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Rachel Lee Prof. Goode English language 190 October 24, 2012 Teen Mom: An Evaluation Don’t worry, everything is going to be fine. You’re only going to have to change the rest of your life.

A large number of people think teen pregnant state is highly unlikely, until, very well, your tummy starts to carry on growing outward. The MTV demonstrate, Teen Mommy, takes us into the lives of four pregnant teenage women who face the challenges as well as the struggles of obtaining a child early in life.

Many people might are at odds of my perspective and admit this display is completely useless and just shows couples with no idea what they’re undertaking, but for me, I believe that the show is an enjoyable yet positive influence that brings out a visible reality of teenage being pregnant, a pregnant state that can replace the rest of your life. One day back when I was about sixteen years of age, I was flicking through the stations and came across MTV’s Young Mom. The very first thing that I realize about the show is the fact it is a fact t. sixth is v. show, which can be the type of show I can usually get into.

There might be some parts that are processed, but truthfully what truth t. versus. show today isn’t relatively a little scripted? At first, the show got no impact on me. It had been something I might only watch for around ten minutes then I would change to another funnel, but before I knew it I had developed already observed all the months of it. Now Teen Mom is a guilt ridden pleasure of mine. So what makes this present so easy to watch, and why will i like it a lot now? To start with, it’s not a show where you have to watch the earliest episode plus the next a single picks away where the pervious one kept off.

You could watch any kind of episode and understand what was actually going on. Another reason is that the show is indeed relatable because it is happening to girls whom are around my own age. I do think back to my own group of close friends when watching the show and just think about what it will be like to have one of them on it. Also, the idea of the demonstrate is very straight-forward. A girl gets pregnant whilst she a teen, she loses friendships, your woman loses her education, your woman loses funds, and she gains frustration from her family. Then you definitely try to see just how she copes with what happened, and how the girl continues to live her lifestyle, but this time having a child.

One more thing that attracts me to it is i am a sucker pertaining to cute little ones, and the display focuses not merely on the lives of the couples but also on the kid and how they develop throughout the parents’ struggles. I believe which the show frightens teens together with the reality of getting a child. I believe this present could be very practical for people who happen to be in the same situation because the people on the program. I think this show was made to bring about peoples’ knowing of the issue on teenage motherhood. To me, I think this was the purpose of the present, so the present has usefulness.

I think the show does a good job to be aesthetically pleasing. Rather than just focusing on one couple who undergoes the struggle of teen pregnant state, they show the lives of four couples from around the world therefore you get a big difference sense of how different people manage this. The couples vary from being well rounded and proper southern teenagers to teenagers who have no filtration system on their lips and no self-discipline in their lives, which is a cause the present is enjoyable for me. Every single episode is never the same.

You can some new event going on inside the lives of these teenagers, whether it is a positive event or a bad event. Lifespan of these young adults seems to be an up and down rollercoaster that by no means stops. There is meaning to this show which is to inform persons about young pregnancy so they will prevent it, and through the shows you see these teens learned that lesson, nevertheless learned this too late. Ethically, I believe which the show truly does bring about morally wrong decisions. One of the main females, Amber, can be considered an damaging wife with her husband, Whilst gary.

Throughout the time of year she is viewed hitting, sloshing, pushing, and verbally mistreating him. When ever things go downhill, the girl seems to take it out about him looking at their child, Leah. Also one more woman, Farrah is seen in countless fights with her mother, some involving your punches to the encounter resulting in black eyes, and so domestic assault and mistreatment seem to be a concern with the demonstrate. Also, an additional woman on the show has a father who is seen in and out of treatment and penitentiary due to medications. The father is said to include abused his wife through the show.

With this staying said, there are some obscene occasions that do carry on throughout the demonstrate that could offend some audiences. If you’re looking for a show that goes into the glamorous lifestyle of a famous friends and family or couple, this might not be the show for you, but if you would like a show that provides an entertaining look into the lives of your average teenage couple who deal with an everyday have difficulties, I would recommend this demonstrate. Some people could see the demonstrate as a humor, but underneath it all it gives them hard and scary truth about what it would be love to be a young mom.

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