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string(204) ‘ Of Term


Application signifier for advantage or alteration of brand

\[ Pursuant to segment twenty and 21of the Companies Action, 1956 \] Notice , Almost all Fieldss noticeable in\*are being compulsorily filled\. ‘


Company might be defined as a voluntary relationship of individuals. It is an association of persons produced for some prevalent intent nevertheless chiefly it is just a voluntary relationship of specific. It has capital divisible in parts, known as portions.

Exact same clip it is an unreal specific created with a procedure of jurisprudence. Very low ageless collection and a common seal. That exists merely in contemplation of jurisprudence, i. at the. it is viewed by the jurisprudence as a person, merely like a homo.

About incorporation of a company becomes a organic structure corporate or perhaps corporation which has a ageless series and a common seal. This besides acquires a character distinct from its members.

Highlights of A Company

1 . Separate legal entity

installment payments on your Limited the liability

3. Ageless sequence

5. Common seal off

5. Transferability of servings

6. Independent belongings

six. Capacity to action

Electronic Multimedia

It is mass media that uses electronics or perhaps electromechanical energy for the terminal user ( viewers ) to entree the content. This is as opposed to inactive multimedia ( primarily print multimedia ), which can be most frequently made electronically, although do n’t necessitate gadgets to be accessed by the airport terminal user inside the printed signifier. Most fresh media are in the signifier of digital media. Yet , electronic media may be in either seite an seite or digital format.

Although the term is commonly associated with content recorded on a storage medium, recordings happen to be non necessary for unrecorded transmission medium and on-line social networking.

Any gear used in the electronic connecting procedure ( e. g. telecasting, cellular, telephone, personal pc computing machine, game system, hand-held device ) might besides be considered electronic press.

Incorporation Of Company

Ahead of a company is formed, certain first determinations are essential, for illustration, whether it should be a private company or maybe a public firm, what it is capital ought to be, and whether it is worthwhile arranging a new company or pickings over the concern of an currently established matter. All these determinations are taken by certain individuals known as “promoters. They do the total

necessary first work small expense towards the formation from the company.

Public Ltd Firm

A Open public Limited Firm is a Company limited by portions by which there is no restriction on the maximal figure of stockholders, travel of portions and credit of open public sedimentations. Liability of each stockholder is limited for the extent in the unpaid quantity of the parts face worth and the high quality thereon in regard with the portions kept by him. However , liability of a Movie director / Director of such a Organization can at times be infinite. The little figure of stockholders is 7.

Very low minimal paid-up capital of Rs 5 hundred thousand or perhaps such larger paid up capital, because may be recommended. Every general public company, bing on the beginning with the Companies ( Amendment ) Act, 2000, with a paid-up capital of less than Rs. 5, 00, 000 shall, within a period of two outdated ages by such commencing, heighten its paid-up capital to Rs. 5, 00, 000.

Receive downing A fresh Public Limited Company

Before stepping in the concern galaxy , A, get downing up a fresh concern we. e. a brand new public Ltd company, we have to believe a name of the company which co-relate the work of the organization and be convenient grasped in the head with the people. Even as are acquire downing a brand new public Ltd Company of electronic multimedia i. at the. Television , A, calculating machine manufacture company plus the name with the company to be

registered will probably be Protechno media ltd company.

Name-Approval For The Proposed Company

The task for getting the name blessing for the proposed business is that a credit card applicatoin in Type No . 1A demands to be filed with all the Registrar of Companies ( ROC ) of the region in which the Registered Office from the proposed Firm is to be located. The application is required to be authorized by among the boosters. The lining informations with the application are as follows:

1 ) Four various names to get the suggested company. ( The name can be gave names in the objects from the proposed organization or the titles of the managers, etc . but should decidedly be declarative of the key object with the company. Approval for the name must be specified combined with the application ).

2 . Brand callings and references in the boosters ( Minimal several for a general public company whilst 2 for private organization ).

three or more. Authorized Capital of the proposed company.

4. Main items of the suggested company.

Paperwork Required To Be Executed Pertaining to Incorporation

Next are the paperss require intended for acquiring the recognition of incorporation or registering the company with registrar, , ,..

MOA and AOA are required to be executed by the boosters in the occurrence of a informant in saying their full name, male mother or father , s name, residential reference, business, figure of portions activated for, etc .

1 . Contact form No . one particular , This is certainly to be to get executed on a non-judicial seal of approval paper of INR twenty by managers of the proposed company or by other individuals just like Advocates saying that all the demands of the incorporation have been complied with.

2 . Form Number 18 , This signifier contains advice about the registered office of the suggested company.

a few. Form No . 29 , This is a consent obtained from all the proposed managers in the proposed company to move because managers in the proposed firm. ( Not required in illustration of private business ).

5. Form No . 32 , This signifier shows the simple fact of project of the suggested managers as the plank of managers.

5. Identity blessing missive in initial.

6. Poa signed simply by all the endorsers of MOA authorising among the endorsers or any type of other person to move with them for the intent of incorporation and accepting the certification of incorporation.

six. Power of Attorney in instance of any endorser who have appointed an additional individual to subscribe the MOA on his behalf. Filing charges as might be applicable.

This type Is Filled To get Checking The Accessibility to Name


Program signifier pertaining to handiness or perhaps alteration of name

[ Pursuant to portion 20 and 21of the firms Act, 1956 ] Note , All Fieldss marked in*are to be compulsorily filled.

1 . *Application pertaining to integrating a new company changing the name of an msn company

Part A: Advantage of identity

2 ( a ). *Name of applicant Prankur Rastogi

( B ) *Occupation Entrepreneur

( level Celsius ). *Address Series I Phagwara, Jalandhar

Collection II Punjab

( vitamin D ). *City Jalandhar ( vitamin At the ). *State Punjab ( degree Fahrenheit ). *Country India ( g ). *Pin codification 144402

( H ). *e-mail prankurrastogi @ gmail. com

( I ). Phone 9569231524

( J ). Fax 09534267447782

a few. Name callings of boosters

* ( I ) Name of promoter¦¦¦ Prankur Rastogi

2. ( two ) Name of promoter¦¦¦Pawan Rastogi

2. ( 3 ) Brand of promoter¦¦.. Rajesh Dubey

4. *Name of the region in which the suggested company shall be registered


5. *Name of the Suceder of Companies in which the proposed company shall be registered¦¦¦¦.. Mister Y N Singh

six. *State whether or not the proposed business is open public or personal


six. * proposed name of company ( at least 6 recommended names )

a. Fanko electro ltd

B. Rigs electro-media limited

c. Protechno Media Ltd Company d. Agnis electronica ltd

elizabeth. Jippo electro ltd

n. Retro electro media

Following make fulling the application pertaining to handiness of name BLOC will assign the name within 3 hebdomads of application submission¦¦¦¦..

The ÉCUEIL will look in for the handiness of name and inform the individual who has stuffed the application¦¦¦¦.

Name Protechno Media Ltd Company exists and is allotted.

This is being to be carried out on a non-judicial stamp newspaper of INR 20 simply by managers from the proposed company or by other individuals such as Advocates saying that all of the demands of the incorporation have been completely complied with.


Enrollment No Of Company -1090

Nominal Capital-: Rs. a couple of, 00, 00, 000. 00


Statement of conformity with the needs of the Corporations Act

1956 on app for registration of a organization

[ Pursuant to subdivision thirty-three ( a couple of ) ]

Brand of Organization Protechno Multimedia Limited/Private Limited

Presented by simply Protechnicals group

I Prankur Rastogi of Protechnicals Group do solemnly and unfeignedly declare i am [ 1 ] Promoter who will be engaged in the organization of the company, or a person named in the articles as being a director/manager/secretary of the, , , , Protechno Mass media Limited/Private Limited.

And that all the demands with the Companies Work, 1956, plus the regulations available under in regard of affairs precedent to the registration of the stated company and incidental thereto have been complied with.

Is to do this solemn declaration scrupulously believing precisely the same to be authentic.

This signifier contains advice about the registered business office of the suggested company.

FORM NO . 18

Registration No . of the Company1090 Nominal Capital: Rs2, 55, 00, 500


Notice of the situation/change of state of affairs of signed up office

[ Pursuant to part 146 ]

Name of the business , Protechno Media Limited Company

Notice is herewith given that ,

1 ) ( a ) the registered workplace of the company is situated in Jalandhar ( Punjab )

. with consequence from

[ time of the month ] 20. 11. 09

( B ) The state of affairs of the authorized office from the company of was transformed from to with consequence from [ day time of the month ]

2 . Circumstance of signed up office is catagorized under the legal power of Jalandhar

( term of the constabulary station ). * Went out with this thirtieth Day of Nov 2009

Signature Prankur Rastogi

Term PRANKUR RASTOGI ( In Block Capitals )

Appellation Chairman

*State reference of close constabulary station with territory and tehsil.

This is a agreement obtained from all the proposed managers of the recommended company to move as managers of the suggested company.


Registration No . of Business.. 1090, , , ,

Nominal Capital Rs. 2, 55, 00, 000, ,


Agreement to move since manager of your company and/or set abouting to take pay for making helpings

[ Pursuant to subdivision 264 ( two ) /266 ( We ) ( a ) and 266 ( you ) ( B ) ( three ) ]

Name of business Protechno Press Limited

Provided by,. Protechnicals Group, , , ,.

To the Registrar of Companies, , , , , , , , Jalandhar, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,.

I, the undersigned, herewith attest my own consent to maneuver as supervisor of the, Protechno Press Limited, Pursuant to subdivision 264 ( 2 ) /266 ( 1 ) ( a ) of the Companies Action, 1956 and attest i have low been disqualified to move as being a manager beneath subdivisions 267 and/or 274 of the Corporations Act, 1956.

I, the undersigned keeping consented to go as administrator of the. Protechno Media Limited, besides herewith undertake to consider from the explained company and wage intended for.. 5000,.. servings of Rs. 20, , Each, becoming the number/value of the parts prescribed while the producing portions pertaining to the office of manager with the said organization.

Name and family term in full and male parent or guardian , s


Addresses Occupation Day of labor and birth

Nationality Signature

1 2 3 5 5 6

Prankur Rastogi s/o Pawan


businessman 04-04-88 American indian Prankur


Signature Went out with the, , ,. twentieth of,. Nov, , , , ,. 2009, Prankur Rastogi, Designation Chairman

This kind of signifier displays the fact of assignment of the proposed managers as the board of managers

TYPE NO . 32

Registration No . of Organization. 1090, , , ,. Nominal Capital Rs. 25000000, , ,..


Facts of project of managers and overseer and adjustments among them

[ Pursuant to subdivision 303 ( 2 ) ]

Name of Company, ,. Protechno Press Ltd Company

Presented by, ,. Prankur Rastogi

Take note: , , If a company has no details to be a part of one or two of the headers ‘A , ‘B , and ‘C , the parts incorporating individuals headers ( in regard of which the corporation has no specifics to be included ) need non become filed.

A. Appointment of and alterations among managers.

Name or perhaps names and family name in


Father’s/ husband , s i9000 name

Normal residential guide

Nationality Day of appointme National Trust or


Brief specifics of changes

1 2 3 four 5 6th

Notes: ( 1 ) A note of alterations should be made in column six e. g. by infixing against the term of new director, etc . the text “in topographic point of, , , , , , , , and by bespeaking against the name of the former administrator, the cause intended for the change, e. g. by decease, surrender, pension by rotary motion, disqualification etc .

( 2 ) In illustration of move offing administrator, his appellation should be mentioned with his name in columan1.

B. [ *** ]

C. Session of and alterations in director ship and secretary ship.

Term or brands and friends and family name entirely

Father’s/ hubby , h name

Common residential reference point

Nationality Time of appointme National Trust or modification

Brief details of changes

1 two 3 4 5 six

Dated the, , , , , , , , , , , , , , twenty-four hours of, , , ,.. 19

Signature, , , , , , , , , , , , , ,.. Appellation, , , , , , , , , , , , , ,..

Notes: ( 1 ) For the intents of this signifier, details of a individual appointed while director within the significance of subdivision 2 ( twenty-four ) of the Companies Take action, 1956 require be given.

( 2 ) A note of amendment as apart from the cause of alteration e. g., by decease, surrender, remotion, disqualification, etc . should be stated in column 6th.

Memorandum of Association ( MOA ) and the Articles or blog posts of

Relationship ( AOA ) Of your Company

At this point on reception of the identity blessing missive from the BLOC the MOA and the AOA are required to end up being drafted. The MOA declares the chief, accessory / subordinate and other objects of the recommended company. The AOA contains the regulations and processs intended for the each day behavior with the proposed firm. It besides

provinces the authorised portion capital with the proposed firm and the brands of the first as well as lasting managers. After that the MOA and AOA have to be stamped and a cast responsibility based on the authorized section capital is usually to be paid.

Contentss Of Memorando

The name of the business.

The region in which the authorized office with the company shall be situated. Limited liability.

Talk about capital.

Thing of the business

A open public company has got the option of question foring the populace pertaining to subscription to its part capital. As a result, the company needs to publish a prospectus, which provides information about the company to possible investors. The Companies Take action specifies the information to be within the prospectus.

Content of association-

The articles of association or merely articles are the regulations, laws for the interior direction in the personal businesss of the company. They are framed with the subject of transporting out the purposes and object as in the memoranda of affiliation.

The content articles are subsequent in importance to the memoranda of relationship which contains the cardinal conditions upon which entirely a company is usually allowed to end up being incorporated. They are as such part to, and controlled by the memoranda.

Contentss of articles- It contains commissariats associating to the undermentioned affairs. Reveal capital.

Loan on parts. Calls in portions. Transportations of servings. Transmissions of portions.

Sales of helpings in to share. Shares justifies.

Change of capital. Standard meetings. Administrators and secretary. Dividends and militias. Capitalization of net incomes.

The Articles of Association develop the regulations and ordinances of the company to get the way of it is internal personal businesss. While the Memorandum specifies the is designed and intents for which the organization has been shaped, the Content articles lay down the regulations and ordinances pertaining to accomplishing individuals aims and intents.

The Certificate Of Incorporation

Following the paperss in FAQ a few are filed, the ROC calls the lawyer on a specific day time of the month for exam and performing the corrections in the MOA and AOA filed. On following with the same, the certification of incorporation can be granted to the lawyer.

If the requite papers are recorded with the suceder, the registrar satisfy himself that the lawful demands sing enrollment have already been punctually complied. After this a certification of incorporation given by the suceder in respect of a business is decisive grounds that the demands of the companies act have been created with in respect of registration.

After the appropriately stamped Nota of Association and Articles of Relationship, paperss and signifiers are filed as well as the filing fees are paid, the ÉCUEIL scrutinizes the paperss and, if necessary, advices the authorised individual to accomplish necessary modifications. Thereafter, a Certificate of Incorporation can be issued by ROC, from where day with the month the business comes in to existence. It will require one to two hebdomads from the day time of the month of registering Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association to have a Certificate of Incorporation. Even though a private business can get straight down concern instantly after having the certification of incorporation, a public company can no make and so until it gets a Qualification of Beginning of Organization from the BLOC.

Document Being Filled With The Registrar:

The documents/forms mentioned below are registered along with Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association upon payment of filing charges ( with regards to the authorised capital of the organization ):

Statement of conformity, punctually rubber-stamped

Notice with the state of affairs from the registered workplace of the business

Particulars of Directors, Administrator or Admin

Authority carried out on a non-judicial cast paper, in favor of among the endorsers to the Memorandum of Association or any other individual authorising him to register the paperss and documents to get enrollment and also to do required corrections, if perhaps any

The ROC , s missive ( in master ) bespeaking the handiness with the name.

Ahead of the advertisement organization is signed up, it is vital to determine from the registrar of companies of course, if the recommended name with the company is approved so the undermentioned paperss punctually stamped alongside the necessary service fees are to be submitted with the deliberar.

The memoranda of association. The article of association.

The understanding. Assertion.

When a organization is listed and a certification of incorporation can be issued by the registrar the business becomes a distinguishable legal business, its lifestyle commences from the day of the month described in the qualification of use. And the firm requires a ageless sequence. The member may come and travel and leisure, but it continues forever, unless it is ended up.

A community limited electronic digital media firm has to be obtained certification to commence concern before it may get down concern.

Taxes Registration-

Businesss apt intended for income revenue enhancement must obtain a earnings enhancement status card and figure [ known as Permanent Accounts Number ( PAN ) ] from the Revenue Department. In add-on to this, concerns more likely to keep back revenue enhancement must needfully obtain a Taxes Deduction Bank account Number ( TAN ). Both the GRIDDLE and the SUNTAN must be indicated on all of the returns, paperss and communication filed together with the Revenue Office. The PAN is besides needed to be set by assorted additional paperss including the paperss refering to deal or getting any immoveable belongings ( transcending Rs. five hundred 1000 ), sale or purchase of a motor vehicle, cut sedimentation ( transcending Rs. 5 hundred thousands of ), contract for sale or purchase of investments ( transcending Rs. 10 hundred 1, 000 ), to call a number of

Filing Registering/Approving Authority

1 transcript has to be submitted and also a forwarding missive addressed towards the concerned Archivar of Corporations.


The declaration must be submitted while using undermentioned annexure. Document attesting payment of fee.

Memorando and Content articles of Connection.

Transcript of understanding if any, that this proposed organization wishes to come in in to with any individual for project as its controlling or whole-time manager or director

Power of Attorney from endorsers.

Letter from Registrar of Companies performing names available. No expostulation letters by directors/promoters.

Needed fees should be either in hard foreign currency or require

Company Receive downing Business Operationss

Following having the recognition of use, the public organization has to complete certain various other legal formalities such as a statutory meeting ( within 6 months ), statutory study, etc . On completing the said formalities and on filing with the statutory study with the ÉCUEIL the ÉCUEIL issues the enfranchisement of beginning of interest to the company. Thereafter, the population Company could get down the matter operations. The Private Organization can get down its concern instantly in incorporation.

Qualification of use

Form one particular

No 55-009877 of 2009-10

I listen to by certify that ¦¦¦¦Protechno Media Limited¦¦¦is this 24 hours integrated under The businesses act 1956 ( NOT ANY 1 of 1956 ) and that the organization is limited

Given under my own manus at¦¦¦. Jalandhar¦¦¦this twenty-four hours ¦ , ,. day of

20,. 09

SD/- Mister. Y. N. Singh

Deliberar of Businesses

Jalandhar, Punjab

This was the certification issued by the suceder of companies for the incorporation of company

Qualification of beginning of concern

[ Pursuant to subdivision 149 ( 3 ) of firms act 1956 ]

I notice by certify that the ¦ ,. Protechno Media ltd¦¦. which was integrated under

The businesses act of 1956¦¦. on the thirtieth 24 hours of November 2009

And which has punctually validated declaration in the prescribed signifier that the circumstances have been created with is compiled to get down the concern

Offered under my personal manus at¦¦¦. Jalandhar¦¦¦this ¦¦¦7th,. day of November 2009.

SD/- Mister Sohan Singh

Asst Deliberar of Corporations

Jalandhar, Punjab


My personal company i actually. e. Protechno media ltd, a manufacture company features contracted with two companies in which you is an advertisement organization for the advertizement from the merchandises and secondly which has a computing equipment fabrication limited company.

The first deal is with High Ad ltd Company possessed by Sarpreet Kaur among the Board of Member. We have contracted pertaining to Rs your five, 00, 1000 for the advertizement of your company and our merchandises like Televisions, LCDs and Computer people from france friess etc .

The other contract is by using Infojets ltd of Heramb Agrawal pertaining to Rs 12, 00, 1000 as their firm needs LCDs for their organization from our company.

All the essential elements to get a contract and the footings , A, conditions are happy and are lawfully enforced by jurisprudence.

Weaving cloth Up Of The Company

If the members of the organization are decreased below the minimal no . of members in the company, it can be traveling to be wound up by tribunal. It is just a compulsory weaving cloth up of a company.

For this the Registrar reveals a ask for weaving from the company. Today after that the tribunal will take any action against the firm on experiencing request as it can

  • Dismiss it, with or with out cost.
  • Adjourn the ability to hear conditionally or perhaps unconditionally
  • Make an interim buy that it believes tantrum
  • Place an order for weaving cloth up the organization

Implications of weaving cloth up by tribunal

  • O Intimation to established Liquidator and Registrar
  • Um Copy of weaving up order to always be filed with all the registrar
  • U Suits stayed
  • O The courtroom addition legal power to amuse

1 ) Any match against the firm

2 . Any claim manufactured by or up against the company

several. Any application made under sec. 391 for through media with creditors and members

some. Any query of precedences which may begin in class with the weaving from the company


Mercantile Legislation -by In D Kapoor

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hypertext transfer protocol: // procedure-for-incorporating-a-company-in-india-1390673. html code

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