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Oman Cement Company Oman Bare cement Company ( SAOG ) ...

Oman Bare cement Company ( SAOG ) was formed 33 years ago. Rusayl Cement works was completed in 1983 with an one-year combine cement creation capacity of 624, 500 dozenss, of cement. In 1999 clinkering ability expanded to a sum of 1.

2 million dozenss per twelvemonth. The 2nd production line came up on watercourse in mid 1998. At this time the company is working on pass on outing the capability of functions signifier 1 ) 26 MTS per twelvemonth to 1. seventy MTS every twelvemonth by upgrading production line Number 1 with out. 2 .

The business installations are:

1- Computerized Fabrication

Oman cement manufacturing procedure is always to the full electronic.

This eliminates major jeopardies in fabrication and needs less work force.

2- Central Lab

The Quality Control is maintained cardinal analysis lab comprising robotics, Xray spectrometers, optic maser atom size analysers and electronic physical belongingss proving equipment.

3- Top quality Management System and Environmental Management System

oman cement Quality Management is in conformity with the The good quality assurance Procedures of ISO 9001: 2000 enfranchisement.

4- Pollution Control.

The Oman bare cement company produces many types of concrete which are:

1- Ordinary Portland Cement:

It can be type We Portland concrete. Its utilizations are strengthened concrete edifices, Bridgess and railroad constructions. The typical compound composings on this type happen to be:

55 % ( C3S ), nineteen % ( C2S ), 10 % ( C3A ), 7 % ( C4AF ), 2 . 8 % MgO, installment payments on your 9 % ( SO3 ), 1 ) 0 % Ignition reduction, and 1 . 0 % free CaO.

2- Sulphate Resistant Concrete:

It is type V, can be used where sulfate opposition features import. Their typical mixture composing can be:

38 % ( C3S ), 43 % ( C2S ), 4 % ( C3A ), on the lookout for % ( C4AF ), 1 . 9 % MgO, 1 . eight % ( SO3 ), 0. on the lookout for % Ignition loss, and 0. almost eight % totally free CaO.

3- Moderate sulfate resistant:

It truly is type 2 cement. This type of cement works extremely well in constructions of significant mass, just like big wharfs, heavy abutments, and weighty retaining wall surfaces. Its utilization will cut down temperature climb particularly when the concrete is capable to hot conditions. It is typical ingredients composing is:

51 % ( C3S ), 24 % ( C2S ), 6 % ( C3A ), 11 % ( C4AF ), 2 . on the lookout for % MgO, 2 . a few % ( SO3 ), 0. almost eight % Ignition loss, and 1 . zero % totally free CaO.

4- Oil Well Cement

Oil good bare cement, used for oil Wellss grouting, normally made from Portland cement cinder or perhaps from blended hydraulic cements. It is employed for cementing operate the monotonous of essential oil Wellss exactly where they are competent to high temperatures and force per unit areas. Its normal compound producing is:

MgO: 6. 0 % SO3: 3. zero % Damage On Combustion: 3. zero % C3S: 48 % -65 % C3A: several. 0 % Insoluble Remains: 0. 75 % C4AF+2C3A: 24 %

Production strategies:

There are 4 phases to bring forth cement that Oman cement making use of which are:

1- Preparation with the natural stuff at preies

2- Heat and chill to bring forth cinder

3- Preparation with the cement

4- Cement wadding

Procedure description:

1- Preparing stuff at preies

The natural stuff contains of limestone ( 80 % of normal stuff ), silica, aluminate and Fe ore. The preies located around the Oman cement functions. At preies the normal stuffs will be extracted with heavy gadgets. Then the limestones are smashed with nomadic crushers connected with long conveyor belt to move them to storage go throughing the car laboratory to analysis the samples with xray each two hours. There after the all-natural stuff will be moved to reservoirs. Then they are moved with conveyer seatbelt to the entirely factory to crunch the natural things. Finally the crunching all-natural stuffs are moved to blend reservoirs to obtain proper mix before provided them to kiln.

2- Heating and relaxing to bring out cinder

The natural stuffs are relocated to impart, wherever heat exchange is occurred between these types of stuff as well as the raising sizzling gases from kiln, therefore the stuffs are separated from the gases. After that the stuff moved to calciner where the limestone is converted to calcium o2, and so the calcined stuffs arefed to the kiln where the temp about 1400 degree Celsius and so proceed forth by kiln to buy cinder. Then this cinder leaves from kiln to air to cut down its heat to 90 degree Celsiuss to be ready to be moved to cement factory.

Kiln process

3- Planning of concrete

The cinder that came out of the ice torso will be moved by the pail concatenation conveyer to the troj. The handbag filter topping the silo is sized for the eating by the pail concatenation conveyer and thermic surroundings enlargement inside the storage. The cinder removed from the troj is moved by seatbelt conveyers to the cement proportioning. The gypsum is added to the cinder. Then the proportioned stuffs will be conveyed via belt conveyer to concrete crunching. Materials land by simply ball manufacturer are transferred centrifuge by simply pail lift. The harsh atoms separated come back to ball manufacturer for regrinding while the all right merchandise is definitely collected by bag filtration behind the centrifuge and thus conveyed to cement pósito with an air glide and pail lift. Bare cement silos is used to hive away the cement.

Cement factory

4-Cement wadding

The cement from extraction systems under the bare cement silo is definitely delivered to the buffer trash can by atmosphere slide as well as the pail lift and vibrating screen, just before being given into each bagger. The bagged bare cement can be loaded straight or perhaps stored in depot temporarily.

Machinery and Instruments:

No . Name map

you Limestone Crusher used in ordinary prey to oppress limestone

2 Clay crusher used in rock food to suppress clay

a few Limestone Stacker Used to travel limestone to preblending reserve

4 Limestone reclaimer Used to take preblended mixture coming from preblending reserve

5 Coal and Ideología ore Crusher Used to suppress linear things

6 Fossil fuel and Convicción ore Stacker Used to travel around Fe ore to conveyor belt in like manner proportioning station

7 Coal , A, Fe ore reclaimer Used for repossessing almost all linear stuffs and fossil fuel

8 Organic factory intended for natural stuffs crunching and drying

on the lookout for Raw manufacturer fan Utilized to set the factory recess temp.

10 Preheater fan used to dry the natural stuffs

11 Preheater and precalciner Preheater intended for preheating and partial decarbonation, and precalciner for feu

12 Rotary kiln used to raise normal stuffs to a high temperature

13 Grate snow chest Used for slaking

14 Cement stock Used to crunch cement

12-15 Bag filtration system Used to roll-up dust

16 Coal manufacturer Used for coal drying

seventeen Bulk stevedore for pick up truck Used to lade the majority

18 Cement bagger Used to pack cement items

Quality control system:

The product quality control section in the Oman cement firm map is to supervise products quality atlanta divorce attorneys phase of production acquire downing with pull outing the limestone from the prey till the phase of cement Millss, by taking selections and evaluation them.

1- The computer machine and x-ray evaluation:

The mechanization lab contains automaton, xray spectrometers, optical maser atom size analyser and computerized physical belongingss.

The examples will be taken by an automatic testing station coming from a point between altogether stock and homogenising silo so transported manually to the primary car laboratory, where it will be semi-automatically ready and sent to an X-Ray analyser. The consequences analyzed will probably be sent to a proportioning calculating machine. The computing machine will cipher the ratio of normal stuffs and direct the actual set benefit to frequent feeder harmonizing to the chemical substance composings and natural repast faculty required.

2- Physical analysis:

To prove the choiceness, soundness, puting show, strength, particular gravitation, high temperature of water balance and reduction on ignition of the cement to accomplish the American requirements demand.

Attention process:

The section roadmaps are:

-Checking all equipment and instruments are job decently.

-Scheduling and be aftering for precautionary care, prognostic care.

, Coordinating using sections intended for day-to-day work.

, Preparing, organizing of preventative and breakdown activities for achieving high performs handiness to operate into creation mark.

The procedure that the Oman cement uses in example of dislocation, preventative and shutdown attention are:

1 . Breakdown care

In illustration of any kind of breakdown treatment in the production section, they give information sing the dislocation to the care section, and proper care workers will be sent to the production works to mend machine failures.

2 . Precautionary care

below, a squad of attention workers is usually sent right to the production workss to consider out whether there is any failure inside the machinery or non.

a few. Shutdown proper care

When the functions is shut down the employees from the manufacturing section directed a avertissement to the care section and consecutive stairss are used by care section to work out the failures. The works seal occurs every single 6 month in March and Sept. 2010.

The procedure of operating and monitoring creation lines and machines right away, so they can view the inability and damage of the equipment and instruments to mend all of them or exchange them.

Technical direction

The proficient way duty is usually to oversee every one of the mechanical, power things and maintain the various equipments and everything that relevant to maintenance procedure, and this course divided in numerous subdivisions:

a- The machine subdivision

The duty of the subdivision is prepare exigency and organizing agenda and make it to all the equipments and describe it to name the unusual failure and opening it. Examine the equipment, cheque with drawings and specifications and rectification. That contacts with shop subdivision to supply the needed replacing parts and besides associates with other subdivisions to keep the equipments on the workshop.

On the workshop they fix the equipments in exigency conditions, look into the instruments if that they work decently and routinely, takes care the equipments and aid to clean up them.

W ) The machine operation subdivision

The duty with this subdivision production the replacing parts, place an order outside the company to acquire fresh parts, lathe the machine parts the required the workshops.

level Celsius ) The immediate machine care subdivision

The duty with this subdivision is to look into and repair the availability lines.

vitamin D ) The electrical subdivision

The electrical power section is responsible to mend and guarantee the continuance of the work of electrical and electronic tools and preciseness instruments on the production series and besides supervises exposure to other neighborhoods to that the electricity operating decently.

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