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English, Brief

Well it can another day again in Broady*, and my relo and I went down to the bottle-o to grab some grog for the big* video game of* *aierial* *pingpong* *this arvo* between mighty pies and the dons*. When we arrived we noticed that we spent *all *our *moula* in the servo. “ey* cobber *ya* old bastard*, * all of us better mull u*p, we got no cash” *”true* green *ya* dag, *haha* simply no cash no problem” *”better* grab the metho as well *fella*” *”no* time knackers, *weve* received get home before everyone else *karks* it down there” “what* other dills are coming over for the pies v charit� game *ya* donger*” “just* the *fellas* from the waterhole*” “bullshit*, good dinkum, better have the los dos on speed dial” *”S*orry Jimmy” *”Dont* worry about it* *Bazza*, 2. *im* occupied like a one particular legged groundling in an arse kicking match, will call past* the shops to pinch a few snags”* All of us quickly called past Woolies* to pick up several snags and *sangers*, was an easy five finger low cost but we had to urine bolt home *to build.

* I was surprised the dickheads at *Woolies* could not see all of us knick anything, I mean two *yobbo’s* just like ourselves, you must never leave us unattended*. Anyway *Bazza* and I destroyed the fat while I drove back in our crib.

As we got back to our shack, Bruce was waiting in the door in his *jarmies*. Great guy* a true *whacka* *thoe* but in back of him was obviously a 24 bunch of *buddys*, what a main character! Soon after each of the boys were down and ready for the b*ig video game. *Bazza* enthusiastic the BBQ and the snags were cooking. *”Hey bruce* could you end the BBQ GRILL off mate” “Cock and bull, Ya* old bastard* I how to start how to use one” *”Give that a burl ya* dill” *While they were sorting out the barby I turned on the idiot field to the video game. By now there was alot* of dead marines* and durry butts all over the place, no signal of water laugh in view. I cried out *”ay* alfs video games on” *All the dongers c*arted generally there asses inside the lounge like billy children *wanting a *sucker. *Every bogan* during my lounge place was stumbling out, *i* was surprised any one can see the results. “Carn the pies” *I yelled. W*e got off to a beaut of a star*t, with Diddy (Alan *Didak*) to a bonzer start along with *clokey* (Travis *Cloke*) thumping 3 goals through inside the first quarter*. You by no means know with all the Dons, they always keep coming back with their sandgroper Lovett Murray the *boonga*, his too fast for every other digger out there.

Nothing that “Neon Leon” (Leon Davis) can*’*t manage, will be correct! The second quarters just started and several fucken* *cruddy’s* just pushed the door bells. I got up and observed trouble with the door, it absolutely was an electricity *employer. Right away I thought bummer, *i* knew what this was about. “Ay you the owner of this establishment” *”Yeah ya* bastard” *”Good, Im* below to cut out of your power” “Get fucked” Bazza herd what was going up and go up immediately and explained *”whats* this kind of about? This person giving you curry” *”Yeah fuken* yobbo’s reducing of the power” *”what* about the pies match”

Then a electricity worker said *”tough* titties *ya* bogans” *The electricity dill choked the electricicity* and we were unable to watch the game. “Cunning as a all that shit house rat” I cried out as he left in is donga mobile *We where at this point all in rockwood* end now we were going to miss the game without a doubt now. *Until i* thought of running a wire to the others who live nearby across the street. *”you* underhanded *boonga* they each said” *”shud* up *ya* bastards this is an important game, id brawl with a bull to watch this kind of match” *So I happened to run the extension wire from my home to the nearby neighbours without them knowing.

Slid throughout the back gateway of there* crib and plugged that into their garage. The Fool boxed switched on and the yobs screamed just like yanks via across the road, I happened to run home just like a lost *joey* but acquired missed each of the second and third one fourth. I had spat the dummy*, *i* was* spewing*. The pies were wining and killing this. Soon after the siren gone and we had been stoked, playing around lick head less chicken breast. *COLLINGWOOD had* a ripper of a game* *thrashing the Bombers simply by 6*5 factors at the G. *The pies *creamed* the dons 18. 12 (120) to 8. 7 (55 Looking at a crowd of 90, *000.

Th*e Pies seized control with a spectacular first quarter* as far as *i* was concerned*. * Everyone went home and started out recovering from the top day. I used to be about to catch some Z’s on the chair as I herd* some sirens *i* received up to move outside to see what was occurring as *i* got to the doorway the swines were there, with hand cuffs. They had regretted her decision at the *Woolies* tapes and court us stilling. The good news is *Bazza* got got aside, but that *wasnt* every. Bacon was frying*. T*hey looked throughout the house and found the cord*. They will took me too the police officer shop and sent myself to imprisonment for a few several weeks. Nothing to critical thank bang.

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