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The King John School Prefect Application Form , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , – Surname: Hay First Names: Harry Charles Title: Mr Tutor group: 10-10 Personal Statement You should think about me to become a prefect,?nternet site am a really hardworking, keen, organised and punctual scholar who is honest and mature and would want the position of representing the college. I think that all of my achievements which I have received throughout my personal time for King Ruben, outlines what type of student I am.

I think that my personal academic successes and extra-curricular awards can give me great success if I was to become a prefect.

I’ve received various awards such as prize-giving prizes for academic success, showing off achievements, The Jack Petchey award, intended for my mannerism, politeness, personality and my helpful and courteous attitude towards staff. Last year We gave up my personal time following school, to aid organise 12 months 10 parents evening. I use also accumulated achievements such as the 100% presence award during school, and the student of the term prize. My most current award, is definitely the Duke of Edinburgh prize at Fermeté level.

I actually am currently working towards my Metallic award, which is a two 12 months course. Most of my prizes I have received academically, and outside of school, We am very proud of. I actually am constantly working hard, getting my potential in anything I do. One of these of this is usually me benefiting from my lunch time and breaktimes, by completing home work, learning with the resources available, and studying for subject examinations, in order that after college, during saturdays and sundays and during institution holidays, I will take time to socialize, relax, perform extra revision, and easily fit into any plans I may have, such as workout sessions for my Triathlon golf club.

I believe that my great approach and attitude to learning will assist me consider up the part of being a prefect. Skills Subject| Target Grade| Maths| B| English| C| Science| B| Media| pass| French| C| History| C| ICT| pass| G. E| N/A| Relevant have the responsibilities We’ve had and still have include: 5. Helping out by a local chapel club known as Anchor Boy’s, by being an innovator. I inspire, supervise and help young children to master every week on the Friday, in various activities which include art and craft, game titles and reading and being attentive skills. At my role as club chief for my personal triathlon team, I’ve again given support to people previously mentioned and listed below my era. I have shown awards, to make sure the club is running effortlessly by getting club classes, being a marshal for team races, and taking charge of stretches at the beginning and at the end of training lessons. By being a part of my triathlon club, I possess learnt the right way to work in a team, and individually. * I have been selected to be a prefect at my past school, and have been part of the play leading system at my junior school.

By being both a prefect and a enjoy leader, I have had to keep an eye on other pupil’s behaviour, and I made sure the scholars were getting together with the requirements from the school guidelines. This is something I will certainly take into account if I was to turn into a prefect. Hobbies and Interests 1 . Triathlon ” I believe that this will certainly support my personal application, mainly because it promotes my self-esteem. It has made me develop time managing skills, learn about adversity and determination. We also discover goal setting because of not only sport, but it also lets me apply desired goals circularly. installment payments on your

Boy’s Brigade- In this regular club, I advance practices of compliance, reverence, discipline and self esteem. I think that the will support my program, as it displays my dedication, and personal features. 3. Canoeing/kayaking-Whilst learning abilities for this sport, I as well develop identity and the capacity to work in a team. The role of being a prefect * I see the function of being a prefect since responding to unacceptable behaviour created by students, and reporting this to a tutor if necessary. Prefects respond to situations which occur, and deal with the matter properly.

If learners, * Frighten anyone, 5. Are violent to any individual, * Harm the property of anyone which include School real estate, * Persistently break University rules, 2. And are in person disrespectful, It should be addressed, as it is undesirable behaviour. Prefects are learners who have more authority than any other pupils. They are generally responsible and well-behaved. They may be to help the teachers away by spotting trouble and helping learners and others surrounding the school which have issues, by way of example they may direct students, newbies of staff or visitors where to go.

Prefects will over-look bullying, and refer the pupils into a member of staff. In parents early evenings, open days and honor nights, and other school related events, prefects should be presently there, ready to assist anyone. For example , giving out and pouring refreshments, directing parents/visitors/students in the right direction, of course, if need be, stick to them. Prefects should be well behaved and good role models towards school, by being punctual, creating a good attitude and putting on the correct uniform smartly. How can the prefect application method be increased?

Personally, I do believe that the design of the app should be superior, to a more formal standard. I thought the questions listed on the form, super fine, as you can be given a lot of depth from pupils. I think which the boxes ought to be expanded into a larger size, as I tend not to think that there exists enough room to slip in lots of content, in some cases. Teacher statement Authorized: | Assertion: I verify to the most of my relief of knowing that the information provided on this type is correct and that I use not omitted any details, which may have a bearing on my application. Signed: | Date: |

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