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Mkt 421 Final Test

string(119) ‘ technique of continually gathering and studying data to visit to help promoting managers make ongoing decisions. ‘

1) Based on the text, marketing means: A. Selling. W.

Much more than selling and advertising. C. Producing and selling. D. Advertising. 2) For Tesla, a new organization that makes an electrical sports car, calculating how many competitors is likely to make electric cars and what kinds they may make, can be: A. A production activity. B. One of many universal features of advancement. C. Among the the micro-macro dilemma. G. A part of advertising. 3) Which of the subsequent statements ideal describes the modern view of marketing? A. Promoting should take above production, accounting, and finance within a company.

B. The job of marketing is to get rid of long lasting company can be producing. C. Marketing is concerned with making a single exchange between a strong and a client. D. Promoting begins with anticipating potential customer needs. 4) Professional Dental care Supply have been successfully providing dental devices to dentists for the past 20 years, and has developed good customer contact. When looking for new marketing chances, Professional Dental Supply probably will look initial at A. Market advancement. B. Diversity. C. Product development. D. Marketplace penetration. ) To be competitive more effectively with its various competitors giving packaged cookies, Famous Amos added its own line of extra chunky superior cookies. This kind of seems to be an effort at: A. Market creation. B. Industry penetration. C. Product development. Deb. Combination. 6) Which of the following transactions regarding sales strategies is FALSE? A. Growing successful marketing strategies does not need to become a hit-or-miss task. B. These types of strategies must meet the needs of target customers, and a firm may get a competitive advantage if it just meets needs in a similar manner as some other firm. C.

These strategies require decisions about the particular customers the firm will target and the marketing combine the company will develop to appeal to that particular target market. Deb. It is useful to think of the marketing strategy organizing process like a narrowing-down procedure. 7) A firm’s marketing mix decision areas probably would not include: A. Price N. People C. Product Deb. Promotion 8) Which of the following is valid? A. The merchandise P inside the marketing mix stands for only tangible items. B. The merchandise P inside the marketing combine stands for both physical goods and services. C. The item P inside the marketing mixture stands for the two physical items and real D.

The merchandise P in the marketing blend stands for just physical goods. 9) System is NOT focused on: A. Low cost price. M. Branding. C. Packaging. D. Quality level. 10) Dell, Inc. desires to offer customers televisions in addition to pcs. This is a change in their _____________________ A. personnel. B. marketing. C. merchandise. D. charges. 11) Hewlett-Packard sells pcs through specialty computer stores, electronics superstores, and its own Internet site. The marketing mixture variable that is certainly being considered here is: A. Product. M. Placement. C. Promotional. G. Pricing. 2) The ______ area of the marketing mix is concerned with decisions about obtaining the right product to the target market when and where it is wanted. A. Promotion N. Place C. People M. Product 13) The main big difference between an advertising strategy and a marketing prepare is that: A. A marketing strategy provides more detail. B. An advertising strategy omits pricing programs. C. A marketing plan involves several marketing strategies. D. Time-related details are included in an advertising plan. 14) A marketing prepare is: A. A marketing strategy”plus the time-related details for carrying it out. W. A target audience and a related marketing mix.

C. A marketing technique. D. An advertising program. 15) Which with the following can be part of a total marketing plan? A. Competitors’ marketing strategies. W. What business resources (costs) are required and at what rate. C. Just how different advertising mixes (for different concentrate on markets) align with each other. D. Most of these. 16) Web marketing strategy planners should certainly recognize that: A. Large organizations like Standard Electric, Target, and Procter & Wager are too significant to aim at clearly defined market segments. B. Focus on marketing can be not limited to small market segments. C. Mass advertising is often very effective and attractive. D.

Focus on markets should not be large and spread out. 17) Target marketing, in contrast to mass marketing, A. Ignores market segments that are huge and spread out. B. Focuses on fairly homogeneous market sections. C. Takes on that all clients are simply the same. M. Is limited to small marketplace segments. 18) Good web marketing strategy planners know that: A. Mass marketing is often very desirable and effective. N. The terms mass marketing and mass marketer mean simply the same thing. C. Target promoting does not limit one to little market portions. D. Firms like Nabisco and WalMart are too huge to aim clearly defined focus on markets. 9) ______________ is the process of naming broad product-markets and then segmenting these broad product-markets in order to select focus on markets and develop suited marketing integrates. A. Mass marketing W. Market placing C. Diversification D. Industry segmentation 20) Clustering methods applied to segmenting markets A. Usually need computers to group people based on info from market research. B. Eliminate the need for managerial judgment. C. Eliminate the dependence on marketing managers to specify in advance what dimensions might be relevant for grouping customers. D. All the above are true. 1) The process of identifying broad product-markets and then segmenting them in order to select target markets and develop suited marketing combines is called: A. Market development. B. Market penetration. C. Market research. Deb. Market segmentation. 22) Methods that develop and analyze new details to help advertising managers help to make decisions are: A. Analytical research. W. Strategy planning. C. Marketing research. G. Operational planning. 23) ________________ ________________ utilizes qualitative and quantitative examination procedures to help marketing managers make more informed decisions. A. Promoting structure.

B. Marketing preparing. C. Promoting research. Deb. Marketing control. 24) A ______________ is usually an prepared way of constantly gathering and analyzing data to get information to aid marketing managers make ongoing decisions.

You read ‘Mkt 421 Last Exam’ in category ‘Essay examples’ A. Marketing study B. Promoting information program C. Advertising research section D. Promoting model 25) Marketing study which attempts structured replies that can be summarized is called: A. Qualitative study. B. Emphasis group exploration. C. Scenario analysis study. D. Quantitative research. 26) One of the major disadvantages of the target group interview approach is hat A. It is difficult to get in-depth information about the study topic. M. It is difficult to measure the effects objectively. C. There is no interviewer, so the research questions is probably not answered. Deb. Ideas made by the group cannot be examined later to research. 27) Focus groups: A. Always do a good-job of addressing the larger target market. B. Yield results that are generally dependent on the viewpoint in the researcher. C. Are expensive when compared with other marketing research methods. D. Usually are composed of 10-15 people as participants. 28) The watching method in marketing analysis:

A. Can be used to gather data without buyers being influenced by the procedure. B. Might require customers to alter their normal shopping patterns. C. Is not suited to obtaining main data. D. Uses personal interviews. 29) The behaviour and habit patterns of individuals are portion of the A. Competitive environment. M. Social and cultural environment. C. Business resources and objectives. M. Political environment. 30) Which will of the next statements about consumer goods is true? A. Specialty goods are the ones that customers usually are least happy to search for. B.

Shopping items are those products which is why customers usually want to work with routinized buying behavior. C. Unsought items are not shopped for in any way. D. Convenience products will be those that consumers want to buy on the lowest possible selling price. 31) ______________ is the technique of naming broad product-markets and then segmenting these types of broad product-markets in order to choose target markets and develop suitable advertising mixes. A. Mass advertising B. Tactical planning C. Market placement D. Market segmentation 32) Which is the first step in market segmentation? A. Naming a broad product-market of interest for the firm.

B. Evaluating industry segments to determine if they are adequate. C. Getting one or two demographic characteristics to divide up the complete mass industry. D. Clustering people with identical needs into a market section. 33) The critical first step to market segmentation should be: A. Finding a market group likely to use your products. W. Defining a lot of broad product-markets where you might be able to operate of course profitably. C. Deciding what new product you could develop. D. Analyzing what segment(s) you at the moment serve. 34) Which in the following can be NOT one of the text’s product life routine stages?

A. Market advantages B. Marketplace growth C. Market maturity D. Market penetration 35) The product your life cycle: A. Applies even more to specific brands than to groups or types of products. W. Shows that sales and profits tend to move together as time passes. C. Explains the periods a new item idea goes thru from beginning end. Deb. Has five major periods. 36) Mary and Sally Jones are preparing to buy a new car. He at present has a Toyota Camry and she has a Honda Contract. They now include two children beneath age five, so they will plan to control in Sally’s car to get a van.

Sally and Tom decided on a Honda Odyssey because Sally is familiar with Hondas and thinks they are really very trustworthy. In this purchase situation, Tom and Sally’s family existence cycle level is a _____________ segmentation aspect, and the advantage Sally seeks (reliability) is known as a _____________ segmentation dimension. A. Geographic, behavioral. B. Market, geographic. C. Geographic, market. D. Demographic, behavioral. 37) Regarding product life cycles, which will of the next is NOT true? A. Most commonly it is expensive to get a new organization to enter in the market maturity level. B.

Sector profits probably level off or drop before product sales level off. C. The amount of promotion usually decreases in market maturity because there is fewer revenue to hide the cost. D. Many close substitutes are often competing available in the market maturity stage. 38) A great industry’s revenue have flattened off and profits happen to be declining in oligopolistic competition. Consumers observe competing items as homogeneous. Several businesses have fallen out of the sector, but home entered just lately. Firms in the marketplace are trying to prevent price-cutting by simply spending on persuasive advertising.

These firms are competing in which stage of the product life circuit? A. Market introduction B. Market expansion C. Industry maturity D. Market creation 39) Through the market launch stage of the product life pattern: A. Money are becoming invested in promoting with the expectation of upcoming profits. M. Considerable funds is spent on promotion whilst place development is left until after stages. C. Products usually show large profits if marketers possess successfully carved out fresh markets. G. Most potential clients are quite troubled to try out the new-product concept. 40) Advertising and marketing allowances A.

Set the allowance amount as a percent of the retailer’s actual buys. B. Happen to be price reductions to companies further along in the route to encourage them to advertise or else promote the firm’s products locally. C. Involve intermediaries and makers sharing in the cost of advertisings. D. Enable coordination and integration of ad communications in the channel. 41) SGCA is having a sales match to inspire retailers to quickly reduce the inventory of SuperGamer personal computers. Retailers with all the highest revenue during the the following month win an expense paid trip to a special dealer meeting for a vacation resort in Hawaii. This is A.

An example of a producer employing sales promo in the channel. B. Likely illegal since it might encourage price competition among stores. C. One of cooperative promoting. D. The type of promotion that continues to effect sales also after the promo is over. 42) While watching a television program, Liza gets a call just as ad advertisement is beginning. She squeezes the silence button within the television’s remote control and takes the call, thus she will pay no awareness of the industrial. In terms of the communication procedure, the telephone call up is one of: A. Reviews. B. Noises. C. Development.

D. Solving. 43) A producer using very intense promotion to get last consumers might intermediaries for any new product has: A. A pushing plan. B. A target advertising policy. C. A drawing policy M. A picky distribution policy. 44) American Tourister, Inc. “a developer of luggage”is planning to bring in a new production. The promoting manager has her salesforce call on merchants to explain American Tourister’s buyer advertising ideas, the unique popular features of the new luggage, how the vendors can ideal promote it, and what sales volume and profit margins they can reasonably anticipate.

This is among the: A. A pushing plan. B. Extensive distribution. C. A pulling policy. D. Selective syndication. 45) Integrated direct-response advertising: A. Can be not necessary or useful when the channel of distribution requires intermediaries. B. Is usually part of a driving effort instead of part of a pulling approach. C. Is targeted on achieving a measurable, immediate response from specific focus on customers. M. Not one of the are authentic. 46) Which of the following statements about positioning is NOT TRUE? A. It helps promoting managers recognize how customers view the firm’s offering. B.

This refers to just how customers consider proposed or perhaps present brands in a marketplace. C. Attempting to makes use of tactics such as perceptual mapping. Deb. Positioning problems are especially important when competitors in a marketplace are very different. 47) When ever segmenting extensive product-markets, expense considerations usually tend A. To acquire to a large numbers of small , nevertheless very homogeneous, product-market segments. B. To lead to more aggregating. C. To inspire managers to disregard the requirements that a product-market segment should be substantial. G. To be trivial as long as the segmenting measurements are operational. 48) Positioning analysis A.

Shows that managers and clients usually look at present brands similarly. M. Is not just a product-oriented way. C. Helps managers be familiar with actual attributes of their products. D. Can be described as visual help to understanding a product-market. 49) A _____ is a market with very similar needs and retailers offering various close alternative ways of satisfying those needs. A. Product-market B. Target audience C. Generic market M. Standard market 50) Which of the subsequent is Not only a trend affecting marketing strategy planning in the area of foreign marketing? A. Decreasing role of transmit. B. Global communication over the Internet.

C. Stress between have and have-not cultures. Deb. More attention to exporting simply by small firms. 51) Every time a company grows globally, this is certainly an example of: A. Market penetration. B. Diversification. C. Industry development Deb. Product development. 52) Identify the incorrect statement about sales special offers. A. The of even more ad companies and professionals has spurred progress in revenue promotions. N. Changes in technology have made product sales promotions more effective. C. Sales promotions have got increased due to competition in emerging market segments. D. Sales promotions can be utilised as equipment to defeat consumer price resistance. 3) Which with the following can be described as key craze affecting online strategy planning? A. Growth of marketing information devices. B. Fewer use of technology in personal selling. C. Senior and ethnic submarkets are getting smaller. D. Reduced new-product creation. 54) As well as the _________ job, most likely with help from specialists in technology, to decide what types of sales technology tools will be needed and how they will be applied. A. Purchasing manager’s W. Marketing executive’s C. Sales manager’s G. Procurement manager’s 55) The future poses various challenges for marketing managers because: A.

Social responsibility applies simply to firms”not to consumers. B. New technologies are making it easier to abuse consumers’ legal rights to privateness. C. It truly is marketing managers who have total responsibility to preserve our macro-marketing system. G. The advertising concept is now obsolete. 56) Many Web sites, such as Autobytel. com and Edmunds. com, have intensive information about the prices of new and used cars that any individual can use at no cost. In light with the availability of these details, what is the obligation of consumers to use it? A. Consumers should never trust any information they receive from any kind of source except the government.

B. Consumers must not use it since it gives all of them an unfair advantage above car dealers. C. Buyers can use it, but should never feel a responsibility to do this. D. Customers have a responsibility to work with the information and stay smarter consumers. 57) Which usually of the pursuing statements regarding ethical behavior in business is valid? A. The legal environment sets the normative requirements of moral behavior. B. The legal environment pieces the highest requirements of moral behavior. C. The legal environment sets the minimum standards of ethical patterns D. The legal environment sets the utmost standards of ethical patterns.

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