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“I Loved You” , Pushkin One of the most preferred subjects of Pushkin was love. “Love and a friendly relationship are well-liked subjects from the authors, and the reason that produces him completely happy and unfortunate. The color of his poetry, especially in appreciate poem, is the beauty of humanity”, explained Belinxki.

Probably the most famous poetry of Pushkin is We Loved You. When he lived in Petersburg, Pushkin usually met people fond of art in the President of the academy of art’s home, and the most significant reason was to meet little girl of the owner named A. A. Olenhia.

In 1828, in summer, Pushkin suggested her, nevertheless she don’t accept. In 1829, this individual composed a poem relating to this love. The poem can be divided into three sections just like showing his love, credit reporting his true love, and blessing to get the girl that he liked. Love poems of Pushkin were via his true emotions wonderful own experiences. Therefore , this individual could reveal the real emotions of human being souls. “I Loved You” poem built a huge sentiment because it confirmed spiritual beliefs of human being: the real appreciate in every simple term. The refrain “I Adored You” is the main tone in the poem.

In the beginning of the composition is the chorus “I liked you” that showed his real take pleasure in from his faithful love. “I adored you” is merely simple words and phrases, but they have got important which means and top secret that he could talk in his poem. In the 1st four sentences, he confirmed that having been still deeply in love with Olenhia. Nevertheless , he wanted to step back because he didn’t desire to annoy Olenhia. In the last 4 sentences, he showed the different levels of like, and this individual confirmed his faithful appreciate for Olenhia: “I loved you, and maybe I love you’ll still, The fire, perhaps, is definitely not extinguished, yet”

What slowly, take pleasure in poems profound, discreet. An assertion combined with a little concern phase, cautious with the terms “perhaps”, “not extinguished, yet”. Another version came with what “may” and “fire maintain, ” Using a negative term nature, “is not put out, yet, ” the musical character stated a appreciate, a passion for using the look of quiet, persistent, lasting indication of feelings, of a loyal heart, not really the spontaneous passion exhibited and pale right there. And right after that, poetry immediate switch signal: “It burns up so gently within my personal soul

No more should you feel distressed because of it. ” The next sentence reveals the peace of reason, the pent-up emotions. The phrase “no longer” defined emphasized: ought to put out the fire of love, prevent for the woman to take the time. Poetic like a word help remind thought, a self-consciousness of his like and interior speech as well as a full young, respectful while using girl’s heart and soul. But in back of the words calmly, properly was how feeling, how the detailed aspects of love: the bitterness of destiny since if love does not provide happiness, joy that is thus disturbed, misery for the one you love, love should certainly end.

Love can stop for most reasons, yet reason with full of gentle, respectful and noble that way, not all females can get it. If the initially four verses, emotions tend to be overpowered, oppressed, was the dominant reason, in two compared to later, the outpouring of emotion circuits, does not adhere to the requires of explanation, confirmed a powerful love not conceal as well as the chorus “I loved you” is repeated a second period: “Silently and hopelessly I loved you, At times also jealous and at times too shy. Breathing more quickly with the expression “at times” was repeated two times, identifies the state change love deeply, overwhelmed. Personas reveal honest lyrical heart and soul: a like “Silently “, “hopelessly”, provides reaffirmed quiet strokes, just strong persons do not expect, likely strong new cast this situation unilaterally. But even so, their like still takes place with all shades of eternity: silent suffering, pleasure, despair, timidity, jealousy tormented.

Two verses nature revealed to uncover the tiers of mental complexity which is bottom with the deep human soul, following your crust of words smoothly, calmly stated through a vocative, looks calmly withdrew timid, through the sense of trying to suppress emotional compression, suppose that the love not back off instead of being strong burning. The very last two paragraphs also answers, flashed illuminate a humane values?, a noble cause for the lovely man: “God grant you will find another who will love you

As tenderly and honestly as I. ” The feeling which is cumulated is released and spurted away. The expression “love you” is repeated the third period with a great affirmation of the nature of this relationship genuine, fervid. In Russian the verb inches love” often be unfinished tight, that means the flame in the author’s center will be by no means off will be never reduce. Sincere, fervid never reduce was the root of this lofty love. That explains for what reason lyrical persona had mild manners, treat, cherish the one you love.

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And the end with the poem, the lyrical character had a holy blessing, forgiveness. The unanswered, unreciprocated, unreturned love which is always despair, leads persons become self-centered, hatred. Yet , if that love originates from an honest, good, kindness cardiovascular system, even though getting rejected, people are still capable to have a magnanimous behavior. The composition describes a hopeless like, soak a tragic tone, although above all is a strong and noble human heart with a like not pay off.

Poetic terminology simple, obvious, no rhetorical measures over and above language message “I take pleasure in you ,. The poetry of the poem exudes in the sincere feelings, pinned pressurized, simple terms but packed with earnest, sensitive but strong, loving noble as Belinxki once explained: “Characteristics of poetry Pushkin is the capacity to detect instances of man aesthetic sense and kindness, sense can be infinite respect for human dignity since the boy of man. “

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