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The greatest issue about studying Narrative in the Life of Fredrick Douglass is that there are many and interesting themes to master from. Throughout Douglass’ account he educates us various lessons and motifs, but one thing that stays frequent is his belief in the fact that all women and men should be of the same quality, with equivalent rights without any constraints to his or her own individual flexibility.

The treatment of Douglass himself plus the other slaves he individuals was not bearable and underneath such horrible circumstances that after reading his autobiography, it really makes me personally wonder how many other types of things various other slaves needed to endure during their experiences.

Narrative of the Existence of Fredrick Douglass displays its readers that although times can get extremely hard, people still regularly be hope even when you think there is certainly probably none. Probably the most important methods slaves had been kept in bondage was not simply the risk of physical brutality, alternatively, it was through deep and sustained ignorance.

Slaves were not allowed to read and publish and were therefore generally not aware of the events beyond the plantation, could not communicate with each other well to provoke rebellion or carry out escape ideas, and could not really reach the sense of self-sufficiency and pride installed from being educated. Literacy brought with it an awareness of the much larger world. This opened up prior to a servant the idea of rights and a knowledge of history. Browsing the Bible led to a truer knowledge of Christianity. Douglass was able to first build relationships abolitionism if he attained literacy.

He likewise became totally aware of the fact of captivity, he published “[Literacy] experienced given me a view of my wretched condition, with no remedy. It opened my eyes to the terrible pit, but for no ladder upon which to get away. In occasions of pain, I envied my fellow-slaves for their stupidity” (Page 56). Ignorance was thus a way for slaveholders to keep their particular slaves feasible, happy, calm, and articles. Once a slave moved further than such night into a universe filled with understanding, he was just able to perform what Douglass eventually do , try to escape from his connections.

While examining Narrative with the Life of Fredrick Douglass it is almost like reading about how precisely white males dehumanized their particular slaves. The first sort of this is displayed in Phase 1 once Douglass’ mother passes away. “Never having loved, to any substantial extent, her soothing presence, her young and watchful care, I actually received the tidings of [my mother’s] death with much the same thoughts I should have probably felt at the death of the stranger (Page 43).

This kind of quote points out that Douglass, like various other slaves, under no circumstances had most of any marriage with their beginning mothers. Considering that some slaves are removed from their birth mothers only some short years after they happen to be born you can easily understand why Douglass felt in this way. It’s really sad to read how a kid can truly feel almost no sentiment after ability to hear of such a tragic loss. We imagine if that were to take place to me and just how I would as well as can only think disheartened by fact that many slaves never got to include relationships using their mothers.

Another example of this sort of degrading behavior by the slaveholders is simply the way they scarcely feed their slaves. They anticipate so much work and co-operation from them and think that any amount of foodstuff, big or small, will help them to get their work done. Slaveholders instill in the minds of slaves that being unfed, whipped and called awful names is the foremost kind of lifestyle they will at any time have. These were horrible characteristics of captivity but had been well portrayed by Douglass in his life. According to Nathaniel L.

Rogers’ The southern area of Slavery and Northern Religious beliefs: February eleven, 1844 (Page 139), it can be explained that Douglass occurs to give a speech and also to tell his story to an audience who will be very anxious and doubtful about ability to hear him speak. However , we were holding very curious to see him. After giving his talk, which was very well received by the audience, having been asked a lot more questions and in addition they wanted to know more about his existence and quest through slavery in general. “There was wonderful oratory in the speech-but even more dignity and earnestness than what we phone eloquence.

Having been not up there as a speaker-performing. Having been an insurgent slave acquiring hold on the ideal of talk, and charging on his tyrants and bondage of his race (Page 141). Scanning this review makes me actually happy to understand that while he had an awful period as a servant, escaping and gaining independence was the smartest thing that ever happened to him. It is satisfying to read that others can think for Douglass, though not really come near to imagining what he had gone through, but having some sort of sympathy and realization that he and many more slaves are great human beings with inspiring testimonies to share regarding he flexibility they all should have. He shows us that although we all proceed through horrible points, there is always a silver coating and something being learned. Narrative of the Lifestyle of Fredrick Douglass has really taught me a lot about myself and about a whole additional kind of people who I really had no knowledge of. I truly think that Douglass makes his audiences believe in what stands for, every men and women must be created equal, with equal legal rights without any constraints to his / her own specific freedom. This autobiography contains a lot to train a person and I could recommend this to any person.

It is carefully enjoyable and is also the kind of publication that makes anyone looks past only the text. That makes you think about your very own life, putting it in perspective and realizing precisely what is really important. It is an interesting history that not many have heard themselves and really find out little about its theme. I suggest to anyone who wants to read this narrative that they continue to keep an open mind no matter what their particular previous landscapes, religious or not, are incredibly that they can completely understand and acknowledge this individual’s journey through slavery.

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