanks).

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