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Launch of neural network composition

What do I actually expect from you?

1 ) Be prepared. About go through the materials in the textbook before the class. 2 . I will spoon-feed you with lots of queries!

These types of questions are created to arouse your interest and help you to discover most of the products by your very own thinking!

You will have fun by definitely participating in thinking and speaking about these queries. It will be a waste of your energy if you just want to passively pay attention to the answers.

3. Do the homework assignments by yourself.

You may discuss the questions along with your classmates.

But usually do not copy and paste!

4. Please Use Anonymous Feedback in IVLE! Tell me what you want coming from me!

What is the most important technology invented in 20th century? The digital computer.

¢How will the digital laptop process information?

The pc performs binary operations according to a list

of instructions (program)

Just how many procedures can the laptop execute in one second?

PROCESSOR speed of 2 GHz “ïƒ 2 billion (109)

What is the fastest acceleration of the supercomputer now?

China’s Tianhe-2 (2013):

thirty-three. 86 Petaflops (1015)

USA’s Cray Titan (2012): 18. 59 Petaflops

Japan’s K Computer (2011): twelve. 5 Petaflops

How many businesses can a pc (with 1 CPU) perform at any presented instant? ¢Only ONE! The operations are serial: one after one more!

The modern computers are so quickly that it may look that many programs are running concurrently even though only 1 is ever before executing in a given quick.

EE5904/EE5404 Neural Network

EE5904/ME5404 Neural Sites

¢Can computer system beat the human brain now?

¢Yes and No.

¢What are the jobs that the laptop can the fatigue human brain? ¢Playing chess”the Profound Blue defeated the world champion Garry Kasparov in 1997. ¢Solving equations!

¢But particular number of things that individuals can carry out much better than laptop! Can you list some of them?

Pattern recognition such as realizing one familiar face between a crowd! Half a century ago, artificial-intelligence leading, Marvin Minsky of ÜBER predicted that computers will exceed individual intelligence within a generation. Lately, he publicly stated:

” The world’s best computers lack the common feeling of a kid; they cannot even distinguish pet cats from canines unless they are really explicitly and painstakingly developed to do so. 

¢ Can laptop rival your brain one thousand years from now? Is definitely Terminator at any time possible? 9

EE5904/ME5404 Neural Networks

How about the minds of additional animals?

Are they likewise good at design recognition?

Pigeons because art authorities (Watanabe. ain al. 1995)


Pigeon in Skinner box


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