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Recommended format to get a reflective log Dr Elaine Regan, Postdoctoral Research Connect, King’s College London This is certainly one of many opportunities, but it provides you with some idea of the types of queries that you can usefully ask yourself. Please modify this kind of format for your needs. Write a webpage (or two) for each program, completed by simply you in order of the periods.

Complete this info after every time you do some work with the study course. This includes the formal lessons, the related reading and any other preparation, such as work in groups.

Answer only the concerns that apply , nevertheless think carefully about whether each query applies or perhaps not. A Reflective journal/diary is not like an essay! In your notebook you think about the academic articles of the ASK course/workshop pertaining to your professional practice. It could be written in an essay-type writing, with an introduction and bottom line, or it can be a mixture of constant prose, notes, bullet details etc . The contents will need to (www. llas. ac. uk/resources/gpg/2395):? relate the content of a workshop and related reading to yours teaching and personal development support any claims you make with evidence and examples through your reading and from your practice? refer to information gained into your practice? consider the goal to try out fresh ideas and methods? identify the need for additional exploration of issues? identify longer-term development What would a great unsatisfactory access be like? Some only of content coming from a workshop and browsing? Little mention of the the workshop and related reading? Generalisations unsupported by evidence or perhaps examples of just how an insight or perhaps opinion came into being A satisfactory record entry could: Review (what happened in the course or some thing you tried form the program in your teaching)? Reflect (make sense of what happened)? Digest (absorb the significance of the learning event and link this with experience, actions plans or questions that you should explore further) Keep the subsequent page inside the front of your notebook to stimulate your thoughts and producing (taken coming from www. audiencedialogue. net/journal. html). Your name Session date Treatment number Program topic What did My spouse and i read in this session (apart from the notes)? What was one of the most interesting point I browse for this period (mark that above with an asterisk) , for what reason was that?

What were three main points I discovered from this session? What did I previously believe was authentic, but now know to be incorrect? What performed we certainly not cover i expected we have to? What was new or amazing to me? What have We changed my thoughts about, resulting from this period? One thing I actually learned from this session that I may be able to utilization in future is, I i am still not sure about, Problems that interested me a lot, and that I would like to analyze in more fine detail Ideas for actions, based on this session, What I most liked about this session was, The things i most disliked about this session was, Assorted interesting details I discovered in this session

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