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A Study on the Students Auto parking Facilities in UITM ...

NAME: A STUDY ON THE STUDENTS AUTO PARKING FACILITIES GIVEN BY UITM SHAH ALAM Issue Statement Just lately UiTM has provided car parking spaces for young students at certain lots just like at the walking in line field (padang kawad), auto parking zone before the Faculty of Engineering and Mawar whole lot area. However, the students may make full use of the parking instead, they recreation area at the limited area this sort of staff car parking, visitor, teachers area that makes the situation crowded. Research Objectives 1 .

To identify the personal preferences of the college students park on the restricted location. 2 . To learn whether the parking provided by UiTM is inadequate.. To explain the attitudes and behaviours in the students that park in the restricted region. Research Questions 1 . Why is them choose to park with the restricted area? 2 . Does UiTM delivers sufficient and convenient parking area at every faculty? several. Why the students still disobey the rules though they recognized they are constrained or was summoned? Opportunity of the studies This will end up being the students that have their own travel in UiTM Shah Alam. We choose to use students from Teachers of Conversation and Mass media studies given that they have the limited space parking area in a result producing the situation crowded.

This will become an advantage for us to understand easier why the issue is happening. Plus, the students allow me to share much open minded and out-spoken whenever we speak to them. Method 1 . Precise location of the study. The place we’re learning is in UiTM, Shah Alam. We’ll become specifically even more to Faculty of Comm and Media studies because the areas are limited and small for parking areas. It’s a perfect region to study upon. 2 . Populace and Sample Procedures The citizenry will be among the UiTM Shah Alam learners while the samplings will be the Comm and Mass media studies students. Compared to additional students, Mass Comm learners are much even more responsive.

We all will give to twenty respondents of MassComm student to get the result. 3. Data Communautaire Method After we got the effect, we can collect these people and work with SPSS program to make each of our research far more convenient and systematic. We is going to do in percentage to get better results. Questionnaire Portion A ( Respondent Profile) 1 . Gender: MaleFemale installment payments on your Race: MalayBumiputra 3. Religious beliefs: IslamBuddhaHinduChristianOthers ________________ 4. Sequence: MC221MC222MC223 MC224MC225MC226 MC227MC226 five. Semester: 123 4 your five Part M (preferences with the students’ recreation area at the constrained area) six. Do you think that parking space are enough for students?

Strongly Agree Consent Neutral Don’t agree Strongly Argue 7. Like a student, will you agree to area at Padang Kawad and wait for the tour bus to go the students? Strongly Acknowledge Agree Simple Disagree Strongly Disagree almost eight. Do you agree that UiTM should present more space near to the faculty? Highly Agree Agree Neutral Don’t agree Strongly Disagree Part C (parking given by UiTM is definitely insufficient) Reference point: 1 ” poor2 ” fair3 ” good some ” extremely good5 , excellent |9. How do you imagine the auto parking that provided by UiTM? |1 |2 |3 |4 |5 | |10. How convenient the car parking facilities for UiTM? |1 |2 |3 |4 |5 | |11.

How they deal with location of the auto parking area? |1 |2 |3 |4 |5 | Portion D (The attitudes and behaviours of the students) 12. The reason on most of Mass Comm pupils to area near Faculty is because you can actually them to go to class. Will you agree? Strongly Agree Concur Neutral Don’t agree Strongly Don’t agree 13. Do you really agree that many of the Mass Comm students disobey guidelines made by UiTM that are limited to park on the staff parking lots? Strongly Acknowledge Agree Simple Disagree Firmly Disagree 16. Do you concur that pupils who gets summon from UiTM will alter their thinking? Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Highly Disagree

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