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America as a Land of Prosperity in the 1920s


America as a Terrain of Prosperity in the 1920’s is the story of Americans who searched for equality. Yes, for a few individuals America was a terrain of prosperity in the 1920’s. The 1st World Warfare sparked Unites states rise in prosperity.

As no fighting happened on American soil there was virtually no reparations to be paid, also America had joined the warfare late and for that reason, had not put in nearly as much money since the big Europe such as England, Britain, and Germany. This left America in a very productive position.

Another key reason to Americas rise in success was a gentleman named Holly Ford. Henry Ford was a car producer who thought of the “mass production” method. This method used assembly line methods, whereby each stage with the car development was carried out by a different staff of employees who specialised souly within their specific region. This a new huge effect! The method was introduced in 1913 through 1929, 26 million automobiles were authorized in the U. S. A compared to just 9 mil in 1920. That is a rise of practically 300% in only 9 years!

However , the benefits of the honda company extended beyond only the automobile industry during the 1920’s, people also started entering into the urban centers from the countryside areas. In 1920 more than 50% of men and women lived in the cities that were an increase of more than 50%. Another reason for the rise in wealth was the launch of hire-purchase, whereby putting a deposit down on an item that you wanted, and paid installments on that item with interest, so you would pay back more than the selling price for the item.

High purchases were easy to get and people found myself in debt with no real planning for the future. In the 1920’s it really seemed to be the case, that if you wanted something, then you first got it, this had a major economical impact, somebody had to produce what was bought. This was the era ahead of robot technology and work by laborers. The person who also made that product can have paid and he would not really save all of the money. He, too, would spend a few of it, and someone else, will have to make even more items, and so he would get paid and so the cycle continued. By mid-1920’s America was thriving.

Sales of things, which were when, were regarded as a luxury such as radios, autos, and other new-on-the market things had rocketed, as got both the typical and the minimal wage. The standard annual salary for that 10 years was $1236. 00, a big increase. Probably the fact that features most Many rise in abundance is among 1919 and 1929 Americas GNP flower from 72. 4 billion dollars (1919) to 104 billion dollars (1929) which is around a 75% increase. The boom as well led to record low unemployment levels. It was due to the growth of many other businesses and the demand for more personnel.

The 1920’s also saw the construction of towering skyscraper such as the The chrysler building for the first time. However , only some businesses and cultures shared in this “prosperity”. The farming industry was hit hard, particularly in the south, as being a northern farmers found prosperity due to the embrace the demand for fresh fruit because more persons could manage, no due to rise in pay. The farmers earned hardly any money consequently, lived a really poor way of life with poor housing, zero fresh water and some even experienced eviction from their homes.

The farmers would not share inside the prosperity due to the fact of the lack of the foreign marketplaces. (The Fordney-Mcumber tariff work, put tariffs on brought in goods in a all period high creating foreign countries to apply similar tariffs to America) Many blacks did not share inside the prosperity either. They were discriminated by the White colored Americans who have claimed these people were “polluting all their country”. Because of this, various black persons living in slums or “ghettos” as they were named. In 1926 a survey discovered that there have been over 2 hundred, 000 unemployed black persons in the southern region alone.

America even acquired its own low-grade facilities for black people and light people to use. For example , white and coloured drinking shoes with the white-colored drinking faucet being from the higher common. These laws and regulations were called Jim Crow laws. Nevertheless through every one of the intolerance some black people did flourish and would prosper. Black musicians, poets, and political figures emerged. One of the famous politicians of his time was Marcus Garvey. Garvey was the president member of the UNIA (Universal Negro Improvement Association), which usually encouraged dark people. Garvey eventually acquired deported returning to Jamaica for Tax scams.

Other Foreign nationals such as People in mexico and Italians also experienced similarly crisis. Millions of immigrants were allowed into America in the 1900’s, where free land and job option became available, yet towards the end of the 1920’s this was not so much the case. America was permitting more and more immigrants in and it had to halt. They invented a literacy test to get the quantities down. Nevertheless problems been with us with the migrants that were previously in the country. The number of job chances had gone down and the majority of migrants were competing for the lowest paid out jobs. This kind of often generated racial pressure within the ethnic groups.

So to sum things up, in general America was a land of success, but weather you shared in this prosperity or certainly not depended largely on your ethnic background and position in the country you lived. Jooxie is still facing a matter of equality today, People with varied ethnic backgrounds still are not privilege to being treating equal. That they continue to discover a way to dominate in America regardless of laws that government themselves make available just for those who seek a higher electricity or level of authority. Therefore , the question nonetheless remain, is definitely America being a Land of Prosperity?

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