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John proctor and david hale good person vs good c

itizenJohn Proctor and Ruben Hale- Good Citizen or Good Person

In The Crucible, Arthur Callier portrays the two main character types, John Proctor and Reverend John Good as good guys.

The term good men in this enjoy is ambiguous. Reverend David Hale was obviously a good guy in the sense of being the perfect and good resident of Ma in the 1600s. He was pious, adherent towards the laws and beliefs, and a good Puritan Christian. Steve Proctor, however would not be looked at the greatest citizen.

Having been not so religious, nor an ideal Christian, and was not so adherent towards the Puritans regulations and beliefs. However , he was still regarded as a good gentleman, as a person rather than for being an ideal Puritan citizen. He was very genuine, moral, loyal to his friends and family, and was generous. The major difference between the two are good resident vs .

good person.

The main trait to prove that Steve Proctor was obviously a good person was his honesty. In every scene in the play that John Proctor is in, his commendable honesty stands out. This didnt matter how much difficulty he would take himself in to, his philosophy was I might speak my heart (Miller, p.

30). Proctors honesty eventually bring about his problem and loss of life.

The initially incident in the play wherever we see Proctors honesty is definitely after the affair he had with Abigail. He realized his mistake and was honest and admitted it to his better half Elizabeth.

In the next condition where Proctor is engaged he explains to the Reverend Parris for what reason he would not like him, and it also gets him into trouble. This individual tells him, Can you speak one minute without we land in heck again, I am sick of heck! (p. 30). He is honest, yet bluff to his reverend.

While in court, Steve Proctor is actually honest to the judges. He admits his guilt of not being a spiritual Christian and says I have once or twice plowed on Saturday (p. 91) and this individual also confesses not going to chapel every On the. He also admits that he determined adultery and had an affair with Abigail.

His most commendable moment of honesty was when he was on death row and would rather pass away than concede and rest.

Proctors values, and commitment also contribute to being a great person. If the marshals Herrick and Cheever came to arrest his wife, he tied to her to guard her, although she was accused of being a witch. He is bold by ripping up the cause, and risked getting arrested to help her.

He can strict for the officer of law and tells him youll leave her out of sight and out of mind, mister! (p. 74). He openly curses the deputy chief of the servants, Damn the deputy chief of the servants! Out of my house! (p. 77) This individual makes a sacrifice to help his family instead of helping himself.

Proctor was a good man, even though not such a good Puritan Christian. He did not head to church every Sunday, and broke the Sabbath by plowing. This individual violated one of the ten tips by assigning adultery. He is a sinner against the meaning fashion of the time (p.

20), states the narrator of this play. Nor did he believe in all the Puritan beliefs and laws. This individual didnt believe witchcraft was invading the community, I have pondered if right now there be werewolves in the world though I cannot believe they come in our midst now (p. 69).

This is considered heresy towards the beliefs of the Puritan religious authority, and the Reverend Hale details that to be able to Proctor. Proctor did not have trust in the court docket system and clearly disregarded the official court warrant.

John Good was a very good citizen. He was a very pious Puritan, by the fact that he became a reverend.

Also, he was shocked by fact that an individual missed a day of chapel, and could plow on Sabbath becaue he believed a Christian upon Sabbath Working day must be in Church! (p. 51). He’s an expert during a call witchcraft, for that reason believing inside the existence of witches, since the Puritans did, and says we shall discover him away

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