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Dear Mayor

Staying the Chief of Police to get Los Angeles, We am strongly concerned at improving all of the records, and the manner of employing and interacting with them. With this goal, I recommend computerization of all of the police records as the brand new system. Efforts toward computerization of all police information must start off early at this moment, considering the fact that other data have been computerized currently.

In the information age group, advanced technology can be taken benefit of without encountering significant risks. Many businesses have already relied in computerization, including banks, stores, libraries, and also other companies that have complex business processes. This fact has proven the advantages of computerizing every one of the records.

Preserving law and order is known as a difficult and has different facets. Even though, several jobs involved in police offices remain routinary or perhaps can still be optimized further more. These kinds of tasks, becoming performed repetitively, are prone to individual error, also when workers are already subjected to long operating hours and under psychological fatigue. On the other hand, unintentional mistakes could have been avoided by making use of automation.

In addition , instead of trading on personnel just to preserve records, man efforts could possibly be focused on more important aspects in the government. Instead of assigning people to execute tasks which a computer may do more quickly and more effectively, computers can be bought in place of employees that must be paid every month.

Information on fugitives, arrest records, warrants, absent persons, taken property, and alerts in accordance with terrorism threats must be readily accessible to the law enforcement officials, so the fastest manner of upgrading, storing, and accessing info is desired. To reply to this concern, a database is an appropriate option because it is where info can be stored and then be arranged conveniently and conveniently.

The view of the data can be organized, unimportant details may be hidden from your view of a specific user who is performing a certain task simply, so that searching is more useful and more safeguarded. Databases are used in numerous applications, spanning almost the complete range of software applications. These are the preferred technique of storage pertaining to large applications with many users.

Databases can be managed easier than analog data (such as card catalogs). Moreover, considering that the data which can be usually recorded on paper would be converted to electronic data, loss of data and prodigalité is not really a significant problem anymore. In digital format, clones may be manufactured without sacrificing top quality, unlike replicating analog data (e. g., using photocopiers). Data can also be taken care of more easily in digital formatting.

In addition to speed, reliability is also a fantastic asset of having computerized data. In case the data will be standardized and even more centralized, redundancy is prevented. Seeing that transparency is increased throughout the computerization of police data, confusion can be avoided.

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Additionally, only certified people may access very sensitive data. Security levels must be placed in the computer program. The moment police data are already computerized, information would not pass to a lot of people simply to deliver info to one person because the purchase can be made through devices and could therefore guarantee privacy further more.

High total efficiency may be achieved in the event the computerization of police information is integrated properly. Moreover, in the event the relevant info are more attainable, tasks will be performed faster and more proficiently. Tendencies may be studied and population analysis can easily be attained using record methods and easily if data is central and steady, so executing criminal research would become faster.

Expanding specialized application may be expensive, but the same computer program is used for all the police channels, and it might be used for a long time. If some facets of the digital election procedure must be enhanced in the future, the present system works extremely well as a base instead of beginning everything from scuff. Consequently , the cost of labor (in conditions of time, strength, and money) is decreased in the long run.

Just before implementing the electronic program, studies has to be thoroughly done regarding the success of the system in genuine scenarios, dangers involved in rendering, and the price and benefits. Interested university students that have the relevant qualifications may be urged to take part in conducting the investigation.

Like any method of keeping documents, computerized records are still at risk of fraud. However , considering the fact that the processes happen to be standardized and centralized, errors and scam attempts happen to be detected more easily.

Computer sites may be used being a medium, but the system must protect on its own against id theft and vandalism. To minimize the potential negative influence of this new system, standards must be founded, and more laws against computer system crimes and breach of security should be strengthened. The private data can be protected before being sent, and decrypted following being received at the opposite end. Both the encryption and decryption methods can be performed conveniently using the software program.

Because of this go on to computerization, among the basic goals must be to make sure that every division/section in the law enforcement officials department comes with computers. However , secureness requirements must still be stiffened, and the gain access to levels of the law enforcement officials must depend on his placement and his opportunity of tasks. These types of measures might avoid not authorized access to sensitive data.

The particular data that must be seen by public. The system should also allow individuals “to very easily access and get several types of records, such as information on tainted cars, information on reflectivity of the gold firearms, domestic servant verification, and quick passport confirmation.  (“National Crime Records Bureau, 2007).

This method of storing info into digital format is not less secure than analog data. Both methods are prone to breach level of privacy, and accurate data security can only be performed if everyone involved in the process have taken care of their honesty as a person as they develop solutions to update and maintain the records, and the solution executed is complex enough to be deciphered by simply hackers.

This proposal is a good starting point to let the police as well as the people realize the benefits of automatic systems. Aside from the previously mentioned benefits of computerization of law enforcement records, different benefits that may seem less obvious at this point will certainly become useful.

Taking and exchange of information about criminal within neighboring claims would be even more plausible when other states also have decided to target computerization of police records. In the future, having a trusted police record may even present room pertaining to other essential transactions such as electronic voting. Consequently, continuing studies must be conducted to improve the assistance of the authorities to the people.

We must start the process of standardizing the way the criminal records are maintained throughout the state, in order to allow effective sharing of information and facilitating greater coordination to the higher-level.

I fervently hope that you share similar sentiments as well as the suggestions would be implemented. Thank you for your kind consideration.


“National Crime Data Bureau (2007) Microsoft Corporation. Retrieved Feb 24, 3 years ago from

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