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TABLE OF CONTENTS  EXECUTE SUMMARY This is a business growth. The business identity is Mcraj Arts & Designs , catering and decoration busi. t started out on 04 December 2010.

It was funded by Division of Youngsters on the twenty ninth June 2010. When I began this task my aims was to help to make something that is exclusive in my place, I wanted to combine catering and decoration as I have listed at registration of businesses, the task that I wanted to run was to hire outdoor tents with providing combined with a garden furnished for photographs and online video shooting. Unfortunately the fund that I got from the Office of Youth wasn’t enough for the project. In catering big t be done during wedding, celebrations and funerals ceremonies since some client they usually request why is it impossible for me to cater for them with foodstuff also. And i also will be providing for rallies, exhibitions, workshops and gatherings because inside my area the moment there are activities like workshops, rallies and event they look for catering of youth first. And in Kgalagadi north there is none business of youngsters for wedding caterers. I have as well realise that in my region there is no sleeping place and where persons can take photographs and video shooting.

I then came up with a concept for a plot for photos and online video shooting and sometimes. And sometimes you need to celebrate their very own weddings exterior their place that’s is why I included an idea of creating a plot decorated for photo and video taking pictures, this will end up being not only for photos and video taking pictures and it will end up being for the client who want commemorate their marriages and functions outside their very own place. In-may market research, all their some client who need an area resting with the friends and families. As for now I have already been operating tent hire simply.

Since I’ve started this kind of project I have realised that during festive season there is certainly shortage of outdoor tents in areas because this fun I have more than four to five clients booking camping tent on the same time but I’ve only one tent. I have realize that I need to increase numbers of tents so as to cater for even more events on the same date. In respect to cash flow statement of my organization from January 2010 about December 2011 I have understand that the loss that I have is merely for buying components and transportation as can see from fastened documents.

When I started the business the task was having full outfitted materials especially dress cellular lining for draping and accessories. My plans was to begin saving for the project after I had complete equipped materials in the camping tent and also to buy small gazebos and getting castles because my buyer usually want then they work with the camping tent. The business was operating by the following business and management structures. HANDLING DIRECTR NONOFO SETLHOGILE CLEANERS TENT PITCHERS TENT DECOTATORS

NALEDI SETLHOGILE KEORAPETSE RAMOSESANE RAPELANG TSIENYANE KEOSIILE KARABOOTENG SEGOLE LETSHOLATHEBE MOHEME KEOBAKILE SEGOLE MOLEFI TSHIDI OBJECTIVE 2. To promote country development and stimulate the provision of other services in remote areas of the and also to decrease rural city migration. 5. To lead other youth by example and encourage them to endeavor in to environmentally friendly and feasible income creating projects. 2. Generate career mainly in rural areas and improve our lifestyle. ORGANIZATION AND MANAGEMENT COMPOSITION

As the business will be broadening the composition will be the following MANAGING OVERSEER 1 SECRETARY ACCOUNTANT you 1 PURIFIERS TENT PITCHERS TENT DECOTATORS DRIVER two 64 you STOCK SOURCE GROUNDS GENTLEMAN COOKERS you 24 DETAILED PLAN The business will be offering tents services with catering and a garden embellished for photos and video shooting as well as the business will be operated simply by 23 employees as you can see from your organization prepare.

The taking care of director might be a decision manufacturer, supervising the full project to see if all job is done effectively. The curator will be performing records and booking keeping and also the employees payments. Admin will be keying the assignments minutes and hand – to – hand with all the accountant. Purifiers will be washing storerooms, undertaking the laundry when there exists a tender to get tents hire, clean discs, glasses, utensils, chafing food and dishes Tents pitchers will be cleaning tents ahead of the events, also pitch outdoor tents during the situations

Tents decorators will be preparing decorations, lining for hanging according to the colours of events and decorate during occasions. Driver will be transporting products wherever the events are, operating as messenger e. g checking terme conseill� at the postal office shooting and also transporting employees to get caterings. Reasons men will certainly watering, washing, cultivating, slicing trees and lawns and the garden storyline. Cookers will be cooking food intended for events and acting while cashiers electronic. g marriages, parties, funerals, workshops, rallies, exhibitions, people e. big t. c

Inventory supply will be supplying workers with tools needed at the, g literature at the office, pins, cable connections, draping components, decoration equipments for tents and depend equipments like tables, seats, cutlery, china, chafing meals, and eyeglasses before and after the actions of the doj to see if they may be which is lacking and also purchase all materials that will be required in the business. MARKETPLACE PLAN TARGET MARKET The business will be targeting marriage events, get-togethers, funerals, conferences, workshop, rallies, exhibitions and individuals as the business will probably be offering mixed services making wedding planning simpler and less expensive.

Prices will probably be affordable with high quality services and good customer care. MARKET SIZE REVENUE FORECAST GOODS/SERVICES| YEAR SALES| UNIT PRICE(BWP)| TOTAL AMOUNT(BWP)| TENTS| 10 X 24m| 13| 19 500. 00| 253 500. 00| 9 By 18m| 15| 6 000. 00| 90  000. 00| six x 15m| 17| 5 800. 00| 98  600. 00| 9 x 9m| 30| 1 200. 00| 32 000. 00| CATERING| Breakfast| 550| 20. 00| 11 000. 00| Reservation breakfast placed orders | 550| 25. 00| 13 750. 00| Tea break| 530| twenty. 00| 10 600. 00| Reservation tea break placed orders | 550| twenty-five. 00| 13 750. 00| Lunch| 810| twenty-five. 00| 20 250. 00|

Reserving lunch put orders | 1400| 35. 00| 49 000. 00| Super| 540| 25. 00| 13 500. 00| Booking dinner put orders | 1300| thirty-five. 00| 45 500. 00| GARDEN| Full day| 17| a few 500| 59 500. 00| Half day| 32| 2 500| 80 000. 00| TOTAL REVENUE REVENUE| 790 950. 00| COMPETITION My competitors are: Tents * Itshome tent hire * Lokgwabe home basic care tent hire 2. Mantle tents hire 2. Thati’s tents hire Providing * Itabeni guest property * welcome restaurant. Garden * I’ve non-e existing competitors pertaining to garden storyline which become operated to get resting, photographs and online video shooting MARKET SHARE:

The price that I have pertaining to tent seek the services of 9 by 18 meters with chairs, rectangle tables, cutlery, dishes, glasses, draping, carpets(green and red), stand and adornments catering to get 200 persons is BWP 6 000. 00 per event. Prices of my competitors are as follows: TENTS 5. ITSHOME TENT HIRE: completely equipped (tent 9 x 24m, ergonomic chairs, rectangle desks, cutlery, discs, glasses, hanging, stand and decorations) wedding caterers for two hundred fifty people , BWP 12 000. 00 5. MANTLE TENT HIRE fully equipped (tent 9 times 21m, ergonomic chairs, rectangle desks, cutlery, plates, glasses, hanging, stand and decorations) wedding caterers for 2 hundred people – BWP 10 000. 0 * LOKGWABE RESIDENCE BASE ATTENTION: only tent of 5x10m with chairs, rectangle desks, plates, glasses and cutlery: catering intended for 50 persons – BWP 2 500. 00 * THATI’S TENT HIRE: only tent of 7 times 15m with Lokgwabe ergonomic chairs, rectangle tables, plates, eyeglasses, cutlery, hanging and adornments, catering to get 100 persons – BWP 5 200. 00 CATERING 5. ITABENI GUESTS HOUSE: Breakfast – L 25. 00 Tea break – P 25. 00 Lunch – P twenty-eight. 00 An evening meal – P28. 00 Bookings for occasions put orders: Breakfast – L 30. 00 Tea break – P30. 00 Lunch break – P40. 00

An evening meal – P40. 00 5. WELCOME RESTURANT: Breakfast – P twenty-seven. 00 Tea break – P 25. 00 Lunch – P 30. 00 Supper – P30. 00 Bookings to get events placed orders: Breakfast – P 35. 00 Tea break – P30. 00 Lunch – P45. 00 Supper – P45. 00 MARKET STRATEGIES I meant to beat different suppliers in the area of my industry by providing items / providers with reasonable prices. I will be maintaining high quality solutions to retain customers and build a reputation on the market e. g my outdoor tents will be having caterings, getting castles, and gazebos.

And also I have designs an arcs that will be furnished in front of outdoor tents and also others that will be dividing inside the tents e, g inside the camping tent there will be portion for bride and groom maids, for groom ‘s parents, bride’s parents while others. DISTRIBUTIONS I will be delivering the my products/services to my own customer in which they want this to be elizabeth. g easily have wedding caterers orders pertaining to workshops, rallies, exhibitions, wedding events, parties, funerals and gatherings. And also outdoor tents equipments will be delivered to my personal customer intended for events. SOURCE CHANNELS Every tents, wedding caterers equipments and landscaping firms will be found in Gaborone and Lobatse.

Materials for draping and design will be bought in Hukuntsi.. And also grocery store for providing will be bought in Hukuntsi. In Hukuntsi there a only two wholesalers and one linen and apparel shop: (Sefalana and Trans and hilda’ clothing and curting intended for material of decoration and draping). There are two shops of outdoor tents in Gaborone: (Funhire and T and T ) and one out of Lobatse: (Lobatse canvas). There also two landscaping businesses that I seen in Gaborone: (Soft rolls and BCD) All my suppliers will be reliable. CHARGES Tent selecting: * on the lookout for x 37m tent that is catering intended for 400 about 500 people and I it will be BWP 19 500. 0 per event * 7 times 15m tent catering intended for 100 about 150 people it will be BWP 5 800. 00 * being unfaithful x 9m gazebo wedding caterers for small events just like parties will probably be BWP 1 500. 00 Catering * Breakfast time – G 20. 00 * Tea break – P 20. 00 2. Lunch – P 25. 00 * Supper – P25. 00 * Reservations for incidents placed orders: 5. Breakfast – P 25. 00 * Tea break – P25. 00 * Lunch – P35. 00 * Supper – P35. 00 Yard plot to get Photos and video taking pictures only: Full day: BWP 3 500. 00 Half working day: BWP 2 500. 00 CAMPAIGN I strongly market my project by simply advertising through local funnel media we. magazine, paper, facebook and in addition fliers, posters, sign planks, business cards e. tc. After i have a marriage I usually offer them free usher tags, and wedding programmes and I set my get in touch with on the back side of the usher tags. I also question my customer to put me personally in the plan to advertise my personal products / services throughout the event. I actually maintain a database of customer and the requirements. Superb services and attention to details will attract duplicate orders. FINANCIAL STRUCTURE FIXED ASSETS DESCRIPTIONS| QUANTITY | COST PER UNIT| TOTAL| Vehicle| 1| | | 7 back button 15m tent| 1| | | on the lookout for x 37m tent| 1| | | 9 back button 9 meters gazebos| 3| | | x 15m green carpet| 1| | | on the lookout for x 37m green carpet| 1| | | 9 x 9m green carpet| 3| | | Crimson carpet 1 ) 2m by 40| 1| | | Chairs| 400| | | Round tables| 40| | | Rectangular shape tables| 20| | | Chair covers| 400| | | Rounded table covers| 40| | | Rectangular shape table covers| 20| | | Plates| 400| | | Glasses| 400| | | Knifes| 400| | | Forks| 400| | | Chafing dishes| 20| | | Vases| 40| | | Jugs| 40| | | Serving bowl| 10| | | Professional stove| 1| | | Deep freezer| 1| | | Fridge| 1| | | Electric powered heating bucket| 2| | | Metal trays| 10| | | Cooking pots| 10| | | Food containers| 10| | | Fence 100m x 100m plot| | | | landscaping| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | EXPENSES DESCRIPTIONS| VARIETY | PRICE PER UNIT| TOTAL| Gas: Gaborone to Lokgwabe| 562 km | P | | Rent| Year| P 750. 00| P9 000. 00| Salaries as well as wages| 6 months| S 22 600. 00| P 135 600. 00| landscaping| | | | Electricity| | | | Water| | | | Total | | | | APPLICANTS CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE JOB DESCRIPTIONS| VARIETY | EXPENSE PER UNIT| TOTAL| Youngsters Loan repayment| 5 years| P | P| Drinking water connection| | | | Electricity equipments| -| G 2 696. 33| G 2 696. 33| Grocery pertaining to catering| -| P 5 000. 00| P 5 000. 00| TOTAL| G 11 700. 00| INTERNAL RESEARCH STRENG Make use of staff who have required skills sets and train those to provide good customer providers * Functionality and ability to provide in time * Network base * Knowledge of local market 5. Self influenced, motivated fresh woman in a position to adapt very quickly to fresh situations, conforming to and often surpassing anticipated standards SOME WEAKNESS * Little bit of market skill * Insufficient capital pertaining to the production purchases, as it can limit efficiently complete the job 5. * I use staff that have required expertise sets and I have skilled them to give excellent client services EXTERIOR ANALYSIS POSSIBILITIES * Make any difference and diversify economy Increase in the development finances will mean even more project to implement 2. Creation of employment for the community location * The business enterprise must leverage its get strengths to capitalize on all potential sales opportunities 5. Employ personnel who have necessary skills units and educate them to provide excellent consumer services 2. Build up a powerful reputation of trustworthiness exemplary services and top quality services. 5. Capability and capacity to provide in time THREATS * Fresh competitors appearing in the vicinity * Buyers having financial problems * * 5. IMPLEMENTATION PROGRAM DATE| ACTIVITY| RESPONSIBLE PERSON| st and 2nd weekMarch 2012| 5. Buying every equipment with the project| 5. Managing director| 3rd and 4th weekMarch2012| * Building fence to get garden plan * Prepare sketch arrange for kitchen and storeroom * Arrange building material for kitchen and storeroom 5. Landscaping inspections| * Controlling Director 5. Managing representative * Taking care of director and building construction| 1st and 2nd week April 2012| * Landscape designs, paving, growing trees and lawns 5. Start building storeroom and kitchen| * 5. Building construction| 3rd and 4th weekApril 2012| 5. Cleaning up the garden, storeroom and kitchen intended for inspections 5. Inspections| * Grounds men and cleaners * | 1st week May 2012| * Organizing equipment in the kitchen and storeroom * Decision making, Pricing, Works on materials intended for bookkeeping documents, Prepared menu and schedules for providing | 2. Stock supply and cookers * Handling director, secretary and accountant| 2nd weekMay 2012| * Business begin operating| * All employees|

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