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Historical and Scientific Views on Homosexuality Historical and Scientific Views ...

Historical and Scientific Views on Homosexuality PSY/265 Feb . 17, 2013 Historical and Scientific Views on Homosexuality To understand homosexuality you need to initially understand what it indicates. Homosexuality is identified as being a loving attraction, sex attraction, or perhaps sexual activity of the identical sex or perhaps same sexuality. Over the years homosexuality seems to be more widespread and approved not only among peers but among different cultures, that was not always the case.

Homosexuality has been documented over the ages in lots of different ways, coming from being acknowledged by the historic Greeks in pictures where you see the old man putting his male organ between a boy’s legs (not inside the anus of the young boy) and thrusting until he ejaculated. The Romans defined centuries later about selected groups of guys who outfitted what is reported these days to be flamboyant in the clothes they wore for the way they were doing their hair, additionally, they described unichip as having a very flamboyant personality. These men were said to be walking in most neighborhoods looking for partners.

Then you certainly had the other side of it where it was and it is still deemed a religious sin within the Legislation, Christian, and Islamic faiths. Florence that was a Christian city in the 15th century considered male-male interaction like a sin of Sodom. Through this paper all of us will go over three views are cross-cultural perspective, biological perspective, and psychological perspective. Cross-cultural perspective on homosexuality takes a go through the cultural element of homosexuality. Honda and Seaside (1951) in their review of 76 preliterate communities, 49 societies viewed male-male interaction since normal and considered appropriate.

The twenty seven societies left have sanctions against male-male interactions. It is known that a few societies take a look at male-male sexuality as a transitional phase and that sperm is considered a source of strength and virility. Now it is understood that is only recognized during the early on teenage years and that during the late adolescent years and early the men are expected to consider a better half and to possess solely male-female relationships. Natural perspective is said to focus on the roles of evolution, genes, and hormonal influences inside the shaping of the sexual orientation of an individual.

There is biological testing online dating back to 1930 on the biological disagreement over homosexuality. Karen Hooker conducted a psychological test out in 1957 and was able to show through her testing and research that there was not any connection among determinism and sexuality. Due to this testing and research the APA eliminated homosexuality as being deemed like a mental disorder. It is said that Allen and Swabb seen in the 1990’s that the hypothalamus was a great deal smaller as oppose to this of a heterosexual. It is said that sex bodily hormones have a powerful influence within the behavior on other kinds.

Researchers experienced that in the event that that was possible in other species than maybe it absolutely was possible that hormonal factors performed a role in determining sex orientation in humans. You are able to the research workers were able to hook up different levels of male or female hormones. When talking about psychological views you will be talking about two major hypotheses, the 1st being psychoanalytic theory, and the second staying learning theory. Psychoanalytic theory states that a boy is going to identify with his father and a girl will identify with her mother and if these contacts are not made between the same sexes then they are more likely to be homosexual.

Learning theory states that intimate orientation is usually learned. This means that if a young man while experiencing the fresh stage seems pleasure by being with similar sex then they are more likely to be with the same sexual again. A similar is true with a girl, in the event that she feels satisfaction from a lady she is very likely to go back to a girl. Although this kind of entire investigator has been performed I do not really think or feel that anyone can control whom you fall in love with. I have been with the same sex but I would personally not ingredients label myself since gay or as andrógino.

I think all of us feel the need to label people because it offers us whatever we feel can be order in a world that may be so filled with chaos. With regards to telling your mother and father or family members that you are together with the same sexual, I think it plays a huge part in what you think about your self and experience yourself. You wish to be approved by these you love then when you are not it will eventually play a major role inside your life mentally. References: Rathus, S. A., Nevid, M. S., & Fichner-Rathus, M. (2011). Human being Sexuality within a World of Selection (8th male impotence. ). Boston, Massachusetts: Allyn & Sausage.

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