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Mis in Grameen Phone chapter 01 Introduction Managing and agencies facing continuously changing challenges, diverse managerial styles, and ever present information demands offer a challenging context to get developing laptop based data systems. A management information system (MIS) is a program or procedure that provides information needed to manage organizations properly. Management Info Systems (MIS) employs the integration of information technology in reaching the needs and objectives from the general workforce, managers and their organization.

The development of MIS in companies helps corporate executives in applying effective and effecient information technology-based business and economic decisions. With new trends in information technology, managers and companies will encounter more improve and flexible management of company information. Management information systems are deemed to be a part of the overall internal handles procedures in a business, which in turn cover the application of people, paperwork, technologies, and procedures utilized by management accountancy firm to solve organization problems such as costing a product or service, service or possibly a business-wide strategy.

Academically, the word is commonly used to refer to the group of info management strategies tied to the automation or support of human decision making, e. g. Decision Support Systems, Qualified systems, and Executive data systems. The terms LOS and information system tend to be confused. LOS is sometimes reported, in a limited sense, because information technology supervision. That area of study must not be confused with laptop science. IT service management is a practitioner-focused discipline.

LOS has also some differences with Enterprise Useful resource Planning (ERP) as ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING incorporates components that are not always focused on decision support. LOS uses computer technology to provide info and decision support to managers, supporting them turns into more effective. Improvements in the young computer industry are changing corporate administration style. Managers at all levels use comparable data. Working managers require data which is timely, precise, detailed, internal and historical.

Upper level managers need data which is aggregated, external as well as inner, future oriented as well as traditional and masking a longer span time. A powerful MIS may not be built with no viable data management equipment. Such equipment were not generally available previously. Moreover, most organizations did not effectively work with DBMS technology until 20 years before. Many organizations these days rely seriously on their THIS systems. An essential key to a prosperous MIS is definitely the effective administration of an company data solutions. hapter 02 Management data system installment payments on your 1 MIS definition- Managing information strategy is the combination of men, machine and methods for collecting related details from the external and internal sources of a company, and use these details for the purpose of decision making. Another way it could say it is the integrated system of man and machine which provides information support for the choice making inside the organization. LOS also can establish as a computer-based information system. According to Jorge M.

Scott, “MIS is extensive and synchronised setoff info subsystems that happen to be rationally integrated and which transform info into data in a variety of ways to enhance productivity in conformity with all the manager’s style and attributes on the basis of set up quality standards.  installment payments on your 2 Applications of MIS MIS has become an important part of the organization’s existence and application about several specific areas. These include strategy facilitates, data digesting and work performance development. MIS changes data in useful information to make effective management decisions.

Info processing by simply MIS allows organization of enormous volume of business data and provides beneficial time-saving rewards for the business. Job performance of the organization’s human resources is usually greatly afflicted with the business of an LOS. Employees could have more efficient and effective ways in handling data and info. 2 . three or more Elements of a practical MIS A functional MIS provides five factors which include timeliness, accuracy, persistence, completeness and relevance. The efficacy of the MIS will be deterred anytime one or more factors are compromised.

The element of timeliness suggests that an company MIS can offer and deliver current data to people. Processed information from MIS must be accurate and free of flaws. MIS consistency in handling info must be taken into account for clear, documented techniques and capability to adapt with a dynamic environment. Management requires complete and related info in a summarized format to reduce information overburden. The MIS must be able to provide the managing with relevant data pertaining to effective planning and making decisions. 2 . 5 Advantages of MIS An LOS provides lots of advantages to the business.

Primarily, it facilitates organizational planning. MIS enhances the sound decision-making abilities of the administration by providing relevant information. Second, MIS minimizes information excessive by summarizing this in standard formats for managers to have in depth and concise reports. Thirdly, MIS establishments bring the usage to an business as it retains other departments abreast with existing problems and needs. Last but not least, MIS makes managerial control easier. This provides management a chance to assess and improve the organization’s performance. 2 . 5 MIS classification LOS is a concept, which is a couple of degree rather than an absolute a single.

In management you will discover perhaps nothing else areas apart from MIS which will gas made so much controversy. We would make an attempt to try to look into several types of MIS as they have progressed during the course of period. 1) Purchase Processing Program (TPS) 2) Management Information System (MIS) 3) Decision Support Program (DSS) 4) Executive Support System (ESS) 1) Transaction Processing Program: It operations transactions and produces studies. I big t represents the automation of fundamental, schedule processing used to support business operations. It will not provide details to the customer for making decisions.

TPS uses data and produces data. 2) Administration Information Program: MIS in an information system that techniques data and converts it into info. A administration information program uses TPS for its info inputs. The knowledge generated by the information program may be used for control of businesses, strategic and long-range preparing, short-range planning, management control and other managerial problem solving. 3) Decision Support System: A conclusion support system is an information system application that assists decision-making.

You read ‘Mis Grameenphone’ in category ‘Essay examples’ DSS is often used in organizing, analyzing alternatives and trial and error search alternatives.

They add a variety of decision-making models and therefore area competent of performing what-if analysis. 4) Executive Support System: An ESS is actually a special kind of DSS. It can be specially customized for the use of key executives of your organization to support his decision-making. Thus AIN is a comprehensive information system that includes various type t of decision support devices, but it is somewhat more specific and person oriented. 2 . 6th Objective of MIS There are three simple objectives of MIS will be discussed below: 1 . Operational control: Is it doesn’t process of assuring that the specific tasks will be carried out efficiently and effectively. 2 .

Management control: It is the process in which managers make sure that resources will be obtained and used properly and proficiently in the success of organizational objectives. a few. Strategic organizing: It is the process of deciding on goal of the organization, on enhancements made on these goals and on the policies that govern the acquisition, make use of and personality of these assets. The nature and extent details required for these kinds of purpose tremendously depends upon the company environment by which it functions. As small or medium size organization do not have the resources or perhaps the organization to experience a systematic info system.. almost 8 Characteristics of MIS Listed here are the characteristics characteristic of an MIS (a) Supervision oriented: This can be the most significant features of MIS the system is created from the leading down. That is not mean that the program will be geared to providing information directly to best management, somewhat, it means which the system creation starts via an evaluation of administration needs and overall organization objective. It is also possible that middle section management or operating supervision is the focus of the system, so that their needs would be the cornerstone where the system is made. b) Managing directed: Due to management alignment of LOS, it is essential that supervision activity immediate the system creation efforts involvement is insufficient. It is rare to find a great MIS in which the manager him self or a high-level reprehensive of his section is not spending an adequate amount of time in program design. (c) Integrated: Integration is significant because of the ability to produce even more meaningful managing information. One example is. in order to develop an effective production scheduling system, we must equilibrium, such elements as: 2. Set up costs * Work force Overtime costs * Production capacity 5. Inventory levels * Capital requirements * Customer service A method that neglects one of these elements “inventory, level for example can be not featuring management with an optionally available schedule. (d) Common info flow: As a result of integration notion of MIS there is an opportunity to avoid duplication and redundancy in data gathering, storage and dissemination intended for example- customer orders are the basis for building the consumer for products ordered, setting up the accounts receivable, initiating production activity, sales research, sales foretelling of and so on. e) Heavy planning element: Supervision information program does not occur overnight, they take from 3 to 5 years and longer to get established firmly within a company. Consequently a heavy planning element should be present in LOS development. (f) Sub system concept (g) Flexibility and easy of use (h) Database (i) Distributed info processing (j) Information like a resource 2 . 8 Roles of MIS (The efficiency monitoring role) The LOS has many tasks to perform such as the decision support role, the performance monitoring role and the functional support role.

MIS are not merely statistics and data evaluation. They have to provide as a great MBO (Management by Objectives) tool. That they help: 2. To establish relevant and considerable objectives * To screen results and performances (reach ratios) * To send notifications, in some cases daily, to managers at each level of the organization, in all deviations between effects and pre-established objectives and budgets. 2. The Efficient Support Role Business processes and businesses support function is the most basic. It involves collecting, documenting, storing, and basic processing of data.

Data systems support business processes and functions by: 5. Recording, storing and control sales info, purchase data, investment info, payroll info and other accounting records * Recording, saving and digesting inventory data, work in process data, tools repair and maintenance info, supply chain data, and other production/operations documents * Saving, storing and processing workers data, wage data, career histories, and other human resources information * Recording, storing and processing industry data, customer profiles, buyer purchase chronicles, marketing analysis data, promoting data, and also other marketing documents * Recording, storing a great processing business intelligence (bi) data, rival analysis info, industry data, corporate aims, and other proper management records use of all of the above to implement, control, and monitor ideas, strategies, techniques, new products, new business models or new business ventures. * The Decision Support Role The business making decisions support function goes one step additional. Decision making is definitely an integral part of the functioning of any business. To help Decision making through this ever-competitive universe it is very important that managers have the proper information on the right time to bridge the gap between need and expectation. To facilitate better flow info adequate Management Information Systems (MIS) is a need of the hour.

Therefore it is important with an understanding of the MIS followed in an business by every levels of supervision in order to take effective decisions. A administration information program collects and processes info (information) and provides it to managers whatsoever levels who use it intended for decision making, preparing, program implementation, and control. 2 . on the lookout for Risks of MIS Management risks show the likelihood of economic events that may negatively impact the operations or earnings in the organization. Administration decisions based on erroneous, useless or imperfect MIS might boost the risks in particular areas just like commodity costs, company’s fluidity, interest rates or foreign currency.

A nonsecure or perhaps poorly developed MIS may result in to hacking, info manipulation, unauthorized data gain access to and program work dysfunction that can result to incorrect managing decisions or planning. part 03 COMPANY OVERVIEW GRAMEENPHONE GRAMEENPHONE may be the largest cellphone company in Bangladesh. Accompanied by lack of connection means, GRAMEENPHONE has introduced a highly effective and user-friendly mobile phone network. It has set a positive impact on the lifestyle with the people of Bangladesh. 3. 1 Ownership: TELENOR owns 62% of GP. Is it doesn’t state-owned telecommunication company in Norway operating since 1885. It is amongst the oldest, most sophisticated, and diversified telecom companies on the globe.

The company includes a long history of successful co-operation with other employees and governments in and out of Norway. TELENOR’s home basic, Norway, gets the highest density of cellphones in the world and one of the most competitive markets during a call. TELENOR continues to be playing a pioneering position in the development of GSM, one particular the latest and many successful variations of mobile technologies. GRAMEEN Telecom the other largest aktionär owning 35% of DOCTOR, has been established by GRAMEEN Bank, which is convinced that a lack of communication establishments in the non-urban areas is among the major obstacles to rapid economic creation in the non-urban areas of Bangladesh.

GRAMEEN Telecom’s deep understanding of the people and culture of Bangladesh assists GP to formulate convenient and cost-effective interaction facilities inside the rural areas, which in turn, produce more careers and open business opportunities presently there. Marubeni Corporation is one of the largest general trading and expenditure companies in Japan. The company has a global business network that oversees a number of procedures ranging from household export and import to offshore operate and retail marketing of finished products. Marubeni invests in manufacturing features and system projects, which include in the telecommunications sector. The corporation owns 9. 5% of GP. Gonofone Development Corp. which is the owner of 4. 5% of GP, is a telecommunications development firm based in Nyc.

In addition , 3 leading worldwide financial institutions, the Worldwide Finance Company, Asian Creation Bank and the Commonwealth Creation Corporation , are also investors of GrameenPhone. The three agencies each maintain three percent of preferred shares of GrameenPhone. 5. 2 Certificate and Network GrameenPhone at the moment holds both a GSM 900 and a GSM 1800 license. The government has not yet announced any plans to concern UMTS permits in Bangladesh. With the project of GrameenPhone, mobile phones will be spreading speedily throughout the country. A huge percentage of Bangladesh is usually under GrameenPhone’s coverage now. Today, multiple in three telephones in Dhaka and Chittagong are mobiles.

GrameenPhone’s network can be divided into 6 zones in line with the divisional boundaries: Dhaka Sector, Chittagong Area, Khulna Area, Sylhet Region, Barisal Sector and Rajshahi Zone. At present GP is operating in every six specific zones. The area in which a prospect is authorized with GrameenPhone is that subscriber’s Home Region, and all different zones happen to be Remote Zones. GrameenPhone provides the widest insurance coverage in Bangladesh. The population coverage has increased via approximately 85% in 2006 to previously mentioned 90% 5 years ago. In addition , GrameenPhone also offers GPRS in most with the country and EDGE in urban areas. three or more. 2 . 1 Specialties GSM Mobile Operator, Telecommunication Service Service provider. 3. installment payments on your 2 Healthline and BillPay:

In 2006, GrameenPhone introduced “HealthLine, providing around the clock access to medical services due to the subscribers with the mobile phone, and “BillPay, permitting utility costs payments together with the mobile phone in selected areas. 3. 3 Products: Underneath Post Paid Service there are two products 1) GP-GP Standard 2) GP-GP National a few. 3. you Subscribers’ Features: Grameenphone subscribers enjoy the subsequent GSM features without bearing any additional costs: * Unknown caller ID 2. Call Waiting * Call Seminar * Call up Divert * Call With the exception * Useful Services * Voice Mail Service (VMS) * Brief Message Support (SMS) 2. Fax and Data Service (currently offered only to company clients) * Pre-Paid Services chapter ’04 MIS IN GRAMEENPHONE

Today of increasing complexities of carrying out business, every corporation, in order to endure and grow, must have a properly planned, assessed, designed and maintained LOS. This need is even more increased because businesses now have to compete not simply locally but also globally. Major organizational functions In GRAMEENPHONE significant organizational functions- * Revenue & Promoting * Key functions of systems: Revenue management, researching the market, promotion, charges, new products * Major application systems: Product sales order details system, market research system, prices system * Financing and Accounting * Major features of systems: Budgeting, basic ledger, billing, cost accounting * Significant application systems:

General journal, accounts receivable, accounts payable, budgeting, cash management devices * Recruiting * Main functions of systems: Staff records, benefits, compensation, labor relations, teaching * Major application devices: Payroll, staff records, gain systems, vocation systems, staff training devices * Client communication 2. Networking 5. Data Storage space * Energy bill payment processing system * Application Integrates Aspects: * Preparing, Manufacturing, Inventory, Sales, Fund, Accounting * Transactions Notify All Involved Factors 5. Updates Files, Speeds, Actions, Cuts Price * Electronic commerce 2. Internet Backlinks Buyers, Sellers * Lowers Transaction Costs Goods & Services, Advertised, Bought, Sold Worldwide 2. Business-To-Business Transactions, Increasing. In Grameenphone Company MIS is mostly needed at every single of moment. With no managing the overall information related to employees and customers it could not functions its features. Computer technology almost everywhere related in the company. The company realizes the and significance of information technology and to manage these details for the decision making. The MIS features greatly caused and synchronized the information flow in the corporation and the management feels that is certainly has played a role inside the growth and increased efficiency of the organization Organization computer resources: Software Resources: –

Following software’s are used for the functioning of our information system and firm 1) Application Software: Next application software’s are used inside our organization and functioning of your information program * Microsoft company Office 2. NOD32 Anti-Virus * Adobe Reader 2) System Computer software: Following application software’s are used in our organization and operating of our details system 2. Operating System (Windows XP and Linux) to get PC’s. * Windows the year 2003 server to get mainframes. Components Resources: – Following components resources are essential for the functionality of IS and firm: * Personal computers * Cannon Document Scanners * HEWLETT PACKARD Printers TPS in Grameenphone:

Effective purchase processing system is working in Grameenphone for official transactions, customer dealing, and many others Payroll TPS Grameenphone’s payroll TPS is built to get details and record about employers and employees stored in computers. It receive information about the employee from the employee’s department and send that to payroll TPS via where that links that information with all the previous record and prepare a report which can be forwarded to management. Making decisions about organizational function taken throw taking care of all this data. Management will take record in the employee’s effectiveness to work and may declare added bonus or different incentive. As well as the record is updated in the general journal as well as the grasp payroll (HUB). Customer Recognition:

At customer care centers info storage about customers this provider also use computer technology. Collecting and gathering information regarding customers, dealing with them intended for products and services, supplying new solutions to all of them, solving their problems to get service simply by customer managers all are offered by computer program systems. Online Activity DOCTOR allows the consumer the option of on the web uses. Purpose: Career with the organization. Input: Name, curriculum vitae. Process: The information will send to organization hardware (HUB). Result: evaluate and select candidate. Sim card operations Several sim card procedures and deal maintain by simply computer courses.

Call price, SMS level, Voice text messages record and flexi weight transactions, handset facilities, added service- each one is maintain by simply computers which will depends on information systems. MIS uses upon these features gives organization better choice to reach its destiny. Telecommunication networking are unable to thinkable without information system management. Every call, call-charges, talk-time duration, GSM Features and Value Added Services (all control by computer applications which is established before by computer application programs which include different info. Relationship of MIS with TPS: MIS reports and summarizes the organization’s basic operations and these information come from the basic transition processing systems.

In the event of GP organization the TPS’s of Boost Cards, Salaries and Client identification etc . provide the basic information about the company activities. These kinds of activities happen to be then summarized in the form of information for the manager so that they can check whether or not the firm is usually working properly or not. If there are some flaws chances are they take control measures to fix all those flaws. section 04 REALIZATION It would appear that the role performed by LOS within the research companies is definitely undergoing a time of powerful transformation”for various this involves an overall total rethink of their systems, as well as the way in which they are managed. THIS representatives would appear to be ‘shedding’ their picture of pure technologists.

Instead, most displayed an enthusiastic interest in, and awareness of, the competitive stresses facing their particular organizations, and how managing details system could possibly be used to assist in combating all of them. As part of the acknowledgement of the need for business problems, there is a concurrent recognition with the importance of information, and it play improving customer service”a key differentiator in surroundings where items are fundamentally the same. The relationship between management attitudes and the role played by data system is a fascinating one. Devoid of support by management apparently MIS are never deployed in innovative techniques.

But if MIS does not prove its potential then management will remain clearly cool and unenthusiastic about its use. This would seem to be particularly authentic in locations where the company can be operating in a stable local climate with minimum opposition. If information systems are to be deployed effectively in the organizational area, and to recognize their total potential, ideal or otherwise, this kind of issues must continue to climb up up the corporate agenda. Similarly, senior managers must realize that in the ongoing search for competitive advantage within an ever more active climate, IS USUALLY management may, as continues to be widely managed, be certainly one of their most beneficial (yet underdeveloped) organizational features.

This is a universally approved fact that almost all managerial capabilities are performed through making decisions. For taking logical decisions, regular and reliable information is vital and is procured through a logical method of information collecting, processing and distributing to decision makers. MIS assist decision makers, by giving the required details at numerous stages of decision making and therefore greatly help the organization to achieve its objectives. On the other hand, in the event that an MIS can be poorly designed and built, it may present inaccurate, irrelevant or obsolete information, which might even prove fatal to get the organization.

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