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Behavior, Strategy

The habit to be analyzed is smoking. Around the associated with 13 is definitely when I probably had my own first cigarette. The behavior developed by a discovered behavior from the adults about me and peer pressure.

I can bear in mind many of the adult figures about me, much more the adult males, smoked cigarettes, and cigars. At that time when I was obviously a girl there was clearly not an age group limit upon buying cigarettes. My father, who ran his body and fender store out the car port in the garden would throw me and my personal siblings for the corner drugstore to buy his KOOL cigarettes. The 7th grade can be when the peer pressure began.

I remember coming the KOOL cigarettes away of my personal father’s pack and smoking cigarettes on the way to university with close friends. Smoking did not become a habit then. I had older sisters and always desired to follow these people. So when I was in high school they let me spend time with all of them. I smoked to pretend I was since grown because they were. It still had not become a habit. After high school about the age of 19 is definitely when it became a behavior. I transferred away from home and wanted to the actual things that grown-ups carry out. Because smoking cigarettes has shaped into a habit my body craved the cigarette smoking and this is what fed the habit and caused this to continue.

The habit ongoing until my personal 29th yr when I started to be pregnant with my daughter. The smoking cigarettes probably would have got continued through pregnancy, nonetheless it made me ill. The smoking cigarettes resumed after birth for the next 15 years. During the period after delivery I tried to stop smoking once or twice unsuccessfully, persuasive myself that I enjoyed smoking cigarettes and had not been ready to quit. It was the nicotine addiction talking to me. Most of my local freinds smoke and it was something we did together When comparing this behavior to the behavioral personality theory, it makes complete feeling.

The behavioral personality theory only relates to externally observable things. This kind of habit came to exist from viewing and seeing others. Aiming to do while others to fit in or perhaps be somebody different than whom I was at the moment, not knowing how addicting this habit could possibly be. As a person gets older the entire body does not enable one to continue the practices that were only available in their youthful years with no consequences. The consequence of aging begin taking over. Due to operant health and fitness this habit had to be transform. The effect of smoking in individuals with diabetes cause a high cardiovascular risk, Diabetic

nephropathy which causes renal disease, hypertension, and genetic predisposition. Every visit to the doctor reminded me from the consequences of smoking. Operant conditioning (sometimes referred to as a key component conditioning) is known as a method of learning that occurs through rewards and punishments to get behavior. Through these rewards and punishments, an association is done between a behavior and a consequence for the behavior (Kendra Cherry, 2013). This health and fitness caused me personally to quit this kind of habit. Initially I had to help make the conscience decision that this was going to be the finish of cigarette smoking.

The plan was going to quit smoking frosty turkey, I did not want to substitute 1 drug to give up another. My spouse and i no longer allowed myself to get cigarettes. If I had the to smoking a cigarette, I would get one from somebody else, preferably non-menthol or not my company so it would not be satisfying. All funds that was to be used on cigarettes entered a family savings. After half a year I had a savings of $360. 00. This is where the operant conditions plays a part, that was a great reward. This was a tough habit to alter but not since hard?nternet site thought it would be.

Like any habit or craving I believe anybody has to make the transform. People who “relapse make the conscience decision to stay the behavior. Social cognitive theory (SCT) refers to a psychological type of behavior that started primarily from the function of Albert Bandura (1977, 1986). It absolutely was first designed with an emphasis on the cognitive method or acquiring knowledge of interpersonal behaviors, social cognitive theory continues to single out that learning happens within a social setting and that much of what is discovered is bought through watching others (The Gale Group, 2013).

Cognitive-behavioral theory (CBT) refers to the basic principle that the person’s awareness play a considerable and important role in the creation and repair of emotional and behavioral responses to life situations. In CBT models, intellectual processes, by means of meanings, decision, appraisals, and assumptions linked to specific existence events, would be the primary determinants of one’s thoughts and actions in response to life events and thus either allow or keep back the process of adaptation (A. Antonio Gonzalez-Prendes and Stella Meters. Resko, 2013)

After understanding both the interpersonal and behavioral cognitive hypotheses, I believe the cognitive-behavioral theory has the many influence in the makeup of my personality. The cognitive behavioral theory comes into play once i am trying to reach self-actualization motives since described in Maslow’s structure of needs. I tend to respond on feelings in most situations, which will both enable or hold back the process of adaptation. In summary, I was finding that studying the different theories of behavior is giving me a better comprehension of the way persons act and think. This hase been a very useful class.

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