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BBus20 , Examination III Review , Ch 10-13 Identity: ___________________________________________________________________________ 1 . While aiming to determine the effects of lighting and noise in workers’ production, which with the following located that interpersonal and psychological factors may significantly have an effect on productivity? A. Frederick Taylor B.

Elton Mayo C. Abraham Maslow D. Victor Vroom E. B. Farreneheit. Skinner 2 . Theories Back button and Y are most closely linked to A. Abraham Maslow. N. Frederick Herzberg. C. Douglas McGregor. G. Elton Mayonaise. E. Bill Ouchi. 3. Sue really wants to be nice, but she’s not, she has a A. roblem. W. motivation. C. morale. M. need. E. goal. 5. An internal drive that directs behavior toward aims is called A. a goal. B. a need. C. motivation. M. morale. E. an incentive. a few. According to Maslow’s structure of requires, a person who acquires a smoke alarm is usually motivated for this in an attempt to match the following will need: A. physiological. B. interpersonal. C. respect. D. secureness. E. self-actualization. 6. Each of the following can be examples of target assessments of an employee’s functionality appraisal besides A. a factory worker’s level of end result. B. range of units sold for a salesperson.

C. a ranking system to get an office member of staff. D. batting average for any baseball gamer. E. shooting percentage for the basketball player. 7. The major reason for building a labor union is the fact A. an organization has more power with administration than an individual. B. management always listens to groups. C. unions are good social groups. D. unions are socialistic. E. unions force companies to hire many folks. 8. To achieve its aims, management may use A. boycotts. B. hits. C. lockouts. D. picketing. E. all the above. being unfaithful. June functions at McDonald’s twenty hours per week being a grill agent.

She will probably be paid which of the subsequent compensation methods? A. Commission payment. B. Time wages. C. Piece wages. D. An added bonus. E. A salary. 10. When Sandy Johnson moved to a fresh job that involved more responsibility and an increase in settlement, she received a A. transfer. B. demotion. C. lateral move. D. horizontal move. E. promotion. 11. When William Wilson became a father he began to consider household items that were secure for use about young children. His new point of view is related to his A. over-protectiveness. B. determination. C. cultural class. Deb. reference teams. E. time utility. doze.

After analyzing its own assets and unique abilities, a firm is now aiming to determine what group of customers it may satisfy with a or service. It is in the process of choosing a A. creation strategy. N. target market. C. sales strategy. D. physical region. At the. product line. 13. When an organization hauls canned goods from the manufacturer to grocery stores, it can be involved with which marketing function? A. Obtaining B. Selling C. Transporting D. Keeping E. Grading 14. If the company market segments to a portion of people who have a certain lifestyle, the type of segmentation being used can be described as. behavioristic. W. geographic. C. topographic.

Deb. psychographic. At the. demographic. 15. XYZ Incorporation. is surveying customers as to what kinds of solutions they would such as the company to include. It is active in the marketing function of A. buying. B. keeping. C. funding. D. marketing research. Elizabeth. risk choosing. 16. Which of the marketing mix elements is the least flexible? A. Manufacturing N. Product C. Price G. Promotion At the. Distribution 17. Many people incorrectly equate promotion with A. advertising. N. selling. C. pricing. M. product developing. E. distribution. 18. Which will of the pursuing involves the physical controlling and activity of products in warehouse operations and in transportation?

A. products on hand planning and control B. transportation C. warehousing M. materials managing E. physical distribution 19. The financial value put on an object in an exchange can be described as. the price. M. the discount. C. comparable value. Deb. negotiated worth. E. nominal value. 20. Industrial goods such as timber, cotton, and iron happen to be classified being a. major products. B. materials. C. accessory equipment. Deb. raw materials. Elizabeth. component parts. Bus20 , Exam III Review , Ch 10-13 Key 1 . (p. 300) B installment payments on your (p. 304) C 3. (p. 296-297) D 5. (p. 296) C a few. (p. 302) D 6th. (p. 330) C six. (p. 340) A almost eight. (p. 342) C being unfaithful. (p. 335) B 15. (p. 332) E 1 ) (p. 378-379) D 12. (p. 369) B 13. (p. 365) C 16. (p. 373) D 15. (p. 365) D 16. (p. 408) E 17. (p. 409) A 18. (p. 408) D 19. (p. 399) A 20. (p. 392) D Bus20 , Examination III Review , Ch 10-13 Overview Category|# of Questions| AACSB: Reflective Thinking|20| Bloom’s Taxonomy: Comprehension|9| Bloom’s Taxonomy: Knowledge|11| Difficulty: Easy|4| Difficulty: Hard|4| Difficulty: Medium|12| Ferrell , Chapter 10|5| Ferrell , Chapter 11|5| Ferrell , Chapter 12|5| Ferrell , Chapter 13|5| Learning Aim: 1|3| Learning Objective: 2|4| Learning Goal: 3|4| Learning Objective: 4|5| Learning Target: 5|2| Learning Objective: 6|2|

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