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Character, Nelson

Tim Blake Nelson’s film “O”, made modern the original Elizabethan play Othello into a modern world American film to package the principles and contemporary society of the modern audiences. It becomes noticeable in the film that Hugo is often disconnected and shows his deceptiveness through manipulating Odin. Hugo’s relatives relationship shows his envy for Odin as his own father, who is likewise the trainer of the field hockey team, dedicates more time and shows only love intended for Odin instead of his personal son.

This is apparent through the picture when Hugo is having dinner with his father and mother, the close ups on each your faces portrays the difficult atmosphere. The mother’s facial expression portrays the chasteness and fragile female, whilst the father shows up more dominant and confident. The awkwardness among family members show that Hugo is living in a unnatural and unloving environment which causes him to acquire resentment against Odin to take his fathers love aside. This provides all of us a reason why Hugo may well hate Odin so much.

In contrast, Iago shows jealousy toward Othello, but he is not really jealous as a result of his occupation, it is just the fact that a dumber, black person is providing orders to him to accomplish things. Shakespeare emphasis Iago’s hatred for Othello mainly because his basically black and several. We only know that Iago is simply evil and deceptive from the beginning. However Tim Blake Nelson expresses in a different way by giving us the key of Hugo’s jealousy therefore manipulating the group to have several sympathy for the antagonist as well.

As well throughout the film, Tim Blake Nelson intentionally makes Hugo to be turned off from others to separate him. This is illustrated in the field when the golf ball team has a meeting in a room and Hugo can be noticeably furthest away from his father and rest of the teammates, crouching near the door by himself. The use of extended shot of Hugo symbolizes his disconnection with others as it displays Hugo’s the nearby natural environment to exhibit that no one is definitely sitting close to him and thus suggesting that he is segregated from others all the time.

This is certainly comparable with all the original text message and Iago’s disconnectedness with others. The application of soliloquy by Iago over the text displays the power of becoming aside. He purposely isolates himself to talk about his deceitful plans to control Othello and, it is evident that Iago is the just one that has a soliloquy. So it is obvious that Tim Blake Nelson has construed the notion of disconnection and applied film techniques to enhance it.

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