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1 ) There are both advantages and disadvantages to social networking sites at work. The main positive aspects include facilitating communication among employees which in turn helps to improve information transfer.

Another crucial advantage to allowing social networking in the workplace is it increases business contacts by simply allowing an easy platform to communicate with prospective customers and companions. The Contemporary society for Hrm website, demonstrates my last point about why social media is beneficial at work, they express “It boosts business standing and clientele with minimal use of advertising and marketing. As social media sites continue to achieve a huge amount of users, it has become more efficient for companies to set up internet pages on these sites then to work with traditional varieties of advertising. Developing a company site on Facebook or myspace and Tweets allows businesses to advertise free of charge while appealing to more potential clients then they at any time could. In addition there are a few down sides associated with permitting social media sites in the workplace.

First, social websites exposes users to unsolicited mail and virus attacks coming from hackers which may harm a company’s technology and infrastructure. Second, allowing employees to work with social media sites brings the possibility of unfavorable attention since employees really are a direct extension of the firm. Inappropriate vocabulary or articles on an employee’s page could be detrimental to that person’s company. The final drawback to allowing social media in the workplace is it may potentially result in loss in productivity if employee’s misuse there liberties. ttp: //www. shrm. org/TemplatesTools/hrqa/Pages/socialnetworkingsitespolicy. aspx 2 . Considering both advantages and disadvantages, I do believe employees should be authorized to access social websites in the workplace. Social networking websites just like Facebook and Twitter can be hugely beneficial to companies that are aiming to connect to even more customers and opportunities. Likewise, many of the cons of social networking in the workplace could be remedied by placing rules on how workers can make up to these sites.

For example, employers could restrict workers from looking at Facebook over and over again an hour, likewise employers can restrict workers from adding certain content material on there online communities especially things that could be damaging to the business. 3. To ensure that employees are certainly not posting whatever could be harmful to the business, employers should monitor actions on networking communities. However in the event that an employee uses Facebook or Twitter for personal reasons rather than business reasons, they should certainly not be susceptible to monitoring.

For the people employees which experts claim use social websites for job, monitoring is essential because content spreads speedily on social media, so negative content must be deleted prior to possibility of widespread outrage. four. When I am on the clock, I do not really use online communities like Fb and Myspace because I do not even make use of these sites while i am off the clock. I actually do not presently operate a Facebook or Twitter page for personally so I you don’t have the temptation of wanting to check that during job.

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