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The Life of your Slave in the 1800s Essay

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The Life of your Slave in the 1800’s Life as a slave was really hard. As many as 5. 5 million slaves were working in The southern area of plantations inside the early to mid-1800’s.

There was two types of slaves, discipline slaves and house slaves. People think that being a property slave was easier but this demonstrates that theory wrong. Slaves had terrible environments, were separated from family and friends, and were occasionally beaten to death. Whites knew that slavery was wrong and immoral. Although, it continue to continued.

As being a field servant was not in any way easy. An area slave proved helpful from dawn to sun, but during harvest, they will worked a great eighteen-hour time. A field staff member was out in the field when the initially sign of sunshine shone until it finally was darker and uneven to see. Girls field workers worked a similar hours as men. Expecting mothers were anticipated to work before the child was born, and after the child’s labor and birth the woman worked in the field together with the child onto her back. Field workers lived in tiny huts with dirt and grime for a flooring.

These little huts gave absolutely no prevention of the frosty winter wind gusts. Slaves slept on rough blankets inside the shelter. After a day on a silk cotton plantation the slaves received in a series to have all their cotton acessed and acquire their daily food. The minimum quantity of cotton to be chosen in one working day was two hundred pounds. Around the age of 12 a kid’s work started to be almost the same as a great adult’s. The field slaves were observed all day long by a white person with a whip. If they were doing not build up to the anticipations, they were beaten and sometimes wiped out.

A benefit of a field slave, however , was that slaves acquired Sundays away and maybe parts of Saturday except if it was during harvest. The majority of house slaves were living under better conditions than field staff. However , residence slaves did not get Saturday off and generally attended house of worship with their owners. House slaves cleaned, prepared, served dishes, and took care of the children. Several house slaves lived in attics, closets, or corners inside the big house regardless if their families lived in the quarters. A cook’s day was long and hard.

A cook received up early on in the morning to cook breakfast time, and the time ended with cleaning up after dinner and gathering fire wood for the next working day. These slaves sometimes stole food in the owner. A family house slave a new better chance to learn how to read and publish. They often listened in prove owner’s interactions so these people were able to advise field slaves of the owner auctioning selected slaves and also other important things. Residence slaves do many other things like waited about tables, washed, roned, took up and put down carpets, swept floors, dusted furniture, hoed and weeded gardens, and collected the chicken ovum. They also took care of the infants allowing the master to do what ever they needed. Although residence slaves experienced more liberties, being a home slave was not much, if any less difficult than being a field worker. At the time, slaves were segregated from their family members and auctioned off to white households so that they can work as servants whether it had been in the domains picking organic cotton and cigarettes or doing work inside performing all of the home chores and practically elevating the children.

Slaves were probably to have experienced a family in which they were crushed horrendously in the event that they did not meet the objectives that the light folks experienced for them. Previously, society viewed slaves like they were not fully human being and shouldn’t be treated together. Like anybody else would say, it is very safe to say that having a existence of a servant in the 1800’s was not convenient. WORKS MENTIONED: http://library. thinkquest. org/CR0215086/dailylife. htm

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