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August 28, 2010 Message from the President Management Emphasis on CSR Yamaha Company Group CSR Policy Group-wide Quality Management System Corporate Governan Compliance Group-wide Quality Assurance Composition Quality Management System Quality Risikomanagement Quality Improvement Measures More powerful Customer Support System Improving Convenience by Standardizing Customer Helpdesks Policies to get Retained Earnings and Comes back to Investors Proactive Trader Relations Initiatives to Promote Comprehension of the Company Addition in Socially Responsible Purchase Indexes

Pursuits for Employees Fundamental Policy upon Hiring and Employment Job-Tailored Training and Education Methodical Transmission of Skills Endeavours for a Better Work-Life Balance Assisting Could Careers Actions to Prevent Harassment Occupational Health and Safety Coverage Administration Projects for Business Lovers Fair Evaluation and Selection in Partner Relationships Survey of CSR Measures of Business Associates Contributing to World Through Sound and Music

Support for Aiming Young Music artists Hamamatsu Jazz Week Calling Schools with Lessons around the Science of Sound Environmental Management Environmental Management Campaign Structure Material Balance Desired goals and Achievements Environmental Accounting Management of Chemical Substances Administration of Chemical Substances and Reduction of Emissions Environmental Accounting (Environmental Accounting)Yamaha Group (Environmental Accounting)Resort Features (Environmental Accounting)Group Manufacturing Companies Located Overseas

Leading to Local Communities Donations reacting to the Sumatra Earthquake Yamaha Kakegawa Grand Piano Manufacturer Restarts Manufacturer Tours Third Round of Tree-PlantingShizuoka Contribution Activities by a Local Place Handmade Guitar Workshop in Cooperation with College Student Acknowledging Students pertaining to On-theJob Causing Training for Jr High School Educators Joining to Support the Society to Send Musical instruments to Producing Countries Around the world Countermeasures Global Warming Countermeasures Endeavours at Office buildings

Management of Water Solutions Effective Work with and Preservation of Normal water Resources Waste Management Waste materials Reduction and Resource Recycling where possible Environmentally Friendly Products Environmentally Friendly Items Conserving Wood Resources Environmental Communication Environmental Risk Management Environmental Education and Training Environmental Data (Environmental Data)Yamaha Group(1) (Environmental Data)Yamaha Group(2) (Environmental Data)Resort Services (Environmental Data)Group Manufacturing Companies Located Overseas Environmental Data simply by Site Environmental Data simply by Site)(1) (Environmental Data by simply Site)(2) (Environmental Data simply by Site)Resort Establishments (Environmental Info by Site)Sales Offices, Offshore Contributing to Sociable Welfare Proceeds from Musical Non profit organizations Support Children Marathon Fundraising in Support of Measures to Overcome Childhood Disease ISO 14001-Certified Sites History of Environmental Projects Management Focus on CSR Meaning from the President Management Emphasis on CSR Yamaha Corporation Group CSR Policy Group-wide Top quality Management System Company Governance Compliance Message from the President

Yamaha Group CSR Through organization activities founded on sound and music, the Yamaha Group strives to achieve their corporate target of “Creating , Kando*’ Together. ” Yamaha Group’s philosophy of management can be customer-oriented and quality-conscious, clear and sound, values people and is in harmony with society, and work to satisfy this philosophy in our activities. We consider corporate actions in positioning with this kind of philosophy to become CSR-oriented administration.

In February 2010, all of us established the Yamaha Corporation Group CSR Policy, a summary of the Group’s approach to CSR.

Based on this policy, we all intend to work as a whole to help promote CSR activities. *’Kando’ (is a Japanese expression that) implies an inspired state of mind. In April 2010, we launched our fresh medium-term administration plan, “Yamaha Management Plan 125” (YMP125), under which will we can aim to generate the footings for long term growth inside the lead approximately Yamaha’s a hundred and twenty fifth anniversary in 2013. All of us also founded a perspective for what Phazer should be: a reliable and respected brand, with operations dedicated to sound and music, and an achiever of growth through both services and products.

Promoting CSR-oriented management is known as a crucial component of our hard work to be a dependable and popular brand. CSR-oriented management because practiced by the Yamaha Group is distinguished by the reality we help the development of musical culture and the enrichment of society through our organization activities themselves, not as a great afterthought. By causing the most of Yamaha’s talents to provide products and services that gratify all consumers who appreciate music, we could contribute to the advancement musical nationalities and improve lives around the world.

In tandem, because the Phazer Group builds up operations on a global range, we believe it is important to do our part to cope with the issues experienced by local communities, and worldwide concerns such as climatic change and biodiversity. The Yamaha Group can continue promoting efforts to address social problems in a variety of ways, concentrating on those actions best suited for the particular character of our businesses. We is likely to make efforts to aid cultural and educational creation in every single region, employ raw materials more proficiently, and reduce the environmental impact of our development and production actions.

We will even support forest revitalization like a company which utilizes wood components to manufacture its products. 2010 CSR Record This money year, each of our CSR Survey includes features an effective using wood elements and tree-planting, representing Yamaha’s relationship to trees in our quest to acquire a sustainable world. We present examples of social contribution through sound and music, contributions to local areas, and environmental conservation initiatives, among others.

The policies and systems root these actions, as well as environmental data and other basic info, can be found in the digital variation of the statement available on Yamaha’s corporate web page. We welcome any viewpoints or suggestions you may have. September 2010 Leader and Consultant Director, Phazer Corporation Administration Emphasis on CSR The Phazer Group attempts to implement our business philosophy, follow sustainable organization, leverage the core solutions and assets and expand communication using stakeholders. Continuously creating , Kando*’ and enriching culture”that is the Phazer Group’s CSR. , Kando’ (is a Japanese expression that) suggests an inspired state of mind. Phazer Corporation Group CSR Policy , Each of our Aim is “Creating , Kando’ Together” The objective of the Yamaha Corporation Group is always to continue to create”Kando* and improve culture with technology and keenness born of sound and music, together with persons all over the world. Based upon this Company Objective, Yamaha conducts it is CSR activities according to the subsequent guidelines to further strengthen the bonds of trust having its stakeholders through its company activities and contribute to the sustainable development of culture.

You go through ‘Corporate Composition of Yamaha’ in category ‘Essay examples’. Yamaha delivers support to the people who want to perform music and people who want to savor it simply by contributing to the popularization and development of music and audio culture. 2 . Yamaha functions to maintain a wholesome global environment by understanding the significance of protecting the natural environment, retaining biodiversity, and reducing the burden on the environment, as well as promoting the proper make use of wood assets, and cooperating with forest protection actions.. As a “corporate citizen” that is a member of world, Yamaha leads to creating a better society simply by actively playing many kinds of actions that further more the development of the city and tradition. 4. Phazer complies with laws and high ethical standards, works to create an environment in which the personnel can draw completely on their sensitivities and imagination, and should build a business culture that will enable it to offer better products and services. your five.

For its shareholders, who support its corporate activities financially, Yamaha aims for a substantial degree of visibility by disclosing management details and engaging in active and sustained communication. For its organization partners, Phazer conducts orders fairly and transparently, undertakings to expand mutual understanding, and performs to build solid relationships of trust. (Established in March 2010) Company Governance Phazer seeks not only to pursue useful management also to ensure global competitiveness and a high level of profitability, nevertheless also to fulfill its cultural responsibility through fair and sustainable administration.

In keeping with it is corporate viewpoint, Yamaha can be working to develop an company structure and mechanisms to get management that could form the basis for transparent and superior quality corporate governance. Creating a Supervision Structure Throughout the Board of Directors and Executive Officials As of 06 25, 2010, Yamaha provides five directors, including two outside company directors. In order to increase decision-making by the Board of Directors and enhance supervisory functions, in fiscal 2011 we have decreased the number of directors serving together as executive officers simply by four, and added a single outside representative.

Outside company directors also act as members of the Corporate Governance Committees and serve to guarantee transparency of management decision-making. The Panel convenes once monthly in principle, which is responsible for the Group’s managing functions, which includes proposing Group strategy plus the monitoring and directing of business setup carried out by the divisions. In order to clarify duties, directors are appointed for a term of 1 year. Phazer also utilizes an professional officer system, with the purpose of strengthening consolidated Group supervision and organization execution features by partitions.

As of 06 25, 2010, the professional officer program comprises of sixteen executive representatives, including two managing executive officers, who also are invested in business or perhaps administrative categories dealing with essential management concerns. The business officers support the President, the chief officer in charge of organization execution. Handling executive officials, who serve concurrently because Company owners, are given to oversee the procedure of businesses and administrative categories, in accordance with the value of these duties.

In addition , five senior business officers oversee the entire Organization organization. Because group managers, they are responsible for the overall performance of crucial divisions inside the Company, and manage and direct within a manner appropriate for bringing the capabilities of each group to the conscience. An Examine System to Ensure Fair and Transparent Business Practices Yamaha is a company which has a Board of Auditors since defined under Japanese rules, and has worked to enhance governance functions by simply introducing an executive official system, and by preparing Corporate Governance Committees and an internal control system.

These kinds of actions, in conjunction with consistent audits conducted by the Company’s approach to fulltime auditors, combine to boost the effectiveness of governance. As of 06 25, 2010, Yamaha offers four auditors, including two outside auditors. In theory, the Plank of Auditors convenes once monthly. Based on audit ideas, auditors periodically perform thorough audits of all divisions and Group firms, and participate in Board of Directors’ meetings and other essential meetings including management local authorities.

Yamaha has additionally established a company Auditors’ Office (with one staff member since June twenty-five, 2010) as being a dedicated personnel for the auditors, to assure an environment good for performing effective audits. With respect to accounting audits, the suitability of such audits is determined depending on periodic progress reports through the accounting auditors of their audits of the Company’s financial statements. The Internal Auditing Division (10 staff members since June twenty-five, 2010) is under the immediate control of the President and Representative Movie director.

Its part is to carefully examine and evaluate systems pertaining to administration and businesses, as well as operational execution, for all those management actions undertaken by Company and Group companies from the perspective of legal compliance and rationality. The evaluation answers are then utilized to provide information for the formulation of suggestions and proposals intended for rationalization and improvement. In parallel, Phazer strives to enhance audit productivity by stimulating close contact and dexterity among the corporate and business auditors and the accounting auditors., Click to enlarge

Registration of Impartial Officers Phazer has listed outside movie director Haruo Kitamura and outsideauditor Kunio Miura as impartial officers relative to the fine prints of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Monetary 2009 Actions by Outside the house Director and out of doors Corporate Auditors Outside representative Takashi Kajikawa attended 13 of the 14 meetings with the Board of Directors saved in fiscal 2009. Utilizing his ample experience and substantial insight on your behalf director of the publicly held company, selection necessary statements as suitable during the thought of meeting agenda items.

Outside business auditor Kunio Miura attended 12 in the 14 meetings of the Plank of Company directors held in fiscal 2009. He also joined 12 of the 15 Panel of Auditors’ meetings, and made statements generally from his specialist perspective as an attorney. Outside corporate auditor Yasuharu Terai attended all 18 of the conferences of the Table of Directors held in monetary 2009. This individual also attended all 12-15 Board of Auditors’ group meetings, making assertions based mostly on his experience and understanding as a supervision executive. Exterior corporate auditor Haruo Kitamura attended 10 of the 10 meetings in the Board of Directors kept after his appointment.

He also joined all 15 of the Panel of Auditors’ meetings held during his term, and made statements primarily based primarily in the experience and insight like a chartered documentalist. Support System for Outside the house Directors and Outside Corporate Auditors For plan items at meetings from the Board of Directors and the Board of Auditors to be attended by outside administrators and corporate auditors, full-time personnel send papers and other components to the outdoors directors and corporate auditors prior to the meeting and offer explanations as necessary to enable them to perform a complete initial study.

When it is necessary, outside owners are also independently provided details regarding proposals and reports to be posted to the Panel of Owners. As for outdoors corporate auditors, with regard to additional material concerns, the Company strives at all times to keep up an effective auditing environment, which includes by providing information, supplying supplies, listening to views, and promoting research and data collection. Fundamental Notion of the Internal Control System

Yamaha has established an internal control program pursuant to Japan’s Firm Law and the Enforcement Regulations of the Company Law. Along with pursuit of the optimal corporate governance intended for enhancing both corporate value and the Yamaha brand, the business endeavors to qualitatively enhance the internal control system, in recognition that doing so will improve the efficiency of business activities, improve the trustworthiness of Yamaha’s accounting and financial data, and result in stronger compliance, asset soundness, and risk management capabilities.

The Yamaha Group has identified an internal control policy as being a specific assess pertaining to the Group-wide inner control system. In line with this kind of policy, the Company is standardizing the rules set up at its subsidiaries, and implementing Company-wide monitoring liaison committees in connection with the internal control system operated by simply corporate staff divisions, with all the goal of making monitoring actions more comprehensive. Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

From money 2008, Yamaha has embarked on the development of a Business Continuity Prepare (BCP), created to enable that to quickly resume functions in the event of a great earthquake in Japan’s Tokai region or other major natural problems that could damage its set ups or establishments. Yamaha features formulated its BCP Recommendations as a primary Company-wide policy in this regard. In April 2009, Yamaha founded and started activities by the Corporate Committee, chaired by President and Representative Representative.

In June 2010 the chance Management Committee began activities at all functional sites including Group companies, while adding the necessary systems and countermeasures in place as a solution to new flu stresses and various other risks. Conformity The Yamaha Group should achieve a advanced of conformity management not only by conforming with laws and regulations, but also through adherence to social rules and corporate ethics. Compliance Focused Management

Phazer began performing compliance actions in Asia in the year 2003 with the establishment of the Compliance Committee as well as the formulation from the Compliance Code of Perform. Revisions were created to the Compliance Code of Conduct in fiscal 06\, including upgrades regarding the forbidance of compelled and child labor, and other information necessary for Group Corporations with international business hobbies in order to help the establishment of any structure suitable for global organization development.

In April 2008 we improved this framework to incorporate specific principles and guidelines for the entire Yamaha Group, including completing codes of conduct that reflect the many local laws and regulations governing abroad Group companies. In monetary 2009, all of us pushed conformity forward with all the slogan “Compliance and Communication: Creating a Company Culture of Doing the Right Thing in High Spirits.  In June 2010, we reorganized the companywide Governance Committees and the conformity activities are steered by newly set-up Risk Management Panel through the CSR and Compliance Subcommittee.

For particulars on Compliance Endeavours, see: http://www. yamaha. co. jp/about/corporate/compliance/ (Japanese only) Financial 2009 Conformity Measures Compliance and communication: Creating an environment where workers can do the right point, transparently and correctly The results in the Fourth Complying Survey conducted in fiscal 2008 confirmed the need to cultivating a healthy company culture and promote connection. Based on this kind of recognition, from fiscal 2009, Yamaha has become conducting complying promotion actions based on the keywords previously mentioned.

Feedback was provided to various divisions and Group businesses on the facets of their organizational culture and compliance issues that came to lumination during the financial 2008 review. The Compliance Committee (Secretariat) subsequently carried out follow-up selection interviews with the accountable managers, to be able to reconfirm the features of the company culture and promote the resolution of individual issues. Starting with a lecture in Compliance Advertising Month (October), Yamaha has implemented the following initiatives to promote communication in the workplace. (1) fourth Compliance Workshop (lecture)

Besides the 345 participants who joined the original address, a DVD recording in the lecture was screened whatsoever workplaces, allowing for a total of around two, 000 employees, mainly managers and management, to enjoy the seminar. (2) Promoting Compliance e-Learning for a lot of Managers and Executives This e-learning system incorporates the idea of “assertion” since it encourages participants to think about methods of communication when ever faced with complying issues. A total of 1, 247 people got part in this training among November 2009 and Summer 2010 (96. 1% conclusion rate). (3) Group Compliance Meetings

About 70 responsible managers yet others in charge of conformity at crucial divisions and domestic Group companies participated in the Compliance Meeting to share understanding of and information about conformity promotion actions. Participants both reviewed pursuits to date and were expected to provide working out for all employees at all their places of work. (4) Transparent and Correct Compliance Meetings (Training for all employees) The committee secretariat provided teaching tools, which include presentation elements, for this teaching, which have been held 224 times by April 2010, training a total of 3, 340 employees.

The secretariat is providing individual support for all workplaces that have yet to hold ideal to start, and trying to ensure that most workplaces put into action it successfully.? Yamaha Music (Russia) LLC established in 2007) formulates a complying code of conduct? Conducted compliance survey (self-administered improvement check) at overseas subsidiaries Overseas Endeavours Compliance Support Line (April 2009 to March 2010) A total of 43 communications were received throughout the year, almost 8 fewer than in the earlier year. Of such, 37% had been reports, and three came from overseas subsidiaries (one via Indonesia and two via Russia).

There are 344 marketing and sales communications over the past 7 years. With Our Consumers Group-wide The good quality assurance Structure Quality Management System Quality Risk Management Quality Improvement Procedures Stronger Customer service System Enhancing Convenience by simply Standardizing Client Helpdesks Top quality Management System The Yamaha Group considers client satisfaction to be its top priority, and has applied a Company-wide quality management system to ensure the creation of high quality products that meet the high anticipations of our customers.

Under the Company-wide quality management system, quality policies and focuses on and significant quality-related actions are deliberated by the Top quality Committee, and then issued through the president towards the operating partitions. Each organization division is in charge of the quality of its products and establishes its own divisional targets based on the quality policies and objectives set by the president. Every business section follows INTERNATIONALE ORGANISATION FÜR STANDARDISIERUNG 9001 worldwide standards intended for quality management systems and conducts actions designed to obtain quality focuses on.

The Quality Assurance Division, set up in Apr 2010, audits whether the quality assurance systems of every operating division and the quality of their goods meet the common to which Yamaha aspires. The results of the audits happen to be taken into account in improving the Company-wide top quality management system. The high quality Management Representatives conference comprises people in charge of quality supervision for the operating divisions and functions to share Company-wide quality policies, targets and crucial quality-related procedures.

The meeting also conducts joint exploration with the operating divisions in improvement circumstance studies. In January 2010, in order to enhance the efficiency of the Company-wide quality management system, the Phazer Group set up Product Quality Guidelines, which stipulate the amount of quality which all Yamaha products should certainly meet., Click to enhance Acquiring ISO 9001 Certification As of March 31, 2010, the Phazer Group experienced acquired certification under the ISO9001 international specifications for top quality management devices at 25 business divisions, covering approximately 63% in the workforce on the consolidated basis.

Quality Risikomanagement Measures to Prevent Product , Safety Issues The Yamaha Group takes precautions during the advancement, design, and production phases to prevent virtually any product safety issues. Development and design sections have also tightened their style reviews with regards to product safety while creation divisions include introduced procedures to strengthen FMEA (Failure Method and Results Analysis) during production processes. The Yamaha Group provides put in place a method that enables faster responses to ensure the safety of shoppers.

For example , an item safety data database has been developed. In the instance of a product safety issue in the marketplace, this repository allows workers receiving information on a safety problem to record it immediately to the suitable department plus the head of the Quality Assurance Department, who convenes an Emergency Actions Committee Meeting*. The committee then advancements instructions on necessary examinations and further measures, decides a proper response with respect to buyers, and notifies top administration of the situation.

In monetary 2009, we decided to straight notify buyers and restoration free of charge feasible defects in one product that may have possibly resulted in problems for customers, processing a call to mind report with Japan’s Ministry of Overall economy, Trade and Industry. * Emergency Actions Committee Getting together with: A meeting attended by staff from relevant production and sales sections, the Assistance, Legal, and Public Relations Divisions, as well as by any other section named by head with the Quality Assurance Section.

Conformance with Product Rules and Specifications Worldwide Phazer has developed a structure to get full complying with restrictions and criteria worldwide regarding product top quality and basic safety, and environmental protection. Beneath this framework, the Company is able to collect information about regulations and standards in each region and to act in response quickly to regulations or issues that may well arise.

In addition , to screen the position of legal compliance although developing items that comply with standards, Yamaha Corporation’s headquarters includes a top quality evaluation facility equipped with a multitude of measuring, deductive, and analysis devices, including state-of-the-art electromagnetic wave-measuring services. Anechoic step used for electromagnetic wave measurement Quality Improvement Measures The Yamaha Group strives to ensure product basic safety and improve quality. Concurrently, the Phazer Group functions to strengthen quality management schooling, while pursuing quality, convenience and comfort in order to meet customers.

Quality Management Training To develop top quality human resources, Yamaha’s personnel schooling system contains expert training related to “quality assurance, inches as well as teaching tailored to specific job positions. The goal of this technique is to raise awareness and enhance expertise with respect to top quality management. In fiscal 2009, approximately one hundred and fifty people took courses come in various areas, including Top quality Engineering and FMEA/FTA*1. Furthermore, the Phazer Group modified its training course in order toward enhance the schooling system geared to enhancing security and environmental awareness and skills. 1 FMEA: Failure Mode and Effect Evaluation FTA: Problem Tree Research Methods of systematically analyzing potential malfunctions and defects in products and different items Steps to Improve User friendliness The Yamaha Group always makes an effort to develop products from the customer’s point of view. For example , workers act as item testers, and the results with their tests are reflected in product specifications. In this and other ways, Phazer is trying to improve usability. Piano Department, Yamaha Organization

Yamaha’s Piano Division is developing fresh types of pianos that incorporate digital technologies to a traditional keyboard. Examples include the Disklavier¢ E3 player piano released in 2009, as well as silent pianos and hybrid pianos. The Disklavier in particular positively incorporates new functions including Internet connection and simultaneous video recording and playback, giving users a variety of ways to enjoy the product. The most important question for almost any product, yet , is whether these kinds of functions happen to be easy for consumers to use and operate.

The Piano Split is conducting usability tests*2, with the aim of making the Disklavier an even more approachable and user-friendly merchandise. These assessments involve not merely the product expansion division, although also product sales divisions plus the Quality Assurance Section. Sharing issues with each other makes it possible for a rapid respond to any problems by the relevant division. For usability checks, the split creates a circumstance in which testers can make an effort all the functions included in the Disklavier. Test subjects operate the items or representative models in a particular testing space.

Representatives in the various divisions watch the test subjects coming from a separate space, taking notes. Experts pay particular attention to particulars such as side movements, that are recorded on video, and pursuing the test that they analyze and verify the results. This kind of testing recognizes unanticipated concerns and enables the relevant sections to modify requirements in order to allow more user friendly, natural procedure by clients. *2 Simplicity tests: In-house tests to confirm product user friendliness have staff operate the product on a trial basis.

Improving Convenience simply by Standardizing Buyer Helpdesks Customer Support Department, Home Sales , Marketing Section, Yamaha Company The Yamaha Group provides numerous business divisions, and has considered steps to place a robust support structure set up. Among other actions, in April 08, the Group reorganized the consumer Support Division within the Domestic Sales , Marketing Division, coupled with the opening of any Customer Communication Center, as a means of integrating product-specific helpdesks in an effort to improve customer ease.

Moreover, in fiscal 08, we took procedure for improve each of our support structure, building a single nationwide support system simply by clarifying helpdesk names and installing a standardized mobile phone system using navi-dial, *1 among other means. Can be, these adjustments have triggered more intuitive helpdesks for each and every product, and enabled a smoother customer satisfaction response. In fiscal 2009, we overhauled our phone management system simply by transitioning to a cloud style, supervising telephone response assistance levels and strengthening program maintenance.

Through these and other initiatives, we are constantly trying to improve the system. At the same time, in order to improve the standard of service, we certainly have attached statistical values for various aspects of service top quality, such as ease of reaching a rep by phone and the speed of respond to e-mail queries, and we are managing services based on these kinds of indicators. Through steady attempts in operator training and creating sources of the details of customer queries, we are constantly striving to enhance the indicators for service top quality. 1 “Phone system using navi-dial”: A phone program that utilizes a “navi-dial” amount, which quickly connects callers to helpdesks at neighborhood dialing prices wherever they will call coming from in The japanese, resulting in a more effective provision of guidance and services to customers. &gt, &gt, Simply click to enlarge Staff field calls on the Customer Interaction Center With the Shareholders Plans for Stored Earnings and Returns to Shareholders Aggressive Investor Relationships Efforts to Promote Understanding of the corporation Inclusion in Socially Dependable Investment Indexes Policies for Retained Revenue and Returns to Shareholders

Yamaha Corporation has implemented a basic profit allocation coverage linked to the level of consolidated net gain in the medium term that provides for raising return in equity (ROE) by holding onto earnings because appropriate for conditioning Yamaha’s supervision position through investments in R, sales functions, capital equipment and features, and other areas, while as well emphasizing larger shareholder results to indicate consolidated functionality. Specifically, Phazer endeavors to provide continuous, steady dividends and has set a target consolidated dividend payout ratio of forty percent.

We as well apply data gained via shareholders and investors for the management of our businesses, with the aim of increasing corporate and shareholder benefit always in mind. Personnel responsible for investor contact support supervision by supplying top administration with viewpoints and ideas gathered through communication with market participants, institutional traders and investors. Proactive Trader Relations Work to Promote Comprehension of the Company Yamaha Corporation adheres to a disclosure policy that ensures reasonable and well-timed disclosure of information to institutional and person investors all over the world.

In addition to holding quarterly results conferences for institutional investors in Japan, Phazer conducts conferences and briefings for individual organization segments as well as factory and facility tours on occasion. For institutional investors in other countries, along with making available English translations coming from all information presented to institutional investors in Japan, all of us visit shareholders overseas many times a year to foster mutual understanding through direct interaction.

For individual investors Yamaha operates a special profit plan designed to encourage more shareholders to be active advocates of Yamaha’s products and philosophy. Additionally , we utilize our website to provide corporate data in an easy-tounderstand format, spread an email magazine with important information, and are also stepping up other activities, including Yamaha’s active contribution in situations for individual investors. Through these kinds of initiatives, we all work to boost communication with investors, and use the results of responses and other information gained to enhance investor associations activities and management performance.

Inclusion in Socially Accountable Investment Indexes Socially Accountable Investment (SRI) indexes and funds in Japan and also other countries examine potential investments not only by a financial point of view, but from CSR environmental viewpoints too. Yamaha Organization continues to be classified by some of the world’s most prominent SRI indexes, including the FTSE4Good Global Index (managed by Britain’s FTSE), as well as the Morningstar Cultural Responsibility Index (MS-SRI). As you way of testing financial soundness, each year Yamaha Corporation asks for a long term bond credit assessment from connect ratings organizations.

The answers are shown beneath. For the folks We Use Initiatives for workers Basic Coverage on Hiring and Job Job-Tailored Teaching and Education Systematic Indication of Expertise Initiatives for any Better Work-Life Balance Supporting Women’s Careers Measures to Prevent Harassment Occupational Health and Basic safety Policy Government Initiatives for people who do buiness Partners Good Evaluation and Selection in Partner Human relationships Survey of CSR Measures of Business Partners Basic Policy in Hiring and Employment

The Yamaha Group observes job and labors laws inside the countries exactly where it does organization and performs appropriate labor management based upon labor procedures and labor-management relations. We all respect man rights in hiring and employment and work to maintain fair hiring practices and give employment opportunities to a diverse array of people. Using the Elderly Partner System Yamaha Organization instituted a work extension program in April 2004 called the Senior Spouse System that provides willing employees with the chance to work beyond age 62, the normal retirement age.

There were 195 people doing work under the system as of the end of Mar 2010. The machine allows us to successfully utilize employees with a useful operational understanding, skills and experience, and it provides financial benefits to employees past the typical retirement age. Youthful employees likewise receive teaching and teaching through the system. We modified the application procedure and how rewards are methodized in monetary 2008 to be able to facilitate even more active utilization of the system. Group companies have also established similar programs so that you can provide employment to people past the normal retirement.

Employing Individuals with Disabilities Yamaha Corporation set up a special subsidiary*1 in 1989, Yamaha Aje Works Company., Ltd, to promote employment for people with disabilities as well as the development of conducive working conditions. An application was made in monetary 2008 intended for Yamaha Business Support Company under the Group Application system*2 and the opportunity was expanded accordingly. *1 Subsidiaries known under the Change places with Employment Advertising, etc . of Persons with Disabilities. Special subsidiaries must meet specific criteria in connection with the number and ratio of employees with disabilities.

People who have disabilities utilized by such subsidiaries are measured as workers of the mother or father company when calculating its employment percentage. *2 Something under that the parent business of a exceptional subsidiary may well treat other related subsidiaries as being a single product when establishing employment proportions, etc . upon approval by the director from the public job security business office. Job-Tailored Schooling and Education Yamaha thinks that creating a mutually useful relationship between your employee and the Company inspires motivation.

Consequently , the Company functions to create a system that is evenly focused on education and teaching and career development. Every training program is usually tailored to a unique objective with the following classes: Strategic Employees Development, Function-Specific Training, Stratified Training, and SelfDevelopment Education. The Tactical Personnel Creation program involves the range topping Yamaha Global Institute, which in turn aims to form the employees who will always be the central source of the Business in the future, both in Japan and overseas.

One more program made to cultivate the newly released of primary employees may be the Yamaha Advanced Skill College, held in production establishments in Asia. The Function-Specific Training program teaches employees in core systems, Monozukuri Education seminars and international consciousness. The Stratified Training program, in the meantime, provides teaching at job turning items, such as for the employee has been promoted or made a manager. Finally, in the Self-Development Education plan, Yamaha gives support to get employees’ self-directed studies, which includes through the Phazer Business University, a range learning-based plan.

Yamaha also provides workers approaching age 50 options and information to help them consider their specific life routes, and offers “Life Design Seminars” to support their very own future occupations. Going forward, Yamaha will additional strengthen it is programs intended for providing every employee with the highly specialized job-specific teaching and education they need to carry out at higher level of00 in fulfilling the Phazer values of being customer-oriented and qualityconscious. Methodical Transmission of Skills

A large number of highly skilled staff in manufacturing positions have been reaching the retirement age lately. Moreover, over the next a few years, around 75 employees a year will be departing the production floor. Given this state of affairs, Yamaha Organization has been performing skill tranny initiatives to make certain core creation skills happen to be faithfully passed down to youthful workers. To be able to develop a structure for skill transmission and personnel development, in mil novecentos e noventa e seis we initial registered the skills possessed by the Company making use of the Skill Sign up System, which has been created for that purpose.

Listed skills are categorized and prioritized, and the data is used to make email lists of essential skills and who owns them and also to design applications for their transmission. The From-To Program was created to aid in the indication of especially important skills in a very practical way. Within the program experienced veterans pair up with more youthful workers over a man-to-man basis (sometimes in groups with respect to the skill) and provide systematic learning order to go down their particular skills. As of yet, around one hundred and fifty sets of workers possess completed schooling.

Workers in their thirties and forties who also received teaching when the software was started are now inside the position of conveying their particular knowledge to younger staff and are carrying out their best to maintain and go down all their skills. In recent years, more and more staff in their young adults and twenties who have only been while using Company for any short time will be succeeding the veteran staff, so the software is also assisting to foster a younger era of employees who will support production actions in the a long time.

We will continue to enhance skill indication initiatives and develop the personnel with all the goal penalized a world-leading manufacturer inside our core field of nicely music. Initiatives for a Better Work-Life Harmony The Phazer Group thinks cooperation between labor and management in achieving a better work-life stability to be important to knowing corporate expansion and a fuller your life for all staff. Based on this kind of philosophy, Phazer Corporation offers for many years done a range of initiatives to shorten total work several hours and provide support for both equally work and family.

To be able to help personnel combine work with caring for children, Yamaha has turned proactive work, including the advantages of child care and nursing jobs care keep ahead of lawful requirements. In April 06\ Yamaha established the Work-Life Balance Committee to provide individual employees with support to get both operate and a fuller life outside of work, and to make them combine both. Specific measures focused on reducing working hours and implementation and improvement of work/family support systems for the range of circumstances encountered by employees. Basic Coverage on Work-Life Balance

To be able to realize equally expanded business activities and lifestyles that offer personal completion, we will certainly proactively enhance work-life stability that areas a wide range of ideals and standards of living. People can use the extra time created simply by increases inside the quality and productivity of work in many different ways, and doing this leads to development of overall quality of life and energize mind and body. This energy can provide the strength for new benefit creation, and serves as a source for any continued good work, enhancement of corporate value, as well as the realization of a fulfilling lifestyle.

We works toward the creation on this type of virtuous cycle at Yamaha. Self-Directed and Highly Productive Operate Styles (Reduced working hours) In an effort to stop overwork, management and labor have with each other established and implemented recommendations for overtime, and urged employees to apply paid holiday seasons, take special leave, and revise all their work variations. We have proven structures and conduct regular operational bank checks aimed at lowering the work hours of each employee, and permitting a self-directed, highly effective work design.

In financial 2007, we all re-introduced a process allowing employees to take their particular accumulated paid vacation period all at once, which usually increased the typical number of getaways taken by every employees during the year by 2 days. In monetary 2008, all of us added a great initiative that mandates by least one “No Overtime” day weekly throughout the complete Company, in order to further reduce the number of hours worked. We have continued these kinds of efforts, which include reducing overtime, however, and holiday break working several hours, maintaining the “No Overtime” day, and prohibiting work past 10 p.., and as a result, the total quantity of hours proved helpful per staff in monetary 2009 rejected by 64. 4 hours every year. A Powerful Organization with Flexible Functioning Conditions(Building and improving work-life balance support systems attentive to the different circumstances of individual employees) In response towards the enactment in 2003 from the Act for Steps to Support the introduction of the Next Generation, Yamaha created a three-year action plan beginning in financial 2005 and submitted this to the Ministry of Wellness, Labour and Welfare.

Through consultations with labor, the business established cement goals pertaining to the three-year period, and began trying to achieve its objectives, obtaining Ministry acknowledgement of the efforts in 2008. Phazer also developed a new five-year plan that began in fiscal 08, and is working to achieve their objectives. As the first step, throughout the spring 2008 labor discussions, management and labor come to an agreement on further expanding systems for the work-life balance.

We expanded the period of eligibility intended for shortened function hours for employees with young kids, and set up a system of reduced work hours for parents to participate in school events. We all also implemented a program of shortened work hours for employees enrolled in mature self-development training, as well as introduced an employee assistance program (EAP). Yamaha can continue to follow measures to develop its company culture and implement courses responsive to the assorted situation of individual workers, promoting the establishment of any friendlier work environment and wanting to create a really dynamic business.

Ministry of Health, Labor and Wellbeing mark recognizing Yamaha’s support for the development of the next generation Primary Measures intended for Better Work-Life Balance (from fiscal 2005) Fiscal june 2006 Revision of programs pertaining to childcare leave and reduced work several hours for daycare Flexible job hours presented for employees raising small children. Receipt of the Fiscal 2005 Friends and family Friendly Firm Award from your Ministry of Health, Labor, and Well being The prize recognized Yamaha’s programs to supply broad support for work and relatives, and to build a friendlier work place.

Fiscal 2006 Extensive revising to employee benefit applications Lifestyle-related benefits were newly established or perhaps revised, featuring expanded support to personnel struggling with economical burdens arising from childcare, education, disability or nursing proper care. A wide range of membership-based welfare advantage services were also introduced. Fiscal 2007 Advantages of Company-wide vacation The business has established a labor agreement stipulating 3 days annually when every workers take paid vacation, two days more than in the previous financial year.

Fiscal 2008 Ministry of Overall health, Labor and Welfare Reputation for Yamaha’s support to get the development of the newly released Extension of period of eligibility for reduced work hours for employees with small children Advantages of program for short work hours for parents to participate in college events Advantages of an Worker Assistance Software (EAP) Launch of a program for reemployment of husband and wife of staff on offshore assignment Daycare Leave intended for Male Staff Development Managing Group Development Technology Section Digital Audio Instruments Section

I had taken one month of childcare leave when my first child was born in 2007 and when my following was born last year. The company have been encouraging man employees for taking childcare leave, and I acquired on board with all the idea. I needed it to become my wife and I whom raised our kids and would not want to depend on mother and father. I as well wanted to carry on record while taking childcare leave since I believe that the increase in childcare leave males would make this easier for people raising children to job, for both women and men.

Taking this leave period, although short than the volume of childcare leave generally taken by girls, allowed me personally to care for my kids with my wife and gave me a real knowledge of how hard it can be, something I actually only recently had an abstract understanding of before. I actually also think I used to be able to somewhat share in how my wife was feeling, as your woman had to keep, albeit briefly, a place of work where the lady was a essential member. A growing number of male personnel at the company are taking day care leave, and I got the sense after i took time away for my second kid that everybody’s acceptance got progressed through the time My spouse and i took the leave moment for my first child.

I think for future generations, it can be the norm to get fathers to adopt the time to help raise youngsters like this. Handling Work and Caring for a Loved One CP Production Management Section CP Business Department Vehicle Component Section Yamaha Fine Technologies Co., Ltd. My mother, who had been full of life possibly in her eighties, was suddenly hospitalized last year and diagnosed with dementia. I presently care for her at home and use a breastfeeding care facility during the day. In the beginning I don’t now what to accomplish at all. For about three months after she returned home from your hospital, We would be woke up in the middle of the night and had many sleepless nights. I consulted a treatment manager reported me simply by my supervisor, who had experience with nursing care. That very time, the care manager arranged for a particular nursing proper care bed and wheelchair and gave me guidelines on how to submit an application for longterm care certification. It had been at that time that we realized essential it was to acquire someone you may consult with.

After that, I reoriented myself to completely accepting my own mother because she is right now, and since that time her symptoms have been better. I have been blessed with understanding managers and an covering workplace, therefore i have been able to continue my own job when caring for my mother. Naturally , I prioritize my work. It is because of my job that I was able to offer nursing look after my mom while likewise supporting my children. And it is due to my scenario that I have come to be mindful of my own health and the health of my children.

In our house, my significant other takes care of housework and day care, and I have responsibility for caring for my own mother. In the morning I wake up my mother up and care for her by changing her clothing and feeding her. I then take her to a daytime care center and avoid to operate. During the day I’ve the satisfaction to absolutely dedicate me to my own job. After returning home, I job application caring for my mother, in addition to the evening most of us try to possess dinner with each other as a family members. An hour before going to pickup bed, I remember to talk with my own mother.

We talk about her day at the care service, memories by childhood and other things. I think that this is definitely helping her recover. Over the internet that nursing care goes more easily when you don’t believe too hard all on your own and find someone to consult with, and when you don’t tension too hard and ease up on things when you can actually. Assisting Ladies Careers The Yamaha Group holds the diversity of its workers in high regard, and aims to certainly be a place exactly where all staff can make the most of their skills, regardless of their very own gender, nationality or other factors.

Measures implemented in the past have resulted in almost an equal common number of years of continuous job for man and female personnel at Phazer Corporation, as well as the proportion of women returning to function after childcare leave is almost 100%. Great Action Tasks Establishment from the Diversity Advancement Department Phazer Corporation inaugurated the Positive Action Project in May 2004 simply by inviting staff to apply for a position on the task group.

During the period of a year, the project group examined the specific situation of women for Yamaha and other companies, placed lectures and created an indoor website so that you can create a cozy working environment and employment system for women. The results in the activities over the course of the year were compiled in a recommended plan of action. In order to further more accelerate support for could careers, based upon this action program, in Mar 2006 Phazer established the Diversity Preparing Department as being a dedicated corporation within the Recruiting Division.

The department can be carrying out this measures geared towards broadening chances for women to produce their skills and enjoy an active role, and setting up a more comfortable working environment. Major Procedures to Assist Could Careers Positive hiring of female personnel Increase ratio of girl new graduate student hires, focusing on 30% pertaining to the immediate long term Securing spectacular human resources through hiring actions that include advice about the active functions played by female employees and by building a more comfortable working environment for women.

Definitely recruiting and increasing for you to develop the abilities of woman employees Increasing recruitment of ladies for managerial positions Planning and applying various training programs Creating working surroundings that are comfy for women Responding to next-generation laws and regulations on male or female equality in employment, day care and medical leave Putting into action the Yamaha Action Programs Promoting the operation of your balanced support system and revision and creation of structures

Changing workplace recognition and cultivating a corporate traditions Providing data through an inside website Executing educational activities through schooling, conferences, and pamphlets Promoting efforts in the Yamaha Group Promoting Actions Plans to aid the jobs of women throughout the Yamaha Group The Phazer Group looks for to create places of work where every employee is able to do to her or his fullest potential. In order to accomplish that goal, all of us will build comfortable places of work, create more opportunities to get both women and men to succeed, and support them in every challenge they get on.

Action Statement in the Yamaha Group’s Action Plan to back up Women’s Jobs Report on Women’s Profession Support Task Yamaha Travel around Service Co., Ltd. Associates and acquaintances of the Could Career Support Project In April 2009, Yamaha Travel Service Co., Ltd. created a Women’s Profession Support Task. The team, led by and consisting totally of women, done project actions for approximately ten months. The team focused all their efforts about learning what style of recognition women must have active careers, and what types of obstacles that they face.

1st, to get a better understanding of current conditions, they conducted selection interviews with all staff. This not only helped to narrow the focus of the project, nevertheless also proven effective in generating more lively communication between workers. The team likewise held in one facility lectures, went to seminars outside of the company, and visited other companies. These activities enabled these to meet with numerous people both inside and outside the company, and were a great source of ideas. By Feb . 2010, they had created its final report, proposing new systems and activities.

Because of these proposals, we are at this point working on concrete floor steps to implement a program motivating employees to adopt their holiday time, increase the visibility of your employee evaluation system, and other measures. In the fall of 2009, Yamaha Travel Service Co., Ltd. established a gender equality declaration, that has been subsequently authorized with Shizuoka Prefecture. Steps to Prevent Harassment The Phazer Group Complying Code of Conduct forbids any terminology, behavior, or perhaps unfair splendour that could be interpreted as sexual harassment or perhaps other impropriety.

In an effort to stop sexual harassment and other varieties of harassment in the workplace, Yamaha features distributed the Code of Conduct for all employees, and clarifying and making most employees mindful of the consequences pertaining to failure to comply with company rules and regulations. All of us also work to avoid harassment through workplace group meetings and managing training to raised educate staff about the difficulties involved. We all set up a counseling desk and helpline, and react promptly in working to solve any issues that are raised through these types of channels.

In 2008, we revised we rules and regulations, changing them to even more concisely and unequivocally forbid sexual and other forms of harassment. These alterations provided a chance to embark once again on awareness-raising campaigns to avoid sexual harassment in the workplace. In the years ahead, we continue to be committed to creating a work environment that enables staff to fully employ their abilities, regardless of gender. Occupational Into the Safety Policy Administration Based on its administration charter, upon September one particular, 2009 the Yamaha Group established its Group Health and Safety Supervision Policy.

This policy models for the Yamaha Group’s basic idea regarding health and safety, knowing that guaranteeing the health and safety of everybody involved in Yamaha’s business actions constitutes the inspiration of those activities, that all personnel should interact to promote the organization of a healthy and balanced, safe, and comfy working environment, when also keeping our health and safety managing standards with respect to our clients. Health and basic safety are primary conditions to get leading a happy and worthwhile life.

Based on this idea, the Phazer Group provides formed a great Industrial Basic safety and Well being Committee, advancing by the Director in Charge of Commercial Safety and Health, with membership comprising branch managers, area commanders, and the ergonomic chairs of various subcommittees. This panel is recharged with handling occupational into the safety, targeted traffic safety, and activities to advertise good health. Striving for Accident-Free Places of work To ensure worker safety, the Yamaha Group not only features in place safety measures related to equipment and tools, but also promotes programs to dentify and take away potential factors behind accidents. For instance , there is a pair of routine verification motions and statements to make certain all equipment is prepared properly, and a number of alternative activities designed to avoid near-miss situations. In monetary 2008″2009, Yamaha Corporation’s hq and factories cooperated with specialists and worksite managers in executing inspections based on the Occupational Health and Safety Work Requirements Checklist*1, a tool designed to improve work safety, making improvements with reference to the actual work being conducted.

All of us also done training at each business site to stress the value of work-related health and safety, targeting relatively inexperienced personnel and recent moves, as well as contracted and short-term employees at Yamaha Organization. In fiscal 2010, as part of our work to reduce work-related risks, all of us rolled out the Risk Analysis Program*2, situated it like a key top priority for each of our domestic Group companies, and promoted it along with this other activities in this area. 1 Work-related Health and Security Work Standards Checklist: A document list critical factors for carrying out each operate procedure even more safely, as well as the rationale behind each stage. Particularly for production sites, this list is in place for every job procedure. *2 Risk Assessment Program: For every single work treatment, factors which includes frequency, possibility of injury, and degree of intensity are evaluated numerically. Actions then focus on reducing risk by making improvements in all those areas with all the highest numerical score.

Ensuring Employee Well being Viewing both periodic wellness checks and special screenings as an opportunity to improve life-style habits, guarantee greater extreme caution at work, and improve office environments and procedures, the Yamaha Group has worked proactively to promote avoidance of a volume of lifestyle and work-related conditions. In monetary 2009, for example , we offered individualized well being guidance to employees dealing with organic solvents, using a health interview linen as part of a particular screening.

Place of work health teaching based on place of work ranking info collated from screening results can then be linked to enhancing staff member awareness and improving work environment methods and conditions. To guard the health of our workers, people who smoke and and non-smokers alike, in 2008 Yamaha Corporation set up a resolution bringing out a policy that may ban cigarette smoking on most Yamaha Firm property, such as removal of almost all smoking areas, beginning 04 1, 2011.

In preparing for this approach, in money 2009 all of us began providing individual quitsmoking support, founded smoke-free times once a month, sponsored no-smoking occasions, began strategies to reduce the number of smoking areas, and marketed a variety of various other anti-smoking actions. As a result, in ten years the proportion of smokers at Phazer Corporation production facilities has fallen from 32. 3% (40. 1% to get men) to 19. seven percent (23. 1% for men).

In money 2010, we will continue this press with regular smoke-free days, group health education and support pertaining to smokers aiming to quit, even as we work towards attaining a completely smoke-free environment. In addition , we are likewise initiating measures to prevent personnel from smoking outside of the workplace, contributing to the health of not only the employees, yet of our consumers and the people in our communities. Concerning mental health pursuits, in money 2009 we all worked to boost awareness simply by including a self-assessment and lectures on place of work stress within our employees’ regularly scheduled well being checkups.

All of us also proved helpful to further improve mental healthcare by providing interior training for production-line workers, person services from our own professional physician and counselors, a mental wellness counseling table staffed simply by psychiatrists and clinical psychologists, and counselling provided by exterior institutions through our Employee Assistance System (EAP). Additionally , we continued our efforts on both a Company-wide and person business internet site level to encourage a self-help method to promoting health, including the Walk for Health, the Indiaca Tournament, and other events.

Reasonable Evaluation and Selection

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