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Freelancing is a business model in which a single organization enters into a agreement with one more to manage and operate their business processes. India has developed into one of the largest offshore outsourced workers hubs for the IT sector and IT enabled services and processes. About forty-four % of all the outsourcing inside the IT as well as the BPO market is done to India.

There might be several factors as to why India has turned out to be an THIS hub (Schaaf, 2005 & Sharma, 2004).

The human assets available in India are well skilled, skilled, not so expensive to use, and are quite simply English speaking. The population of India is aged can be utilized in almost any field. The human resources obtainable in India (especially in the THIS sector) have been high. These solutions are increasing in quantity tremendously and therefore are becoming more and more available for the THAT sector. The cost of employing human resources in India is significantly lower than several developed countries in which the MNC’s originate. Companies have to pay about 10 times more in the event they want to seek the services of a professional inside their home nation. Consequently, investing in India could be a big benefit (Schaaf, 2005).

India does perception in the cultural upliftment and offering procedures that would help women to be more 3rd party and totally free. Since the THAT and the KPO industry is not labor oriented, it truly is officering a fantastic opportunity for girls to work. Slowly the situation of ladies has improved in the country, and individuals would fundamentally thank the booming outsourced workers business (Burzi, 2005). Personally I feel that women will be more suited to do jobs in which in turn meticulous attention is required and the BPO market is offering a big opportunity for women.

The Of india government has setup policies that do benefit outsourcing and building the nation into a global outsourcing link. India is very much enthusiastic about creating international relationships and establishing worldwide business with several nations in the world. As the BPO market is offering a huge benefit intended for the contemporary society and upliftment of the people, the government is continuously motivating foreign businesses to setup store in India (Schaaf, 2005).

India continues to be growing for a tremendous rate in the last ten years. The growth annually has become about six %. India can even be able to develop at a faster rate. One of the droit causes to get such an increased growth level is the booming outsourcing plus the knowledge-processing models available in India. India has been specifically been available to the field of IT and software, and application of I . t has extended into many other sectors. Effectively, corporations are having their back-end workplace in India, which offers back-end support (Schaaf, 2005).

There might be a few problems that need to be regarded as for overseas companies while investing in India for outsourcing techniques. India has a large number of universities and a huge number of graduates will be produced each year. However , several of these schools may not meet international criteria, and only regarding 10 to 20 % of the people who graduate student out every year are able to meet up with international requirements. The cost of hiring they may become really hard in the future because of a shortage of human resources. Many persons still consider the outsourcing organization as unappealing and it might be difficult in a few instances to really acquire the staff for these kinds of businesses. Foreign businesses may have to consider investing in the training system in order that the quality of education has been enhanced (Schaaf, 2005).

India could possibly be available to offer specialized solutions in certain areas. Nevertheless , in several additional fields experience may not be obtainable. The international shareholders who want to set up back-end support offices in India might not know this. The investors have to conduct reveal research so as to know the methods available and accordingly decide to utilize them, before actually investment (Schaaf, 2005).

Another problem, which is available in India, is that it might be very costly to setup telecommunication relates to the parent company in the US. If due to a lot of reason this telecommunication links are misplaced, life might be virtually be shut down totally in another area of the world. Outsourcing businesses are usually carried out in created cities of India, and several far-flung areas are unable to provide any support to the BPO’s. Terrain is very expensive such spots, and companies would have to shell out a huge price to actually setup infrastructure (Burzi, 2005).

It might be very difficult to get Indian professionals to are per the convenience of US or perhaps European timings. A large number of firms, that have been outsourcing their particular business techniques to India, need to take several issues in to considerations before actually conducting function. They will have to take care of the conveyance and secureness of the personnel (especially females) before having all of them work as every the US and European timings. Socially, an American indian woman may not like to go out of her home through the night and job during nighttime shifts. This may be one of the major issues. However , a number of the MNC’s have guaranteed proper protection, conveyance and flexible work timings to ensure that they may have the staff to work in line with the US and European timings.

Hence, though India does offer a huge amount of opportunities for international investors, a lot of issues should be taken into consideration before investing. It may actually be a challenge, but finally in the event these issues are sorted out, the companies may bear authentic fruits for his or her investment. Besides, it includes really get a trend for any company to put together a business in India that will offer after sales support.


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