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Fmcg Phd Thesis

CONVENTIONAL PAPER – 2 MANAGEMENT Notice: This daily news contains forty five (50) qmc (question multiple choice ) questions, each question transporting two (2) marks. Make an effort all the questions. 1 )

In which competitive structure, below industry balance, Price sama dengan LMC = LMR sama dengan LAC = LAR condition prevails? (A) perfect competition (B) monopoly (C) monopolistic competition (D) duopoly 2 . In the Cobb , Douglas production function, given while, A K a Pound, the quantity of a b is corresponding to: (A) twelve (B) 100 (C) 1 1 (D) 3.

In the equation regarding National Profits, Y C S, the excess of cash flow over ingestion is represented by: (A) Y (B) C (C) Y T (D) Sumado a C 4. The long-run average cost curve usually takes the shape of: (A) Saucer (B) Inverted Saucer (C) Cone (D) Inverted cone 5. The four functions of facilities development within the PPP setting, namely, “Construct, Run, Possess and Sell-off” are commonly depicted by acronym: (A) CRPS (B) (C) (D) 6. START BOOM six. 8.

TEAM Organization synergy implies (A) More than in proportion growth (B) Less than proportionate growth (C) Constant growth (D) Frequent fall The two-factor model of motivation theory was propounded by: (A) Herzberg (B) Victor Vroom (C) Avoir , Lawler (D) Maslow An approach to study of companies that looks at an organization because composed of many inter , related parts making up a built-in work is usually: (A) Functional approach (B) Group approach (C) Systems approach several F1602 being unfaithful. 10. 10. 12. 13. 14. 12-15. 16. D) Oligopolist strategy An organization design that goodies the human methods as limited in capability and expects them to just restrict to offered roles, could possibly be called as: (A) Organic design (B) Proactive style (C) Useful design (D) Mechanistic style The laissez , accomplir leader is also known as: (A) Democratic (B) Autocratic (C) Free , reign (D) Tree , trunk Within the present circumstances and styles, which from the following transactions is perhaps the best: (A) Recruiting are expensive, whilst technology is cheap (B) Human Resources are expensive while Technology can be (C) Recruiting are cheap as technology is (D) Human Resources are cheap, whilst technology is definitely expensive BARS, Intra , mural activities, Bedeaux program and fantastic handshakes, correspondingly, refer to specific aspects or perhaps components of: Retirement (P), Performance Appraisal (Q), Wage willpower (R) and Welfare steps (S) as grouped in: (A) PQSR (B) QSRP (C) QRPS (D) PQRS High potential, but low performance personnel may be brand name as: (A) Stars (B) Question markings (C) Pups (D) Solution sheets The ultimate remedy for fingertips of an commercial dispute is definitely: (A) Joint management authorities (B) Trait� (C) Non-reflex Arbitration (D) Adjudication The opportunity to be observed given to every parts into a dispute is necessary as per the basic principle of: (A) Mutual proper rights (B) Shared benefit (C) Natural benefit (D) Natural justice Inside the valuation unit, V C1 / ke g, the growth factor, “g” is assumed to be: (A) (B) (C) (D) Growing Constant Dropping 17.

Actually zero When discounted cash runs, instead of undiscounted cash flows, are used in payback period computation to get a project, the resulting pay-back period is definitely: (A) Much longer 4 F1602 18. nineteen. 20. 21. 22. 3. 24. twenty-five. 26. (B) Shorter (C) Unaffected (D) Varying The industry beta is always: (A) you (B) one particular (C) 1 (D) zero Of the two similar firms of the same risk-class and with same operating income, one employs debts capital of Rs. 40 mn. Provided the tax rate of 30%, the importance of the all-equity firm shall be poorer, compared to that of the levered firm by: (A) Rs. 12-15 mn (B) Rs. one hundred and fifty mn (C) Rs. 1500 mn (D) cannot be explained A credit policy of three 30, net 60 days, suggests an annual rate of interest of, choosing 360 days? ear: (A) 90 % (B) one hundred and eighty % (C) 18 % (D) thirty-six % Multilevel marketing links (A) Producers, intermediaries, wholesalers and retailers (B) Producers, bulk suppliers, retailers and consumers (C) Producers, stores and customers (D) Makers and customers A personal interaction method of item promotion is: (A) persuasion (B) print out media (C) television (D) advertisement Digital marketing is definitely the “future” which can be facilitated by: (A) Consumer relationship management (B) Funnel management (C) Digital management (D) Internet and Technology A prices strategy that is used to selling price a product large at the time of introducing (A) Dual pricing (B) Penetrating charges (C) Price plus pricing (D) Skimming pricing Vividness, a stage to be maintained effectively pertaining to continuing in the market, relates to: (A) Environment supervision (B) Support life cycle administration (C) Logistic management (D) Channel administration The prime area of issue production design is: (A) Process quality (B) Energy maximization a few F1602 twenty seven. 28. 29. C) Easy workflow (D) Line controlling Production supervision in respect of sophisticated products including many outsourced components, must be fashioned like: (A) A built-in supply string management (B) An independent development function (C) A mix of fragmented production lines (D) A mix of outsourced activities In assemblage , collection balancing, reducing the number of job stations is not favored if it: (A) Reduces Idle time (B) Reduces work time (C) Increases work time (D) Has no impact on idle time The residual part in a time series under the multiplicative model can be separated in: (A) Con T S C (B) (C) (D) Y TSC TSCR TSC T H C Con 30. 31. In a queuing system, the queue shall continue to develop when: (A) Arrival charge exceeds services rate (B) Service price exceeds appearance rate (C) Poisson arrival pattern dominates (D) Nonproductive probability methods one The distribution in which the tails fulfill the horizontal axis only at infinity is definitely: (A) Typical (B) Poisson (C) Binomial (D) Dramatical The value of, bxy byx, is definitely equal to: thirty-two. 33. A) coefficient of determination (B) coefficient of correlation (C) coefficient of regression (D) coefficient of deviation Between these checks, the test that tests the equality of means when ever three or more populations are participating is: (A) “t” check (B) “Z” test (C) “F” test out 2 (D) test Even the best of LOS cannot be (A) Substitute for making decisions (B) Supporting of making decisions (C) Info mining and data digesting (D) Info recording and retrieving The net (WWW) is not written as: (A) WWW 6th 34. 35. F1602 thirty six. 37. 37. (B) Net (C) W3 (D) 3W „Spy battles? is a expression used in: (A) customer examination (B) competition analysis (C) attractiveness analysis (D) cool product analysis Attractive to a broad range of customers which has a kind of item uniqueness is called: (A) Market niche strategy (B) Best price strategy (C) Differentiation technique (D) Price leadership approach Establishment of fully- possessed new establishments and new operation performed by a business from scratch is: (A) Greenfield investment (B) International combination (C) Intercontinental acquisition (D) Cross-border buy Which of those is not an obscene motion? A) Permission sign in Brazil (B) A hearty punch on the in Switzerland (C) Doing anything at all with the left in Saudi Arabia (D) Thumb between second and third finger in Japan GATT has been replaced by: (A) OPEC (B) WTO (C) NAFTA (D) ASEAN Producing people activated to better creativity through a group process is: (A) Brain storming (B) Register method (C) Brain writing (D) Big , wish method Discover the peculiar one out of the view level of schumpterian creativity is regard to entrepreneurship: (A) intuitiveness (B) inventiveness (C) innovativeness (D) imitativeness Of these, the one that works with exploring new company opportunities is definitely: (A) Organization venturing (B) Business scouting (C) Business resilience (D) Business tycoons A practice by which organisations spot, encourage and soon-to-be husband entrepreneurs possibly competitive or perhaps collaborative, from among staff, is known as: (A) intrapreneurship 7 39. 40. 41. forty two. 43. forty-four. F1602 45. B) entrapreneurship (C) extrapreneurship (D) contrapreneurship One of the external causes for sickness in small enterprises is: (A) Entrepreneurial misconduct (B) Poor employee abilities (C) Lapses and leakages in financing (D) Competition and globalisation Find out from your following, one particular term extremely closely associated with personal ethics: (A) accountability and responsibility (B) thoughtfulness (C) integrity and honesty (D) belief devices Find out the main reason for firms building good ethics (A) Earning more profit (B) Building strong asset fortfolio (C) Prevent negative advertising (D) Gather shareholders support Financial chicanery could be eliminated and booked through promotion of: (A) Adherance to documented money transfers (B) Enactment of more regulations (C) Enhancing the severity of punishments (D) Code of carry out for Corporate Executives From the standpoint of private choice, minimal per capita carbon foot print effecting personal transportation alternative can be: (A) Community transport (B) Own car (C) Hired car (D) Auto rickshaw The plan that strives to achieve girls empowerment through gainful job persuits is definitely (A) Home Help Group Scheme (B) Home Shield Scheme (C) Single Lady Child Structure (D) Matrimony Gift System 46. forty seven. 48. forty-nine. 50. ——————— F1602 8 MANAGEMENT Daily news – II Answer you 2 three or more 4 a few 6 7 8 being unfaithful 10 11 12 13 14 12-15 A C D A B A A C D C A B B Deb D 18 17 18 19 20 21 twenty two 23 twenty four 25 dua puluh enam 27 28 29 31 B A C A D G A M D W C A C B A thirty-one 32 33 34 thirty five 36 thirty seven 38 39 40 forty one 42 43 44 45 A M C A D M C A B B A A B A D 46 47 twenty four 49 40 C C A A A being unfaithful F1602

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