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Birla Institute of Technology & Technology, Pilani Work-Integrated Learning Programmes M. T. Microelectronics for BITS Pilani Professional Expansion Centre, Bangalore Type of Input | Subsidized employees (with adequate work experience in Microelectronics area) which has a First Level of BITS or perhaps its equal | Duration| Normally Four Semesters| Exceptional Feature | This is a specially designed programme to meet your Resource Expansion requirements of varied collaborating agencies at Bangalore.

Organized classes would be held in Bangalore regularly. | Semesterwise Style Course Number | Course Title| Units| First Year First Semester| MELTI ZG573MELTI ZG512MELTI ZG511MELTI ZG631| Digital Signal ProcessingEmbedded System DesignDesign & Examination of AlgorithmsPhysics & Modeling of Microelectronics Devices| 3455| First Season Second Semester| MELTI ZG621MELTI ZG632MELTI ZG641MELTI ZG611| VLSI DesignAnalog IC Design CAD for IC DesignIC Manufacturing Technology| 5555| Second Yr First Semester|

MELTI ZG642MELTI ZG531MELTI ZG625MELTI ZG651| VLSI ArchitectureTestability intended for VLSI Advanced Analog and Mixed Transmission Design Equipment Software Co-Design| 4554| Second Year Second Semester| MELTI ZG629T| Dissertation| 20| Notice: This is the currently operative routine as approved by the Senate-appointed committee, be subject to change in the event the situation justifies. Fee Plan Application Control Fees Rs. 800/-, Entrance Fees Rs. 10000/-, Each Semester Fees Rs. 17500/-, Each Session BITS Specialist Development Center Membership Service fees Rs. 2500/-. Course Explanations MELTI ZG511 Design & Analysis of Algorithms a few Design methods such as divide-and-conquer, recursion, backtracking, branch-and-bound, ruse, Analysis in terms of average level and most severe level productivity, Relationship to appropriate data structures, Pictures dealing with challenges in laptop science, graph theory and arithmetic, Computational difficulty and bounds, NP-hard and NP-complete challenges. MELTI ZG512 Embedded Systems Design 5

Introduction to inserted systems, stuck architectures: Architectures and coding of microcontrollers and DSPs. Embedded applications and systems, power problems in system design, introduction to software and hardware co-design. MELTI ZG531 Testability for VLSI a few BIST, border sean, stuck-at faults, test generation algorithms for combinatorial logic circuits and sequential circuits, reasoning simulation and fault simulation, synthesis intended for test, constructed in self test out, pseudo-random test techniques, other test methods , IDDQ testing, boundary scan etc .

MELTI ZG573 Digital Sign Processing 3 Introduction, style of analog filtration systems, design of digital filters: (IIR and FIR), structures to get the conclusion of digital filters, unique signals and random procedures, linear estimation and conjecture, Wiener filtration, DSP processor chip architecture, DSP algorithms several applications. MELTI ZG611 IC Fabrication Technology 5 Materials properties, Very growth and doping, diffusion, oxidation, epitaxy, Ion implantation, Deposition of films using CVD, LPCVD and puttering techniques, Damp and dried out etching and cleaning, Lithographic process, System and outlet fabrication, Procedure modeling and simulation. MELTI ZG621 VLSI Design your five Introduction to NMOS and CMOS circuits, NMOS and CMOS processing technology, CMOS brake lines and common sense design, routine characterization and satisfaction estimation, Structured design and testing, Emblematic layout devices, CMOS subsystem design, Program case research.

MELTI ZG625 Advanced Analog and Merged Signal Design 5 Design of high speed comparators and Op-amps, analog buffers, different architectures of A/D and D/A converters, analog multipliers and dividers, style of PLLS, style methods for switched capacitor filtration systems sample and hold circuits, mixed signal design concerns, noise joining from substrate and its reduction, cross discuss and protecting, analog design techniques for blended signal designs. MELTI ZG629T Dissertation twenty

A student signed up in this course must have a topic within an area of specialist interest drawn from the at work work need which is simultaneously of direct relevance for the degree pursued by the student along with the using / working together organization with the student and submit a thorough report by the end of the term working beneath the overall guidance and advice of a professional expert who will be considered as the supervisor to get evaluation of components of the dissertation.

Normally the Mentor of the scholar would be the Dissertation supervisor and case Coach is certainly not approved since the supervisor, Mentor may play the role of extra supervisor. The final grades to get dissertation happen to be Non-letter grades namely Good, Good, Good and Poor, which do not go into CGPA computation. MELTI ZG631 Physics & Modeling of Microelectronics Devices5 Physics and Properties of semiconductor , a review, PN junction diode, bipolar transistor, Metal-semiconductor contacts, JFET and MESFET, MOSFET and your own, CCD and photonic equipment.

MELTI ZG632 Analog IC Design a few Basic concepts, BICMOS method and technology, current and voltage sources, Differential and Operational Audio receivers, Multipliers and modulators, phase-lock techniques, D-to-A and A- to-D conversion, Micropower circuits, High voltage circuits, Radiation Tolerant Circuits, Filtration system design things to consider. MELTI ZG641 CAD for IC Design 5

Introduction to VLSI style methodologies and supporting CAD tool environment, Overview of `C’, Data structure, Graphics and CIF, Principles, structures and algorithms of some of the subsequent CAD tools, Schematic publishers, Layout editors, Module generators, Silicon compilers, Placement and routing equipment, Behavioral, practical, logic and circuit simulators, Aids intended for test era and tests. MELTI ZG642 VLSI Structure 4

Overview of CISC processor architectures, Teaching set buildings of CISC processor, components flow-charting strategies, implementing microprocessor logic from hardware flowcharts, RISC teaching set structure, pipelined execution of RISC instructions, pipeline execution unit design, control hazards, design of memory pecking order. MELTI ZG651 Hardware Computer software Co-Design 4 FPGA and ASIC centered design, Low-Power Techniques in RT Embedded Systems On-chip marketing. Hardware Software partitioning and scheduling, Co-simulation, synthesis and verifications, Buildings mapping, HW-SW Interfaces and Re-configurable processing.

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