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Information technology and its effects in working

I . t has a great effect on contemporary society today, changing lives of many people at school, home and at work. I am looking at just how information technology has already established a great result in working practices. Technology has changed the lives of both workers and employers bringing both advantages and disadvantages. The topic, which I will probably be looking at, is teleworking and what are the advantages and disadvantages to both the staff and the workplace.


Teleworking, sometimes named telecommuting, means working from home applying modern technology to hold in touch with your company.

Often teleworkers are centered at home but they can also function from telecenters and satellite tv offices. Heathcote (1998) says Teleworking involves carrying out function away from the office and communicating with the employer by using computer and telecommunications tools. Jobs may be relocated to places where it can be more attractive, more convenient or less costly to live.

At present, teleworking is most advanced inside the U. H. with only 3% of European staff engaged in teleworking along with an estimated twenty million globally. Predictions happen to be that by year 06\, the number may increase. Teleworking is facilitated by the the latest rapid advancements in the power of enabling solutions coupled with a significant reduction in their particular prices. These technologies contain e-mail, ISDN, PCs, high-speed modems and so on.

Tools Needed For Teleworking

To enable an employee to efficiently home based they need the ideal equipment to enable them to do so. That is why the correct tools are essential. Allow me to share the benefits of a survey conducted by (Http: 1)

99% of teleworkers have got a COMPUTER. Teleworkers request ‘financial compensation for damage on personal equipment (and home LAPTOP OR COMPUTER hard disk space)’.

95% make use of the telephone for business calls. Teleworkers ask for ‘an additional cellphone line to work on the web and talk for the phone’.

87% own a modem: 99% go surfing for exploration, retrieving details for their job and the email. Teleworkers request ‘cheaper net access/cheaper ISDN lines’.

Just 63% use a fax within their teleworking routine. Teleworkers obtain ‘lower telecommunication costs wanted to teleworkers by the service sector’.

Teleworkers also use: “

24% Photocopier

19% ISDN

4% Videoconferencing

3% Tools

Machines are usually bought from the employees themselves although at this point more and more employers are responsible pertaining to providing equipment for employees. This also includes costs for injuries and virtually any upgrades that might be needed.

Advantages and Disadvantages for automobile

Some staff find that the benefit of teleworking is they have flexible hours, they will still operate when they desire to but still be able to spend some time at home with the family and generally there normal home jobs. On the other hand some people teleworkers find that this can be a disadvantage as they are unable to independent work from family your life, which is a source of tension in your home as they are unable to talk to family. Working from home is additionally known to lessen stress of employees because they find that they will work better inside the comfort of their own home instead of in a occupied office environment. Although this is not always the case as being a employees realize that working at home can be described as distraction using their work particularly if they have children in the home that need them regularly. They also are becoming laid back and try to defer doing work as long as possible and do not have the enthusiasm that they can would have inside their work than if these people were working in your office.

Another advantage of teleworking is the fact teleworkers have the ability to work in groups and can do their interact by calling each other through telephone, email-based or fernkopie. Many teleworkers however don’t agree with this as they say that they can do not have enough support from the office or perhaps work mates and it is hard to contact them and communicate over a mobile phone. Johnson. M. (1997).

An additional is that there may be more work for employees. This is certainly a specific advantage for the incapable and people from other countries. Disable would you not normally be able to job can work after that own home without having to travel, that can be a problem and have all the gear that they need. This can likewise mean better work opportunities for individuals that cannot operate during typical office several hours.

Many employees benefit from not having to move abroad to function. This means that they save money on travel and leisure costs including petrol and car repairs. It also ensures that they use extra hours working a normal person might spend travelling to work. Continuous delays and traffic is likewise a regarded cause for stress and can help to make workers exhausted when they reach work.

A drawback for teleworkers is that they can be unsocial as they stay at home , nor get to meet new people or socialize with friends. However several employees say that they are glad that they need not socialise with colleagues particularly if they find it difficult to get on with persons and they work better when they terribly lack someone looking over their shoulder checking on these people Zabar. D. J. (2002).

Teleworkers have got less probability of being offered or having any additional bonuses this can let them feel less excited about their function.

Advantages and Disadvantages intended for the Employer

An advantage to business employers is that they can save on costs such as work area, electricity, heat and lighting. Although there is also costs to the employer including paying for interaction costs plus some employers will provide equipment for his or her employees too. Employers have also said that employees that who work at home generate better operate although as I have mentioned before this is not usually the case. Because employees turn into lazy when they do not have a supervisor to view them. An additional is that employers have adaptable staffing they can now make use of more experienced and even more knowledgeable personnel from around the globe.

A disadvantage is that it is difficult for employees to see just how well they are working and if they are putting their full amount of effort within their work “If I cannot see these people, I can’t control all of them. 

Also as info is constantly going to be dispatched through the Net the company is somewhat more prone to cyber criminals who want to metallic or look at their secret data.

What Would Boost Teleworking For workers

A review conducted by (http: 2) asked most of teleworkers what would improve teleworking to them. The results are as follows: “

10% claim they would prefer support in the office

23% say that would like more conversation with staff

30% say that they would like to have better products

37% declare they would like a better home working environment

I possess taken these results and still have produced all of them on a graph: “

These statistics were received via (http:3) Then i converted these figures in form of a chart.

Standard Statistics

These statistics were also received by http: three or more: “

In 1993 there were only 145, 000 persons teleworking, or perhaps half a percent of the staff. A year later this figure dived to 560, 000. Teleworking statistics were first launched in the Labour Force Survey in 1997 and have grown by typically 13 percent a year. Above the period 1997 to 2001, the total increase in teleworking increased by among 65 and 70 percent, with further development predicted.

Nearly all teleworkers happen to be men (67 percent), whilst they make up only 53 percent of the workforce. Teleworkers are mainly from the subsequent industry groups: professional; managerial and senior officials; and associate professional and specialized. Although the a sole proprietor are highly represented amongst teleworkers, their very own share is definitely decreasing.

Worldwide comparisons show that teleworking in the UK is just above the common for 10 EU countries covered by a recent survey. Philippines and Italy have the most compact proportion of employed people working while teleworkers, while Finland gets the highest percentage.

From the above it is evident that there are both benefits and drawbacks to the employee and the employer. Despite having disadvantages teleworking is still considered to be expanding worldwide and it has been predicted that it may carry on this.


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