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The Grand Illusion and Social Personality Identity Conflict leads to ...


Conflict leads to the massive loss of your life, the nonrecognition of human being rights and dignity. However, amidst its horrors, superb acts of humanity happen to be committed by people of varied social skills. Violence and conditions of uncertainty change social details with regards to racial and category, enabling males to aid other folks for the reason that they can be fellow human beings.

This daily news expounds about this idea through insights via a film traditional, a sociological theory as well as common knowledge background.

Background from the Film

The 1937 film “The Grand Illusion was one of the masterpieces of France director Jean Renoir. Having served inside the First World War himself, Renoir seen first hand the gruesome activities of being powerless in the face of a great oppressive condition. He wanted to express his anti-war comments through film. Although this individual used Community War We as the setting, the film came up at a time if the world was at one time again with the brink of another.

The film underscores the theme that battle is not really the answer to society’s concerns but rather exacerbates them. This shows how a elite and also the aristocracy resorted to battle in order to preserve and grow economic and political interests. Prior to World War II, the Jews began to master Germany’s economic system with the superb entrepreneurial expertise peculiar with their culture that enhanced their very own social range of motion.

The success of the war depended on the support of the citizenry whose volume was consists of the middle and working classes. For Indonesia, the single best binding force that usa them collectively was in the ethnocentric pregnancy of the brilliance of the A language like german race. This was compounded inside the narrow nationalist promotion of “Germany to get Germans. Both equally ideas performed to entrench a strong Anti-Semitist sentiment in the area.

This moving of social identities towards the ultimate phrase of mankind in battle is effectively captured in “The Grand Illusion. Here, social identification stems from the recognition of one’s membership in a sociable group combined through related roles and viewpoints (Stets and Burkie, 2000, l. 225). Renoir’s intention was going to portray the transcendence more than ethnicity and social school as illusions, aptly since they are the manifest opposite of social fact.

Social Id and Transcendence

Social School across Ethnicities

French-German Nobles

The film portrayed the universality of social category and the prevalent group details of identical social classes across region. The A language like german Captain von Rauffenstein is viewed inviting his prisoner, the French Captain para Boeldieu, to lunch because the latter was an expert, and so, a fellow aristocrat. Their recognition with one another comes from their prevalent fulfillment from the roles and expectations connected with their school.

The views that implemented showed these people enjoying every others’ company thus forming an in-group, highlighting all their difference (in-group favoritism) through the commoners, the out-group. That they talk animatedly about experience privileged for the elite ” cuisine, ladies and familiar persons. Their make use of German, French and English language further highlights their capacity to overcome the German-French and prisoner-captor divide.

Stets and Burke (2000) stated that “in-group homogeneity is especially solid when not any motivational forces exist to distinguish the personal from other folks within the group(p. 226). In the final moments, Captain para Boeldieu distracts the A language like german guards to enable his two companions to flee. German Captain von Rauffenstein tried to speak him in to submission initially but was forced to shoot him. De Boeldieu was a fellow aristrocrat (part of an in-group) but anything greater than this, he was the French police officer, an enemy (motivational force).

The moments depicting the dying de Boeldieu discussing with von Rauffenstein saw just how identity jobs take center stage over group identity. Though both of them find their identity as aristocrats, in the process with the war, they came to observe their tasks differently. Von Rauffenstein supported the purpose of the war whilst de Boeldieu believed that their course was unable to start and welcome the possibility of world being led by the lower class.

Similarly, identity jobs taking priority was illustrated in sobre Boeldieu allowing for Lieutenant Marechal, his other aviator who was a auto mechanic before the battle, to escape. Group identity could dictate that de Boeldieu, in order to execute his duty, would take advantage of the situation intended for himself. Although because he noticed his identification role in a different way, he perished allowing a commoner to regain his freedom.

French-German Commoners

The transcendence over social category across nationalities was as well demonstrated through the escape of Marechal combined with another captive named Rosenthal who was a Jew. Vacationing on foot above unfamiliar and hostile place presented difficulties and was further exacerbated when Rosenthal sustained injuries. As such, we were holding forced to request help with the farm that they can came across with.

The citizen was a A language like german woman, Elsa, whose partner tragically died fighting in the war. She shared an identical identity with Marechal who also originate from a working course background. The regular realization that there is much to shed in the conflict but probably none to gain (similarities), led both equally Elsa and Marechal to overcome variations in nationality and language limitations for the woman to help the fugitives.

Racial and Social Identity

One of many characters in the film was a Jew named Rosenthal. This individual belonged to the top class unfortunately he originally a commoner. The film dispels the overstated dissimilarities that led to prejudicial or Anti-Semitic sentiments the moment Rosenthal’s persona was described as compassionate. Although he was upper class, this individual gave elements of his meals to his fellow prisoners without exception. Thus, this individual maintained favorable relationships with all captives in the camp.

This kind of suggests that Rosenthal as a Jew and the non-Jew prisoners changed ethnic dissimilarities because their identity was primarily based in all of them being prisoners (social group). Therefore they performed a common function and perspective ” to dig a tunnel and escape in order to return to their particular respective areas and continue performing their duty to fight resistant to the common enemy. Here, the German protection is the out-group.


The transcendence more than social identification is easily accomplished under situations of chaos and instability that are not conventional during times of peace. This is because as social trials have tested, divisions between groups will be minimized when ever there are common goals that could only be accomplished through communautaire efforts (SIT lecture). In the film, prisoners from different classes and ethnicities performed together to dig a tunnel as a common means of escape. The sharing of food intended for equal nourishment to all was also represented, albeit through Rosenthal since an individual, increasing everyone’s chances of survival.

Transcendence on an specific level can be accomplished when ever one’s belief of id role varies from the traditional group identity boundaries, i. e. de Boeldeiu’s self-sacrifice for a commoner as a way from the aristocrat failure as a category in contrast to von Rauffenstein’s working conformity to aristocratic tasks. The latter’s conformity is a result of his commitment of a role that is prominent to him (Stets and Burke, 2150, p. 232).

As sociable identity comes from comparison of your self from others and recognizing the similarities in experience also can lead one to transcend socially defined divisions. This was exemplified in the relationship of the French Lieutenant Marechal and the German born peasant, Elsa.

Non-transcendence for the The german language guards and their officers, who represented the German express under Hitler in history, was due to their segregation of themselves as a excellent race and their determined tries to contend over economical and personal superiority too.

In general, the film has become rich in cases showing how social identity leads to cultural conflict as well as conflict resolution. The teachings borne out of this traditional film are invaluable even as face a global today where war appears to be the solution to contradictions amongst nations, competitions, ethnic teams and cultural classes.

List of References

Immer, J. Electronic. and Burke, P. J. (2000). Id Theory and Social Personality Theory. Sociable

Psychology Quarterly, 63(3), s. 224-237.

Social Identity Theory Powerpoint (Lecture).

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