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Caribbean studies is definitely a fascinating subject for anyone to analyze but in order for one to really know what exactly Caribbean Studies requires, we must know very well what is the foundation its existence, the Caribbean. The Caribbean is a region consisting of the Caribbean Ocean, the islands (most of which enclose the sea) and the adjacent coasts. The region is located east of Central America, the southeast of North America and north of South America.

This region comprises more than 7000 islands, islets, reefs and cays.

The ‘West Indies’, the term used incredibly regular today was given to it by simply Christopher Columbus when clinching in Hispaniola in 1492, believed he previously reached the Indies (in Asia). This arrival shaped the very existence of the Carribbean and most particular its consumers. Knowing the history of the Carribbean region moves a long way toward understanding its people. Every single island includes a unique ethnical identity molded by the European colonialists, the African heritage of slaves, and the everlasting legacies of the native American indian tribes.

This kind of rich background its long lasting influence is defined against a backdrop of crystal clear waters and never ending sunshine. Just knowing the record is just the idea of the banquise. To understand the diversity of each and every island, all their distinctive physical, political and socioeconomic difficulties must be reviewed as well as all their geography, prevalent historical encounters, participation in the global community, not forgetting the diverse ethnic and racial groups as well as the continuing struggle for endurance and sovereignty. This is why Carribbean Studies is important.

Almost all the hawaiian islands except for the actual small kinds are self-governed so each of them exist on their own, so why can we study all of them? According to the geographical arrangement and many importantly, the settlements that had been made after Columbus, the Caribbean island destinations were seen as you big unit that would give liquidity to get Europe. Every single island stocks and shares a commonness of how these people were colonized, how they fought for being independent and just how they are preserving themselves to compete with the international industry.

For a individuals to know where they are going, they must know wherever they originated from, who they are right now in order to form their future. Many different incidents took place inside the islands that changed the hawaiian islands and their people. It is viewed throughout background that the Caribbean people fought for long lasting wanted from your Indigenous people to African slaves for flexibility to the Dark-colored citizens pertaining to independence of colonial regulation.

The freedom of Haiti in 1804, mobilized the other countries in and around the Caribbean to fight for freedom. In Grenada, through Friend Eric Matt Gary, the girl got her independence once very long debates. Freedom enabled the hawaiian islands to be self-relying to make decisions on the owns so the people today can choose what they do on a daily basis. Because of what happened many years ago, we can appreciate these benefits. This is why Caribbean Studies is important.

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