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Adult education adult learning and research paper

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Excerpt from Analysis Paper:

In the field of education there are many differentiating characteristics a learner can have. Among the attributes that each learner has is the style in which 1 learns concepts and concepts (Dunn Griggs, 2000). Three main learning styles recognized by psychologists happen to be visual, auditory, and kinesthetic (Dunn Griggs, 2000). Visual is that they style that focuses on a learner’s capacity to see, oral is experiencing, and kinesthetic is touching or a sense of items or an experience through movement (Dunn Griggs, 2000). Everyone has a mixture of these 3 learning styles and most scholars are most powerful in one of them.

When a novice, especially the, has problems in learning they are really experiencing a performance gap. A functionality gap can be described as lack of skills or know-how, motivation, or perhaps confidence that negatively influences how someone performs his or her job (Pershing, 2006). When an individual (learner) builds up a performance gap input is then important to fix the problem. Intervention can come in a lot of forms yet usually with the form of remediation through teaching and the educational process (Pershing, 2006). If an individual (learner) is experiencing a functionality gap Dernier-né Bloom’s overall performance model may be put to use.

Bloom’s performance model uses three learning domain names, cognitive, efficient, and psychomotor to measure if an specific (adult learner) is experiencing a gap in the or her level of performance. When the distance is details at the appropriate level it may then always be remediated to enhance the functionality of the collection job or perhaps activity and according to James Pershing “the emptiness or difference is often perceived as the difference between present or actual overall performance and desired future performance” (2006).


There were many solutions that could aid in aiding the mature learner have more success in the collegiate level. Two key solutions that may benefit mature learners have a professional and an educational mentor. First, the professional mentor can help to provide the adult who is planning to balance his / her life needs with the limitations required to achieve academia. Following, an academic mentor can help the mature learner to raised identify their performance gaps, and provide the extrinsic inspiration that may help the adult spanish student to become more intrinsically determined to succeed. For the adult novice is offered these types of remediation’s to help balance existence and become intrinsically motivated the opportunity for academic collegiate success will improve.

Long term Research

The writer believes several main issues can be a problem in the United states of america. The issues happen to be cyclical: the possible lack of educated adults in the staff, no job in the new “knowledge” society, and a increasing unemployment rate. Society is calling for even more educated adults and visitors to become long term learners who can help the Us transit through the fading services sector to one in which challenges knowledge, data, and technological skills.

The entire entire trouble could not be used. The choice was going to break the issue down and appearance at a major problem inside the bigger picture. I decided the fact that lack of educated adults were a major matter for everyone is usually society. The literature that we reviewed offers suggested the need for future study in the area of an absence of educated adults in the global workforce. All the articles have suggested more research is required and that the insufficient educated adult thinkers is an idea increasing steam as the economy aggravates and lack of employment continues to go up.

1 . Line up adult learners demands with college expectations

2 . Enhance education for adults as a medium to gain suitable skills for success in a global job market

3. Mentors for academic support

4. Advisors for specialist support

your five. Life equilibrium for adult learners


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Retrieved from

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