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Introduction to Business Samsung Firm From a small export business developed in Daegu, Korea, Korean has grown and turn one of the world’s leader in the electronics industry. The main specialization of Samsung korea is digital appliances and media, semiconductors, memory and system integration. The market segmentation of The samsung company is giving them a firm commercial advantage.

Samsung korea is segmented according to demographic segmentation, that contains dividing the market in groups based on different criteria.

The main criterias used by this company is age, cash flow and job. Using this standards they tend to become leader in technology industry as they give products for each group of consumers. Also they are employing psychographic segmentation that is the research used to better understand buyers, according to their lifestyle, individuality and the key values they have.

Another procedure used by this business is Positive market segmentation that consists of studying the rival products that are required in the market also to compare the high quality and value, to understand what the customers require and what products could they insert in the market to fulfill the customer and also to increase the confidence of customers in the company. This tactic is one of the strong points of the company as they research the activity of Apple Corporation and other competition.

Using the accumulated datas they will know better what kind of products could they give to different categories of consumers. The motto with the company is usually “Inspire the World, Create the Future, via it we could deduce that the main purpose for them is to satisfy the customers desires and also to achieve a large revenue. An additional strength that will bring Samsung in the top world’s brands is the fact that that Korean is totally dedicated to give their customers a wealth of opportunities to rich all their full potential. The globalization process intended for Samsung’s technology businesses made its debut in the early 1980s.

So they became a part of The modern world that has brought new changes and in order to global business and Samsung has replied with competitive products and continuous innovation. This could be proved by simply studying the worldwide with regard to different products. For example the globally demand for mobile phones was unbelievable 1 . your five billions this year, Samsung made up 330 million of those products. This proves the strength of the organization as a globally leader for different goods while notebooks, mobile phones or cameras.

Investing directly in activity that spurs economic growth helps Samsung to achieve increased income potential and maintain The samsung company brand among the most well-liked in the world. Their position in the market gives these people the opportunity to achieve new levels, one of them is definitely their strategy of achieving $400 billion dollars in income and become among the world’s five brands by simply 2020. Samsung’s Chairman Shelter considers that Globalization is the key for upcoming growth, employing this idea this individual created a fresh strategy to accelerate Samsung’s globalization through developing a pool of global managers as strategic advisors for The samsung company Group.

Korean strategies may differ for each control market. In India their very own strategy is usually to be a across the country distributor and retail occurrence in the home consumer durables market. As well they use diverse advertising methods to promote goods, for example Korean has been associated with the Lakme India Fashion Week for its Cell phones. The company applied this program in 2006 to start a new variation of cellular phone the D-500, that started to be after World’s best mobile phone in the Indiam market.

One other strategy may be the strategic complicité between Korean and other around the world recognized organisations, for example in 2007, Samsung korea established a joint venture with Limo for developing a Apache platform, likewise they Co-developed for mobile phones and DVB-H standardization alternatives with Nokia. Samsung is usually investing money in different firms that could make them to provide better technology to consumers, by way of example investments in shares of US structured firm devoted to HDD technology (Integral Peripherals), or investments in operator of telecomunications systems in Chile (Entel).

Different strengths of Samsung would be the design, successful advertisement and market interaction, an actively coming out with new models and branding since Samsung can be ranked seventeenth among global companies this summer. A strong point for Samsung is that comprises from several business units, the most important is Electronic digital Industry one which brings the most revenue pertaining to the group (65% in 2011), Anatomist and Weighty Industry and Financial Services.

The moment Samsung Gadgets rushed the first smart phone to market like a response to the debut with the Apple iPhone, several customers burned up the product around the streets or hammered to the bits in public places displays of disaffection. Problems ranged from fallen calls and heavy touchscreen to repeated auto-rebooting and a lack of applications. This is some weakness for Korean that they can certainly not keep up with the innovations coming from Apple and also other rivals, regardless if they make an effort to show the opposing.

The biggest danger for The samsung company is the global patent struggle, between them and Apple, since Apple considers that Samsung copied it is iPad and iPhone. Another threat is the fact that that Samsung korea created a big variety of phones into the market so that can result in a reduction in the demand achievable goods at a later date. Samsung provides a different marketplace approach since it offers to customers a much bigger range of products. As their previous successes, they look further to explore and develop fresh activities, because health, medication, biotechnology. Recommendations 1 .

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