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Figure motivations in antigone composition

The primary characters in Sophocles’ theatre, Antigone, are Antigone their self, the play’s tragic heroine and Antigone’s uncle and King of Thebes, Creon. Both characters are ruled by highly effective motivations and beliefs; nevertheless , they vary from one character to the next. Antigone’s motivation can be love for her family- your woman puts it above all else. In fact , she is willing to sacrifice her life to defend that love.

Antigone goes to superb lengths to bury her deceased buddy, who according to an edict issued simply by King Creon, died in dishonor, therefore making it illegitimate for anyone to bury his body.

Through her activities to abide by her motivations, it is revealed that Antigone’s actions are also fueled by her strong values that, first, the gods’ laws are usually more powerful than any rules made by person, and second, that it is far better to die a heroic fatality than a cowardly one.

Through the play, Antigone stands company on these kinds of beliefs by simply standing up for these people even through her fatality as exhibited through the next dialogue in which she admits her offense, and voices her values to Creon; “It has not been Zeus who have published this decree, neither have the capabilities who secret among the dead imposed this sort of laws since this upon mankind; nor could I feel that a decree of yours- A man- could override the laws and regulations of nirvana unwritten and unchanging¦For me personally to meet this kind of doom (death) is tiny grief; But when my mom’s son lay down dead, acquired I neglected him and left him there unburied, That would possess caused me grief; this causes me probably none  (437-459).

This landscape illustrates the essence of Antigone’s figure. She’s guarding her “crime of burying her sibling, thus displaying that she is motivated by the love that she has on her behalf family.

She has further justifying her work by declaring that Creon’s law is definitely not legislation that she feels she need to adhere to- she follows the gods laws, another of her guiding morals, and finally, she actually is not only accepting her approaching doom, although actually welcoming it since she’s perishing defending her beliefs, as a result dying a heroic loss of life rather than perishing in cowardice. On the other hand, Creon is also enthusiastic by appreciate; however , his love is love for his country, rather than his family. This individual puts nation above all else, which includes his family- he’s ready to do what ever he should do to be sure that Thebes remains to be powerful. In order to achieve this objective he needs loyalty from his topics, once again, relatives included; he rules by intimidation, which is very proud. In fact , pride is another one of his major motivations. Thereby, his personality is a terrifying leader.

To begin with, the fact that he issues that his nephew cannot be buried shows that- one, he demands devotion, even over loyalty towards the gods, and two, this individual defends his country above his family. He carries on displaying his beliefs when he doesn’t revoke the edict even following his partner, and relative clearly disagree with that. Creon’s pride continues to have precedent when he begins inaccurately accusing his subjects, and acting rashly with very little thought. Creon’s character, when a complex persona is firmly represented in much of his dialogue, perhaps this passing of dialogue between Creon and the prophet Teiresias ideal captures his essence. “Sir, all of you, just like bowmen at a focus on, let travel your shafts at me. Now they have turned also diviners upon me! By simply that group I am bought and sold and stowed away on board.

Get, make your revenue, drive your trade in Lydian silver precious metal or in Indian rare metal, but him you will not bury in a tomb, simply no, not although Zeus’ individual eagles consume the cadaver and carry the body to their masters throne: Not even so , intended for fear of that defilement, will I permit his burial-for very well I know that mortal person cannot defile the gods (994-1006). Through this single quote, Creon demonstrates most of his main qualities; he is accusing Teiresias of bribery, therefore , behaving before thinking, he refuses to repeal his edict despite the fact that he admits that the edict does defy Zeus, as a result illustrating his pride. He likes becoming in benefits of a powerful state, so much so that he is sightless to his own pride, and is excellent with judgment by violence and strenuous loyalty from his topics.


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