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Dependencies and Network Diagram The network diagram is known as a schematic rendering showing the sequence and relationship/ addiction of the jobs along with their duration. All the tasks, except the first as well as the last, happen to be linked with in least a single predecessor and successor to have a proper pattern of work. This kind of logical addiction between the tasks will identify afterwards the duration of the project.

There are 4 types of dependencies which define the relation between pair tasks Finish-to-start (FS- the second job ‘successor’ cannot begin before the first ‘predecessor’ is completed), Finish-to-finish (FF- the completing the replacement, beneficiary depends on the completing its predecessor), Start-to-start (SS- the start of the successor depends upon what start of its predecessor), Start-to-finish (SF- the finish from the successor depends upon what start of its predecessor). Critical Path

However the duration of the project is worthless without identifying what is driving the project, why the project requires so long, what possible action is required to reduce the duration or what possible risk may prolong the project, Among the set of activities interconnected on the diagram, there is always one particular longest period path via start to end of the project travelling throughout the network, Carmichael D. (2006, p. 51). This greatest path is usually known as a crucial path driving the project duration and everything tasks dropping on this path are called crucial activities.

Any delay which occurs in these critical activities is going to delay the project finalization time too. The crucial path analysis is carried out in three steps. The first step includes forward pass which calculates the early schedule (earliest start some earliest finish time of a task). If a schedule activity has several predecessors, their early start off is governed by the early finish moments of the previous activities whichever is maximum. The second step is the backwards pass which in turn calculates the late schedule (latest start and latest finish moments of a task).

If a schedule activity has one or more heir, its overdue finish is governed by the late begin time of the succeeding actions whichever is usually minimum. Finally the third step calculates the overall float and free drift. It is therefore critical to have addiction between set of tasks in order to analyze the duration, essential path and critical activities of the project. Critical course helps the project crew to finish the job efficiently and time. However critical course is energetic in nature and adjustments depending on the progress of work, Furniss B. nd Trauner M. (2010). Constraints Wysocki (2012, pp. 205-209) explains there are four types of constraints which every single one has appropriate area of app 1- Technological constraint This is a addiction in which the successor activity can begin with some result of the predecessor activity. In respect to Wysocki there are 4 types of dependencies below this technical constraint ¢ Discretionary constraint This is a judgment which may be introduced by project administrator to change the dependency among tasks and steer clear of further risk.

Discretionary addiction is often named soft logic, Kerzner L. and Saladis F. (2009, p. 167). ¢ Best-practice constraint This refers to earlier experience of the project manager or others in doing similar process to the present. In a few circumstance, dependencies which come from past experience are a part of risk-aversion. The dependencies vary from industry to industry either to faster production (SS) or to prevent risk (FS- mostly building construction starts off after the design is finished) ¢ Logical constraint

This can be a result of the project manger’s way of thinking or common sense to adhere to logical collection between pair tasks in such a way the reasoning is affordable and sensible. ¢ One of a kind constraint That occurs generally when a specific/critical resource is essential for the execution of several responsibilities. 2- Managing constraint This constraint is imposed by the management and dependencies of tasks could be reversed into a better you ought to the need come up. 3- Interproject constraint My personal current job is a structure of student accommodation and has a particular requirement for the toilet being installed in the student areas.

This bathroom is called premade bathroom POD which should be created as a total standalone product with flooring and wall tiles, door, shower holder, water storage room (WC), bidet, hand wash basin, mirror, hair drier¦ off-site. The construction of the pods is a independent project. The pods will be, then, transferred to the web page, lifted with crane and installed in the building. Getting external brickwork blockworks on the main project can only begin after the delivery and installation of pod is finished (see attached picture). 4- Date restriction

This limitation preset a fixed start or perhaps finish particular date for deliverable to make that happen over a specific date. There are three types of constraints. The first as well as the most bothersome constraint that we exercised in the current job is the ‘on this date’. In order to energize all the energy services and proceed with all subsequent assessment and commissioning activities, we all (the contractor) needed to find out when the power will be provided/completed by the client. The client ordered the company to published programme of applying a constraint “on this date for power-on connection job.

We prepared the system accordingly and highlighted the consumer that the project will be accomplished on Times date from the day we all receive the power-on. Unfortunately the power-on could not happen within the specified day and ALL of the subsequent actions were afflicted. The series of work was totally unbalanced with problems to construe the plan resulting negative float. ‘No later than’ is the second constraint you can impose over a task to limit the most recent finish time it can be completed. This restriction can, too result bad float.

The next constraint is definitely the ‘No previous than’ which in turn specifies the first date a task can be finished but simply cannot result bad float alone. Conclusion Generally the combination of different dependencies and limitations build the project plan and constitute the network diagram which is a instrument to understand the sequence of work and critical activities in the project. Carmichel D. (2006) Project Organizing and Control London: Taylor , Francis Furniss, Brian J. and Trauner, Theodore J. (2010) ‘The Critical Path: Definition vs .

Understanding’, Construct, 19(1), [Online]. Available at: http://ehis. ebscohost. com. ezproxy. liv. ac. uk/eds/detail? sid=89b2f511-7e34-41db-8676-5d3f40f45afe%40sessionmgr10, vid=1, hid=3, bdata=JnNpdGU9ZWRzLWxpdmUmc2NvcGU9c2l0ZQ%3d%3d#db=a9h, AN=52161761 (Accessed: 05 Oct 2012) Wysocki, R. K. (2012) Powerful Project Management: traditional, agile, extreme. 6th edn. Indianapolis: John Wiley , Daughters, Inc. Kerzner, H. and Saladis N. (2009) Task Management Workbook. 10th edn. New Jersey: David Wiley , Sons, Incorporation.

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