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2011 Trustees’ report and accounts Patron Her Majesty The California king President His Royal Highness The Royal prince of Wales KG KT GCB OM Deputy presidents Her Royal Highness Princess Alexandra The Hon Female Ogilvy LG ELECTRONICS GCVO The Countess Mountbatten of Burma CBE COMPACT DISC JP DL Honorary vice-presidents Lord Barnard TD The Rt Hon Baroness Chalker of Wallasey Sylvia, Countess of Limerick CBE Teacher John McClure OBE Mrs Elspeth Jones CBE DL Vice-presidents Mr Anthony Andrews Ms Angela Rippon OBE Mrs Nancy Shammas MBE Board of trustees Chief Mr Adam M. Big t.

Cochrane Vice-chairmen Mrs Victoria Peterkin Mr David Show up CMG Mrs Stella Cummings (from January 2012) Treasurer Mr Russell Walls (until September 2011) Mr David Howell (from September 2011) Other wholesale real estate flipper Mrs Drag into court Brown Mister Stanley Fitches MBE Ms Amy Foan Mr Christopher Hedges (until December 2011) Mr Michael Herriot MBE Mr Steve John Mister Afzal Khan CBE (until October 2011) Lady Lamport Dr Lise Llewellyn Mr Gordon Low Dr J.

Kay Richmond (until January 2011) Mister Graham Stegmann CBE Mister Paul Taylor swift (from January 2012) Mister Keith Shipman (from January 2012)

Elderly management team Chief executive Friend Nicholas Small Managing representative of operations Michael Adamson Director of international David Peppiatt Movie director of UK service development Margaret Lally UK overseer, Scotland, Northern Ireland as well as the Isle of Man Terrain Norman McKinley UK movie director, Northern Territory Jean Henderson UK movie director, Wales and Western Area Annie Bibbings UK movie director, South East Territory Liz Page Overseer of sales and marketing communications Philip Talbot Director of fundraising Mark Astarita Overseer of people and learning Roger Smith FCIPD Chef de cabinet Caroline Leighton Director of finance and business development Rohan Hewavisenti Sub-committees Finance and audit panel Mr David Howell, chief (from Sept. 2010 2011) Mister Russell Wall space, chairman (until September 2011) Mr David M. Capital t. Cochrane Mr Stanley Fitches MBE Mr Gordon Low Mrs Liz Hazell Mr Anthony Potts Mr Peter Bluck Remuneration committee Mister James Meters. T. Cochrane, chairman Mister Russell Surfaces until Sept 2011) Mister David Howell (from Sept. 2010 2011) Mrs Victoria Peterkin Mr David Fall CMG Ethical assessment panel Mrs Stella Cummings Mr Steve John Mr Graham Stegmann CBE External auditors BDO LLP Emerald green House East Street Epsom Surrey KT17 1HS Bankers National Westminster Bank plc City of Greater london Office PO Box 12258 1 Princes Street Greater london EC2R 8PA Investment managers Lazard Advantage Management Ltd 50 Berkeley Street Birmingham W1J 8HA Legal , General Expenditure Management One Coleman Avenue London EC2R BlackRock 33 King William Street Greater london EC4R 9AS External legal advisers Withers 15 Old Bailey Birmingham EC4M 7EG Young mom Pearl, twenty-one, became a volunteer following she and her prolonged family received support through the Red Get across in South Africa 1 Material

Chairman and chief executive’s statement Our aims Urgent response Health and social care Building resilience: first aid and humanitarian education Plans for 2012 Review of finances Structure and governance Self-employed auditors’ report to the wholesale real estate flipper of the Uk Red Get across Society four 5 six 8 10 12 16 16 19 22 forty-four I do not think I could include managed. To know I could usually pick up the telephone and talk to Sue made the world of difference Volunteer Prosecute Whalley helped Ellis Sheldon and his wife cope with illness in their remote country house Accounts for the year ended thirty-one December 2011 Thank you a couple of British Reddish colored Cross Trustees’ report and accounts 2011 3 Chief and key executive’s affirmation This year indicates us how easy it really is for a motion of people to change the world, forever or unwell.

Summer riots in the UK, financial protests all over the world and the show up of government authorities in the Middle East and Africa ” they each relied with an instantly connected network of folks acting together, quickly and powerfully. Part of the Red Cross’ mission is usually to mobilise the potency of humanity. In the event that chaos and violence will be unfolding more quickly, then thus must the ability to control that power for good, conserving and changing lives in the united kingdom and offshore. As always, our volunteers and staff were at the well-defined end of crisis all over the world last year, coming from drought and famine in east Africa to severe weather in Scotland. We all remain reasonable about the external pressures and difficulties facing all of us.

A key concentrate for us is the way the coalition government’s reforms and reviews happen to be affecting the work ” most notably the NHS reforms, cuts in the public sector and the Department for International Development (DFID) aid evaluations. We have continuing to develop our health and wellness and sociable care provide to be more consistent, built-in and concentrated on what NHS commissioners’ needs will tend to be in the future. This is certainly just one way we are ensuring our providers are available for persons adversely affected by changes or perhaps cuts. We also received unconditional subscription for the ambulance operate from the Care Quality Commission payment, which ensures we can always deliver a various ambulance companies independently throughout England.

In November we transferred our skin camouflage service to a new home at Changing Faces, a charity specializing in disfigurement. Over the last thirty eight years, this kind of award-winning services has helped tens of thousands of persons cope with physically disfiguring conditions and blemishes and Changing Faces is able to develop the service even more, ensuring this continues to have a great impact on people’s lives. We offer our thanks to the committed and skilled volunteers and staff involved. The DFID aid evaluations, and the work of the devolved administrations, show an increasing focus on preparing for disasters in the UK and overseas, which will represents a significant opportunity for all of us.

Our ‘Ready for Winter’ campaign to ensure people are well prepared for severe weather, introduced in partnership with the Scottish government, is a good example of how we will be meeting it. In these fiscally challenging instances, we must ensure we increase our fundraising potential to guarantee our financial sustainability. Each of our compact with our supporters is that, as ever, we all will keep our costs under control and produce efficient and effective usage of all our assets.

You browse ‘Red Cross Report’ in category ‘Essay examples’ All of us, and the higher than a million people we help each year, rely on their kindness and trust. Thank you for all of our supporters, partners, volunteers and staff members for their essential contributions in 2011 ” coming together, we kept and changed people’s lives around the world. The aims The vision is of a world wherever everyone gets the help they require in a turmoil.

Our mission is usually to mobilise the strength of humanity so that individuals and communities can prepare for, deal with and recover from a crisis. Since the Britian’s leading unexpected emergency response charitable organization, 3, 500 staff and 32, 500 volunteers pursue these desired goals both in this article and international. Our function includes urgent response, into the social care, and building resilience (including first aid and humanitarian education). We function both in our own right, so that as part of the Foreign Red Mix and Red Crescent Motion, the planet’s largest humanitarian education network, that has around 13 million volunteers across 188 countries. The corporate technique, Saving Lives, Changing Lives, sets the framework to get our primary activities between 2010-15. redcross. org. uk/movement redcross. org. uk/strategy

Our plans for 2011 included: &gt, conditioning our capacity to respond to significant emergencies across the whole with the UK &gt, strengthening the caliber of our solutions for asile and refugees &gt, increasing the reach and top quality of the Intercontinental Federation of Red Combination and Red Crescent Societies’ disaster response &gt, establishing our attention in the home activity as the main objective of our UK health and cultural care function, integrating existing services with it exactly where appropriate &gt, building strength, helping people and communities prepare for and withstand catastrophes. James M. T. Cochrane Chairman from the board of trustees Personally i think I’m not only helping specific people, nevertheless helping the Red Combination and world in general After being made repetitive, Ed Owen found a new lease of life as a care in your own home volunteer Sir Nicholas Youthful Chief executive 4

British Crimson Cross Trustees’ report and accounts 2011 5 Unexpected emergency response For the emergency strikes, we act in response We introduced seven unexpected emergency appeals this summer, raising? 21. 6 , 000, 000 to help people in east The african continent, Japan, Fresh Zealand, Pakistan, Turkey, the Libya location and the Ivory Coast location recover from famine, conflict, surging and earthquakes. As hundreds of thousands of people out of place by civil war in Libya fled across the line to Tunisia in Mar, we dispatched experts in logistics and mass sanitation to support the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement’s response there. This helped prevent the outbreak of disease and sickness inside the displacement camps.

We as well sent logistics delegates to compliment the Movement’s operations during violent schisme in Egypt and the foodstuff crisis in Kenya to make certain vital aid got to the individuals who new cases exposed to help segregated families settle back in touch 610 30, 1000 people in britain given first aid at on the lookout for, 000 bars needed this, even inside the most difficult environments. Next January 2010’s devastating earthquake in Haiti, we are midway through a 4 year recovery system. Over the last season, we have helped 75, 500 people recover their livelihoods through money distribution, provided water and sanitation where there was none, and presented 22, 500 families safe and increased shelter. All of us started to build permanent housing to replace transitional shelters. In he middle of the restoration process, we all also responded to a major cholera outbreak, dealing with 9, 500 patients and operating five clinics and oral water balance units. Staff and volunteers responded to some, 200 (440 in Scotland) emergency response call-outs in the united kingdom in 2011, supporting the urgent services. These ranged from fire and electricity cuts to an improvised volatile device in Omagh. The Red Mix volunteers provide an invaluable service to people each time of great emotional need and stress. If they are looking after the families, it means the medical personnel have one significantly less factor to consider Robert Burroughs, Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service? 3 mil released from your Disaster Pay for to help people afflicted with conflict or disasters in the UK and international 6

Uk Red Get across Trustees’ survey and accounts 2011 Once severe climate in Scotland in January cut off various vulnerable people in remote locations, volunteers worked 24 / 7 to spread relief and support the Scottish Mat Service. We all completed several reviews to ensure we can attract the right numbers of volunteers and equipment via across the UK to respond in the instance of a large crisis. Around a third of our providers for refugees and refugees, which helped 35, 500 people (570 in Scotland), 22, 300 of them destitute, are now licensed by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner, giving external assurance of their quality.

All of us plan for most to be certified by the end of 2012. redcross. org. uk/emergencyresponse redcross. org. uk/recovery I prefer the Red Cross because they give us biscuits and are teaching us how to improve our health David Losiru, five, one of the children for to whom our college feeding system in Kenya is producing a difference twenty-seven, 000 persons in the UK helped by all of us in an unexpected emergency 7 Health and social proper care We support vulnerable people recover from overall health or interpersonal crises, and live with dignity and self-reliance in their homes We helped 397, 000 people in britain (28, 1000 in Scotland) this year whenever they could not deal at home by itself, many of them after having a stay in clinic or facing the risk of being admitted.

This kind of helped them retain their very own independence, and reduced vestibule to hospitals and residential or breastfeeding care. For instance , our medical equipment mortgage service in southeast Wales made it possible for 280 individuals to be released from hospital, averaging a saving of at least three understructure days every patient. Ninety-one per cent of your health and cultural care service users reported that all their experience was either very good or exceptional. We also began doing work towards the driven target of reaching 45 per cent more people in the UK with our into the social care services by simply 2014. As part of this operate, we agreed 26 new health and sociable care advancements in 2011. seventy five, 000

Because the government moves along its social care reform agenda, all of us submitted drafted evidence towards the health select committee, and developed plans which will constitute the basis of a great advocacy program in 2012 to embed the voluntary sector’s role in tackling the UK’s attention crisis. We work in collaboration with other members of the Intercontinental Red Mix and Reddish Crescent Movement across of sixteen countries to aid communities take on health and social crises ” from people living with HIV in S. africa to the younger generation rebuilding their lives following conflict in Sierra Leone. For example , all of us support a Kyrgyzstan Red Crescent plan to help prone women build their livelihoods and be conscious of their privileges. This function includes an advocacy element, which contributed to a change in the law this year, whereby relationship registration is now compulsory.

Previously, traditional unregistered marriages experienced left girls that had been kept by their husbands with no protection under the law or position. wheelchairs borrowed to people to help them stay impartial I’m very happy for the Red Cross’ help because they taught me how to take care of the kids, displaying how to supply the pills when they first began taking their very own treatment. They will supported me personally until That i knew what to do Patricia lives in South Africa and cares for her several grandchildren, aged between a single and four, most of whom have got either HIV or TB 7, 700 volunteers in the united kingdom delivering into the social proper care 8 British Red Combination Trustees’ survey and accounts 2011 redcross. org. uk/healthandsocialcare redcross. org. uk/uksocialcare ulnerable people in the UK used our transport service to reach medical appointments or get additional help with day to day life 34, 500 Now I think more confident regarding getting out ” and it’s therefore nice not to be caught in the house all the time Sight-impaired Brenda Hall, coming from Llanelli, was visited for a few weeks by a volunteer to assist build her confidence and remain impartial 9 Building resilience: first-aid and humanitarian education All of us make areas more resilient by educating people the right way to save lives and encouraging them to take action to help others of the volunteers are aged 18-26 (6, 600 volunteers in total) 20% people learned about humanitarian issues and worldwide humanitarian rules through the education programmes 183, 300 370, 1000 eople in the UK took one of our first aid courses this year, 61, 1000 of who were coming from vulnerable organizations A survey we ran this year confirmed that merely 3 per cent of the UK population would be willing to commit a couple of hours in mastering first aid, and 64 per cent fear the responsibility of having first aid skills. Thus in Sept. 2010 2011 we launched Everyday First Aid, a free online useful resource providing the simplest way possible to find out basic life-saving skills. Showcasing videos, computer animation and reallife scenarios, the resource has been viewed by 199, 1000 people since its launch and supplements each of our range of face-to-face training courses. 90 per cent of people who have taken certainly one of our first aid courses believed more confident in using first aid

Thank goodness I had developed completed the first aid study course, as the information was still fresh in my mind. I recently stopped panicking and started to slap her back. In under a minute your woman was okay again Sayma put her training from our first aid program for fraction ethnic groupings in Edinburgh into practice when her threeyear-old child began to choke as a result, and 76 % were more willing to make use of those abilities in an urgent. We used this program the start of our 1st mobile app, so that Android os, BlackBerry and iPhone users have access to similar life-saving information on the maneuver. The iphone app was downloaded 127, 300 times this year and 185, 000 by simply March 2012.

Over the summer time, we continued our Your life. Live That. campaign, directed at equipping eleven to 16-year-olds with first aid skills. Through a cinema movie trailer shown prior to the final Harry Potter film, we demonstrated 2 . 6th million people how to conserve an subconscious person’s life by forcing them prove side and tilting all their head back therefore their respiratory tract is clear. All of us also took the same concept to youngsters festivals surrounding the country, which has a series of ‘silent disco’ events, reaching about 5, 1000 young people. redcross. org. uk/firstaid redcross. org. uk/everydayfirstaid redcross. org. uk/app 6. some million persons learned about first aid from us through open public or mass media campaigns

I actually realised I’d personally basically need to save they’ve life, which was a bit of a surprise early on a Wednesday morning hours While on her way into a GCSE English exam, Hannah Niesser employed her first aid training to provide chest contrainte to a flattened man 14 10 Uk Red Combination Trustees’ survey and accounts 2011 Strategies for 2012 In 2012 we have fully commited that: 1 ) We will ensure we are completely prepared to fulfill the potential crisis response problems presented with a year of major activity in the UK, including the Olympics, Paralympics and Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. 2 . We all will expand investment in international tragedy response and increase the reach and effect of resilience programming with International Red Cross and Red New-moon Movement lovers, particularly in Africa and South Asia. 3.

We all will educate first aid to 354, 000 young people and adults, therefore they are more able, assured and willing to help someone in a crisis. 4. We will further improve the quality of our services intended for refugees and asylum seekers simply by achieving OISC accreditation for most of our services and search for institutional funding to meet some of the needs as a result of the significant expense reduction of lovers in the renardière sector. your five. We is going to continue to develop our health and social attention services therefore we are in course to get to 40 per cent more beneficiaries by the end of 2014 having a choice of solutions that increase their ability to live independently longer. 6.

We all will even more strengthen our ability to gauge the outcomes and impact of the work in the UK and internationally. Everything happened so quickly ” it was really terrifying ” so it was really very good to have these friendly confronts around Volunteers were on hand to provide mother-of-two Holly Gunning with mental support and practical advice after her home was struck simply by lightning doze British Reddish colored Cross Trustees’ report and accounts 2011 13 Report on finances The organisation continued to develop, with total expenditure this year increasing 16 per cent coming from? 199. 2 million to? 230. 9 million. This was supported by a 4 per cent increase in each of our total profits to? 213. 8 mil. from regular giving increasing 21 percent to? forty one. 9 mil.

Charitable expenditure Our non-profit expenditure increased by 20 per cent to? 159. two million in 2011 with the boost mostly within our emergency response activities. Continued support pertaining to the Haitian earthquake programs, along with cash transfers made to support the Japanese earthquake response, resulted in our intercontinental emergency response expenditure raising 74 per cent to? forty five. 4 mil. We as well invested even more in our UK emergency response activities, raising expenditure by 18 % to? twenty-four. 5 mil. Expenditure in resilience programs has increased six per cent to? 39 , 000, 000 with the primary increase becoming in our work together with National Communities in other areas of the world.

Our health and sociable care work is mainly UK-based and our spending on this activity decreased somewhat to? forty one. 3 , 000, 000. Expenditure upon medical tools services reduced by? 3. 5 mil to? doze. 7 , 000, 000 due to the loss of a major contract for the supply of community equipment. It was offset by a? 3. 4 million increase in our attention and support programmes. Fund-collecting Voluntary cash flow, which includes profits from unexpected emergency appeals, fundraising, regular supplying, cash via shawls by hoda and legacies, increased 12 per cent coming from? 119. on the lookout for million to? 131. your five million. Each of our individual supporters donated nowadays before, throughout challenging monetary times, with income

Charitable income About 25 per cent of total income comes directly from charitable activities which include first aid schooling fees, into the social care contracts and grants to support our worldwide work. Each of our charitable income decreased eight per cent to? 52. 9 million, due to the loss of a major community products contract as well as a drop in grants to back up our foreign work. Supplies Our supplies policy is set to ensure that there is no disruption of British Red Cross providers in the event of a great unforeseen lowering of income or perhaps increase in costs. The insurance plan sets our minimum free reserves level at? 15 million. Since at 31 December, the free obtainable reserves amounted to? 41. 4 million (2010:? 54. 7 million).

We have improved many of our investments from fairness to bonds to reduce the consequence of market unpredictability on us. Together with tighter financial forecasting and reporting, this will permit us to plan for a lesser level of stores, allowing all of us to spend even more helping people in require. This is consistent with our approach, Saving Lives, Changing Lives, which traces plans to draw upon our free of charge available supplies by 2015. We decide to draw down? 14. almost eight million of reserves news and an additional? 6. two million in 2013. Retirement benefits The English Red Get across operates two defined advantage pension plans, which are equally closed to new members. The web pension extra reported within our accounts can be? 0. several million while at 23 December 2011 (2010 extra:? 1 . million) and We make vulnerable teams, including ladies and children, for cyclones in Char Padma, Bangladesh the actuarial damage during the year was? 1 . six million (2010:? 2 million gain). However , our latest actuarial values for money purposes revealed a net deficit of? 4. four million. We also have conditional liabilities pertaining to the account of the Pension Trust’s Progress Plan. The British Crimson Cross provides sole the liability for? six. 5 mil and joint liability with the Order of St Ruben for believed? 3 million pension debts of the Joint Committee of the Order of St John of Jerusalem and United kingdom Red Get across Society. Opportunities As in 31 Dec 2011, we all held fixed asset investments of? 49. 1 , 000, 000 (2010:? 54.99 million).

Each of our investments reported net deficits of? 0. 6 million in 2011. A great investment sub-committee in the finance and audit committee regularly testimonials our expense portfolio and performs an annual review of our investment coverage. Our expense objective is usually to seek deliver subject to a requirement of capital preservation. The investment sub-committee has examined, and is satisfied with, the overall efficiency of the purchase portfolio against its benchmarks. The British Red Mix will not immediately invest in stocks in, or perhaps commercial conventional paper issued by, companies with a significant desire for the trading of hands or inside the manufacture of tobacco items.

However , it is recognised the ethical investment policy cannot be applied when investing in put money market or investment cash. 14 English Red Combination Trustees’ record and accounts 2011 12-15 Structure and governance Legal status The British Red Cross was founded in 1870 and integrated by Regal Charter in 1908. A Supplemental Hoheitsvoll Charter got effect on 1 January 1998 and this was revised by HM the Queen in Council on 17 Come july 1st 2003. The governing tools under that the British Crimson Cross functions comprise this kind of revised hire, the standing orders and other policies decided from time to time by its regulating body, the board of trustees.

The legal things of the United kingdom Red Get across, as laid out in its revised Royal Rental, are to give assistance to patients of equipped conflicts and work for the advance of well being, the prevention of disease and the elimination and relief of individual suffering in the UK and across the world. Organisation The board of trustees comprises nine selected members or over to 8 members co-opted by the plank itself. Recently elected and appointed trustees join the board in the beginning of the season in most instances. All their terms of office previous for three years, and they can serve two consecutive threeyear terms, after which they must stand down through the board no less than one year. A nominations group oversees recruitment of co-opted trustees. The recruitment of elected trustees is carried out via a national electoral university of eight volunteer council chairs. The board of trustees ratifies the result.

The finance and audit committee oversees the organisation’s economical transactions. This committee has been produced specific responsibilities and makes relevant recommendations to the board. Even though the approval of policy is actually a matter pertaining to the board, that body system works carefully with the chief executive and his fellow workers on the mature management crew, which is recharged with the implementation of insurance plan. A wholly-owned trading subsidiary, Britcross Limited, supports the fundraising activities of the United kingdom Red Mix. The assets, liabilities and trading benefits of this organization, which is designed in the UK, are consolidated in the financial transactions.

The Uk Red Combination has 8 Overseas Twigs in British Overseas Areas and these types of have also been included in the financial statements. The English Red Mix is a member of the International Crimson Cross and Red New-moon Movement, with volunteers and staff contributing to a number of endeavours in both the International Federation of Reddish Cross and Red New-moon Societies (Federation) and the Foreign Committee from the Red Cross (ICRC). Volunteers carry out an array of activities, including responding to disasters, first aid, providing health and interpersonal care and humanitarian education programmes, assisting refugees and asylum seekers, and fundraising.

Without one, we could not really carry out this life-saving and lifechanging function. The United kingdom Red Cross has more than 320 charitable trust shops over the UK noted management devices, processes and procedures. The program of inside control and risk management is built to: &gt, The finance and audit panel reviews risk and inner controls and receives regular reports from senior managing. &gt, The committee approves the twelve-monthly risk-based inside audit prepare, which covers key risks since identified simply by management and trustees. That receives inner audit studies, regular progress reports and risk updates. Internal taxation reports determine areas for improvement inside the internal control, risk and governance environment. gt, Elderly management opinions key tactical and functional risks frequently. They consider progress on mitigating activities, new and emerging dangers, and chances. &gt, Management identifies, examines and deals with risks into their areas coming from planning to delivery of services. Progress can be reported quarterly via Risk management Achievement with the charity’s aims and goals entails choosing risks. The device of inner control is made to manage risk to a fair degree rather than to eliminate every risk of inability relating to achieving aims and objectives. The trustees are responsible for guaranteeing the charitable trust has successful risk management and internal control systems set up.

The plank reviews significant risks and ensures fair measures had been taken to control risks. Mature management offers responsibility for managing resources, monitoring overall performance, and developing and keeping effective interior control systems. This is supported by clearly &gt, identify and prioritise the strategic and operational risks to the achievement of the charity’s aims and objectives, &gt, evaluate the probability of those risks being noticed and their potential impact, and &gt, manage these hazards efficiently, properly and economically. The trustees are happy that ideal internal control systems and risk management procedures are in position.

They consider that the subsequent framework offers the charity with adequate measures to reduce the impact of discovered risks: of sixteen British Reddish Cross Trustees’ report and accounts 2011 17 Self-employed auditors’ report to the trustees of English Red Mix divisional and departmental updates. This is analysed and reported to elderly management on a regular basis. &gt, Board sub-committees and management groupings help identify, evaluate and manage risks relating to fund-collecting, investments, business continuity, health insurance and safety, remuneration, major infrastructure and IT projects, and operational demands including health insurance and social treatment, emergency response and the Olympics.

Work in this place is ongoing with an improvement plan to further enhance the success of risikomanagement activities and ensure consistency in its application over the charity. The most significant risks towards the charity include the impact of government policy such as the spending assessment, fundraising, reputation, security and safety of staff and volunteers, basic safety of beneficiaries, workforce potential and ability, management data, IT system and the difficulties of operating major alleviation programmes. &gt, prepared the accounts over a going concern basis. Economic statements are published within the organisation’s web page (redcross. org. k) relative to legislation in britain governing the preparation and dissemination of financial statements, which might vary from legal guidelines in other jurisdictions. The trustees’ responsibilities likewise extend to the ongoing honesty of the economical statements covered therein. Trustees participated in a range of development activities during the year. Via visits to British Reddish colored Cross areas, services and events, to external conventions, the Uk Red Get across ensures their board users are held abreast of innovations in the sector, as well as offered the opportunity to increase their abilities and encounters to assist them in preventing powering their tasks effectively.

Trustees’ responsibilities The trustees prepare consolidated monetary statements for each financial year. These provide a true and fair look at of the point out of the British Red Get across and of the annual outcomes. In planning the monetary statements, the trustees possess: &gt, selected suitable accounting policies and applied all of them consistently, &gt, made conclusions and estimates that are fair and prudent, &gt, adopted applicable accounting standards without any material departures, Public benefit The table of wholesale real estate flipper has offered regard towards the legislative and regulatory requirements for disclosing how the charitable aims (as placed in our Hoheitsvoll Charter) possess provided advantage to the open public.

The plank of wholesale real estate flipper has complied with the duty set out in Section 5 of the Non profit organizations Act 2011, and that decide by the Workplace of the Scottish Charity Limiter in the Charitable organizations and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act 2005. This survey outlines just how our successes during 2011 have gained the public, both directly or indirectly. For the trustees We have audited the monetary statements in the British Reddish colored Cross Culture for the year ended thirty-one December 2011 which include the Consolidated Statement of Financial Activities, the Consolidated Equilibrium Sheets, the Consolidated Cash Flow Statement plus the related paperwork. The economic reporting platform that has been applied in their preparing is applicable law and British isles Accounting Criteria (United Kingdom Generally Acknowledged Accounting Practice).

This statement is made solely to the charity’s trustees, being a body, in accordance with the Charities Act 2011 and the Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act 2005. Our review work has become undertaken in order that we might point out to the charity’s trustees those matters were required to express to them in an auditor’s report and then for no different purpose. For the fullest magnitude permitted by law, we do not accept or suppose responsibility to anyone apart from the charitable organization and the charity’s trustees as a body, pertaining to our review work, in this report, or perhaps for the opinions we certainly have formed. All those standards need us to comply with the Auditing Techniques Board’s (APB’s) Ethical Criteria for Auditors.

Scope of the audit with the financial claims A description of the scope of the audit of economic statements is definitely provided within the APB’s web page at www. frc. org. uk/apb/ scope/private. cfm. Opinion on monetary statements Within our opinion the financial statements: &gt, provide a true and fair view of the state of the group’s and the father or mother charity’s affairs as for 31 Dec 2011 along with the group’s incoming methods and application of resources for the season then concluded, &gt, have been properly prepared in accordance with British Generally Accepted Accounting Practice, and &gt, have been ready in accordance with the Charities Work 2011, the Charities and Trustee Purchase (Scotland) Work 2005 and regulations 6 and almost 8 of the Charities Accounts (Scotland) Regulations 2006 (as amended).

Matters where we are necessary to report by exception We have nothing to statement in respect of the next matters where Charities Work 2011 and the Charities Accounts (Scotland) Restrictions 2006 (as amended) needs us to report to you if, in our opinion: &gt, the information succumbed the Trustees’ Annual Statement is inconsistent in any materials respect together with the financial claims, or David M. Big t. Cochrane Leader of the table of trustees 28 March 2012 Individual responsibilities of trustees and auditor As explained more fully in the Trustees’ Responsibilities Statement (set out on page 18), the trustees are in charge of for the preparation of the financial transactions and for getting satisfied that they can give a the case and fair view.

We’ve been appointed since auditor under section 44(1)(c) of the Charitable organizations and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act 2005 and under section 144 of the Charities Act 2011 and survey in accordance with restrictions made below those Serves. Our responsibility is to taxation and express an opinion on the financial transactions in accordance with relevant law and International Requirements on Auditing (UK and Ireland). 18 British Reddish colored Cross Trustees’ report and accounts 2011 19 &gt, proper and sufficient accounting records never have been kept, or &gt, the parent or guardian charitable business financial claims are not in agreement with the accounting records or earnings, or &gt, we have not really received all the info and explanations we need for each of our audit.

BDO LLP Lawful Auditor Epsom United Kingdom Date: 28 Drive 2012 BDO LLP is eligible to become an auditor in terms of section 1212 of the Companies Work 2006. BDO LLP is a limited responsibility partnership authorized in England and Wales (with registered quantity OC305127). Guei, 24, was one of thousands of refugees via conflict inside the Ivory Shoreline who the Red Mix helped with water and other essentials when they reached Liberia twenty British Reddish colored Cross Trustees’ report and accounts 2011 21 Makes up the year concluded 31 January 2011 Summary of profits and spending for the entire year ended 23 December 2011 Consolidated declaration of financial actions for the year ended 31 December 2011 2011 Total? m 2010 Total? meters Unrestricted Notes? Incoming solutions Incoming solutions from made funds Voluntary income Trading activities Expense income Total incoming assets from made funds Newly arriving resources by charitable actions Emergency response and restoration Resilience Health insurance and social treatment Supporting the Movement Total incoming methods from charity activities Different incoming methods Miscellaneous profits Net profits on disposal of concrete fixed possessions Total incoming resources Methods expended Costs of generating funds Voluntary profits Trading actions Total solutions expended about generating money Restricted? meters 2 Income? 213. 8m ca re in co m elizabeth E a great me m rg re en co c ve y r? 1 ry es five. po 5m ns electronic R fue ili sobre ce air conditioning unit tiv iti es therefore ci al 94. 5 26. your five 0. several 121. two 37. you 37. you 131. a few 26. your five 0. three or more 158. a few 119. on the lookout for 24. eight 0. 6 145. three or more S Meters up ov po? na rt. being unfaithful en ing m big t th U e in th ve er st an m d en t Tr ad in g They would ea lth 3 three or more. 3 13. 7 21 years old. 0 0. 4 39. 4 three or more. 7 0. 8 zero. 6 almost 8. 4 13. 5 several. 0 15. 5 21 years old. 6 8. 8 52. 9 on the lookout for. 3 12-15. 3 twenty-five. 1 several. 9 57. 6. 5 m Vo lu nt ar con 5m 6m an m 1 .? two? 8. almost eight 31? 1? 2? several m 6th. m 0. 6 installment payments on your 0 163. 2 50. 6 zero. 6 2 . 0 213. 8 1 ) 1 1 . 7 205. 7 44. 6 23. 6 sixty-eight. 2 28. 2 23. 6 39. 7 installment payments on your 0 tips. 5 installment payments on your 6 some 172. a few (9. 1) (9. 1) 9 18 (0. 3) (0. 9) (1. 6) (11. 9) 7 several 110. 4 98. a few 0. 9 0. being unfaithful 41. 7 7. 4 1 . six 7. zero 57. six 58. 6 (8. 0) (8. 0) 0. a few (7. 7) 45. four 37. 7 45. five 23. 6 69. you 69. on the lookout for 39. 0 41. three or more 9. 0 159. 2 2 . six 230. being unfaithful (17. 1) (17. 1) (0. 3) (0. 6) (1. 6) (19. 6) 155. almost eight 136. a couple of 40. 3 23. your five 63. eight 46. 36. 3 41. 4 almost 8. 3 132. 8 2 . 6 199. 2 six. 5 6th. 5 (0. 2) 1 . 7 installment payments on your 0 15. 0 145. 8 155. 8 Expenses? 230. 9m Su ca pp lso are? 2 or perhaps. 6 tin m g th G e ov M im or her ov mhh em nc en electronic co t st s i9000 E a great me deb rg re en co c empieza y 3rd there’s r ry sera po natursekt e C in os co to o meters fv como também o lu nt ar y ac tiv iti es so ci al Costs of non-profit activities Unexpected emergency response and recovery Resilience Health and interpersonal care Promoting the Activity Total solutions expended in charitable activities Governance costs Total solutions expended Net (outgoing) / incoming assets before transactions Transfers among funds Net (outgoing) / incoming assets before recognised gains and losses Loss on urrent asset assets (Losses) / gains on fixed advantage investments Actuarial (losses) as well as gains on defined benefit pension strategies Net activity in cash Total cash , you January Total funds , 31 December All the actions relate to ongoing operations. L es ili en ce Tr advertisement in g 5m 6m 9m 9m 3m They would ea lth? 4 1 )? 9 a great d? 5? 2? six? 3 m 5. a few. 9. 7 22 United kingdom Red Combination Trustees’ survey and accounts 2011 23 Consolidated “balance sheet” as by 31 Dec 2011 2011? m sixty four. 4 49. 1 113. 5 Current assets Stocks Debtors Purchases Cash for bank in addition to hand 5. 2 31. 9 6. 6 4. 0 forty-five. 7 Current liabilities Credit card companies: amounts falling due within one year Net current resources Total assets less current liabilities Creditors: amounts slipping due in more than 12 months Provision intended for liabilities and charges Net assets ahead of pension structure surplus Described benefit pension plan scheme excessive Net resources 14 several (20. ) 25. six 139. 2 (0. 3) (3. 4) 135. five 0. 7 136. a couple of 2010? m 63. eight 58. zero 121. eight Consolidated cashflow statement to get the year concluded 31 12 , 2011 Remarks Net funds (outflow) as well as inflow from operating actions (see below) Capital costs and economic investment 18 2011? m (13. 7) 3. zero (10. 7) Decrease in current asset assets Decrease in funds 17 4. 3 (6. 4) 2010? m 8. 4 (19. 4) (11. 0) 9. 7 (1. 3) Paperwork Fixed resources Tangible fixed assets Investments 8 on the lookout for 10 on the lookout for 3. a few 29. zero 11. 2 10. some 53. being unfaithful Reconciliation of net incoming resources to net money outflow from operating activities Net (outgoing) / incoming resources Depreciation charge Net gains and disposal of tangible fixed assets Embrace stocks Increase in debtors Increase in creditors Maximize / (decrease) in procedures for liabilities and fees Net charges for described benefit pension plan scheme Net cash (outflow) / inflow from operating activities Getting back together of net funds to movement in short-term cash less credit Decrease in money Decrease in current asset assets (6. 4) (4. 3) (10. 7) Losses in current asset investments (0. 3) (11. 0) Net short-term money less credit at one particular January Net short-term money less borrowing at 23 December seventeen 21. a few 10. three or more (1. 3) (9. 7) (11. 0) (0. 2) (11. 2) 32. a few 21. a few (17. 1) 6. 7 (2. 0) (0. 9) (1. 9) 2 . 6 0. one particular (1. 2) (13. 7) 6. five 6. 5 (1. 7) (0. 4) (1. 5) 2 . 0 (2. 2) (0. 8) 8. four 11 (17. 4) thirty eight. 5 158. 3 (0. 3) (3. 3) 154. 7 1 . 1 one hundred fifty five. 8 doze Funds: Restricted funds Unhindered funds tangible fixed possessions Defined advantage pension structure fund Free available stores Unrestricted funds Total cash 7 six 37. six 56. 0. 7 41. 4 98. 5 136. 2 45. 4 fifty four. 6 1 . 1 54. 7 128. 4 155. 8 The accompanying records form an integral part of these consolidated financial assertions. The English Red Get across has not prepared a separate “balance sheet” for the charity as this is not thought to be materially dissimilar to the consolidated balance sheet. Intended for and on behalf of the English Red Cross, James Cochrane Chairman, plank of trustees 28 Drive 2012 David Howell Chief, finance and audit committee 28 March 2012 24 British Reddish colored Cross Trustees’ report and accounts 2011 25 Remarks to the consolidated financial transactions for the season ended 31 December 2011 1 . Accounting policies a) Scope and basis of the financial assertions The consolidated financial statements have been ready under the traditional cost tradition, as modified by the revaluation of opportunities at their market value, and are relative to Accounting and Reporting simply by Charities: Declaration of Advised Practice (Revised 2005) (‘the SORP’), suitable accounting specifications in the United Kingdom plus the reporting requirements of the Charities Act 2011. The effects and “balance sheet” of the English Red Cross’ subsidiary, Britcross Limited, have already been consolidated over a line by simply line basis. Britcross Limited makes up accounts to 31 December. Independent statements of financial activities and balance sheet haven’t been presented for the charity only as these are not considered to be materially different from the consolidated statement of financial activities and consolidated balance sheet.

The financial statements incorporate the results of material activities overseas where British Crimson Cross provides operational responsibility. The results and net assets of Red Combination operations in eight British Overseas Branches have been contained in the financial statements. (b) Pay for accounting Standard unrestricted funds are available for use at the acumen of the trustees in promotion of the basic charitable aims. A pension reserve is roofed within unhindered funds to reflect the pension excessive. Restricted cash are donated for whether particular area or purpose, the use of which can be restricted to that area or perhaps purpose. These kinds of donations happen to be principally to get international functions. c) Inbound resources Every income is usually accounted for when the British Reddish Cross offers entitlement to the funds, the total amount can be quantified and there is certainty of invoice. Where profits is received in advance of providing goods and services, it is deferred before the British Reddish Cross becomes entitled to that income. Unless there is evidence of uncertainty of receipt, residuary legacies will be recognised in the date of probate in which a reliable calculate of cash flow can be produced. Income via will or perhaps reversionary cartouche is certainly not recognised before the life fascination has passed aside. Income coming from pecuniary legacies is recognised upon warning announcement. Disasters Unexpected emergency Committee (DEC) appeal profits is accepted to the level that resources have been fully commited on programmes funded throughout the DEC appeals.

Gifts donated for resale are included as salary when they are offered. Donated assets and providers are included at the worth to the United kingdom Red Combination where this is reliably quantified. Donated solutions from our volunteers are not included within the monetary statements. (d) Resources expended and basis of allocation of cost Most expenditure is definitely accounted for on an accruals basis. Direct costs are individuals specifically associated with producing the output of an activity, for example the costs incurred in direct connection with beneficiaries. Support costs happen to be those which present indirect support to front-line output provision ” examples are central finance, recruiting and managing information providers.

Support costs not due to a single activity have been given on a basis consistent with recognized cost motorists for that cost category including staff brain count, floor space and expenses. Governance costs relate to the direct working of the charitable trust, allowing the charity to work and make the information necessary for public liability. They are the costs of subscriptions linked to membership of the International Reddish Cross and Red New-moon Movement, in addition to the costs of trustee group meetings and external and internal audits. (e) Tangible fixed assets and depreciation Almost all tangible set assets costing more than? you, 000 will be capitalised and included at cost, which include any imprevisto expenses of acquisition and irrecoverable VAT.

Depreciation can be provided on the straight-line basis over all their useful economical lives as follows: Freehold properties Leasehold properties &gt, Store premises &gt, Other areas Freehold building improvements Leasehold premises advancements Ambulances Other vehicles Gear and pieces of furniture Computer products and software Freehold terrain Assets in course of construction 50 years the shorter of the term with the lease and five years the shorter of the term of the rent and 50 years ten years the shorter with the term of the lease and ten years eight years five years five years between one and three years zero nil (f) Pensions The defined gain pension plan current service costs, along with the scheme fascination cost less the expected return on the scheme assets pertaining to the year, happen to be charged for the relevant spending heading in the consolidated statement of financial activities in line with the salary costs of the related employees. The defined profit scheme resources are scored at fair value on the balance sheet day.

Scheme liabilities are measured on an actuarial basis at the balance sheet date using the forecasted unit method and cheaper at a rate equal to the current charge of come back on a premium quality corporate connection of comparable term for the scheme liabilities. The change in value of assets and liabilities as a result of asset valuation, changes in rewards, actuarial presumptions, or difference in the level of shortage attributable to people is recognised in the consolidated statement of financial activities within just actuarial gains/losses on defined benefit pension check schemes. The resulting defined benefit property or liability is provided separately on the face of the balance sheet.

The English Red Mix recognises resources for its described benefit pension check schemes for the extent they are considered recoverable with reference to expected future current service costs for lively scheme associates. Pension costs in respect of identified contribution plans are billed to the consolidated statement of economic activities pertaining to the period in which they are payable. (g) Opportunities Investments happen to be stated for market value in the balance sheet date and the consolidated statement of economic activities shows net purchase gains and losses as a result of revaluation with the investment stock portfolio and units during the year. (h) Stocks Shares are explained at the reduce of expense and net realisable value. Provision is made for obsolete, unsalable or substandard stock where appropriate.

Things donated for resale and distribution are certainly not included in the economical statements until they are sold or sent out. Emergency stocks and options held to get disaster response are transmitted from stock to methods expended once issued from the warehouse. (i) Value added duty Irrecoverable useful tax can be allocated to the class of expenditure to which this relates. (j) Provisions Provisions are accepted when the Uk Red Combination has a legal or helpful financial requirement, that can be reliably estimated and for which there exists an expectation that payment will be built. (k) Functioning leases Accommodations under functioning leases are charged on a straightline basis over the lease contract terms, set up payments are certainly not made on such a basis.

Benefits received and receivable since an incentive to sign an operating lease are, likewise, spread on a straight-line basis over the rental term, except where the period to the assessment date which the rent is first supposed to be adjusted to the existing market rate is short than the full lease term, in which case the shorter period is used. (l) Foreign currencies The British Red Cross uses forward exchange contracts to hedge a number of its well-known foreign exchange exposure. Transactions in foreign currencies happen to be recorded at the rate of exchange applicable at the date of the transaction, except in which a forward deal is in place, in which case the speed specified in the contract is employed.

Monetary property and financial obligations are converted into pristine at the exchange rate judgment on the balance sheet date, except where a frontward contract is place, whereby the relevant asset/liability is converted at the price contained in the agreement. Foreign exchange increases are recognised as other income and foreign exchange losses are accepted in the consolidated statement of economic activities inside the relevant non-profit activity costs for the period in which they may be incurred. 26 British Red Cross Trustees’ report and accounts 2011 27 Notes to the consolidated financial transactions for the year ended thirty-one December 2011 2 . Voluntary income Unrestricted? Regular offering Public via shawls by hoda, appeals and fundraising Services donations Present aid Legacies Disasters Crisis Committee speaks Grants Total 41. 9 19. zero 2 . four 12. 3 18. eight 94. 5 Restricted? meters 26. 0 0. 1 1 . almost 8 0. 9 8. 3 37. one particular 2011 Unrestricted Total? m 41. 9 45. 0 2 . your five 14. you 19. six 8. several 131. your five 34. six 17. 6th 2 . some 10. 5 21. a few 86. six Restricted? m 20. six 0. one particular 1 . almost eight 0. 6th 8. four 1 . six 33. a few 2010 Total 34. 6 38. 3 2 . five 12. a few 22. 1 8. 4 1 . several 119. on the lookout for Costs of generating funds Non-reflex income Trading activities forty-four. 3 twenty two. 9 67. 2 Charitable activities Unexpected emergency response and recovery UK International 3. 1 44. 6 67. 7 Resilience UK Foreign 25. almost 8 10. almost 8 36. 6 2011 Total? m a few. 9 3. 1 7. 0 16. 9 0. 6 12-15. 5 6th. 9 13. 7 21. 6 eight. 8 52. 9 2010 Total? meters 3. zero 6. several 9. several Governance costs 0. a couple of 0. zero. 8 Into the social proper care Medical products services Attention and support programmes zero. 3 a few. 5 3. 8 Promoting the Movement Total 7. 2 12-15. 7 16. 7 18. 7 6th. 6 11. 2 seventeen. 8 1 . 6 37. 2 zero. 6 zero. 5 1 ) 1 zero. 3 several. 3 a few. 6 six. 2 seventeen. 2 18. 0 0. 2 13. 2 twelve. 7 10. 8 21. 5 1 ) 7 forty. 4 18. 6 0. 7 15. 3 eleven. 0 13. 1 25. 1 several. 9 57. 6 Total 220. 6th 10. several 230. on the lookout for 199. two Subscriptions to Federation Staff Fees to auditors intended for audit of economic statements Fees to auditors for other services Various other 1 . 9 0. three or more 0. 1 0. two 2 . your five 0. you 0. 1 1 . 9 0. three or more 0. you 0. 3 2 . six 1 . 6 0. 6th 0. you 0. 3 2 . 6 Health and social care Medical equipment providers Care and support programs 11. almost eight 25. on the lookout for 37. Assisting the Movements 8. being unfaithful 150. 9 0. 9 2 . six 3. 6th 0. one particular 8. a few 12. six 28. 6th 41. 3 9. zero 159. 2 16. 2 25. two 41. four 8. a few 132. almost 8 2 . 1 0. several 2 . 4 27. 9 11. one particular 39. 0 25. 2 11. you 36. several 1 . four 0. almost 8 2 . a couple of 24. your five 45. 4 69. being unfaithful 20. 7 26. one particular 46. eight 1 . 2 0. 7 1 . 9 45. a few 23. 6th 69. one particular 40. several 23. your five 63. eight 4. Resources expended Direct costs? meters Support costs? m 2011 Total? meters 2010 Total? m Musical legacy income is definitely not accepted until the British Red Get across has entitlement to the cash, the amount may be quantified and certainty of receipt. The estimated benefit of legacies, which have been advised but not recognized at 23 December 2011, was? several. 4 mil (2010:? being unfaithful. 2 million) of which?. some million (2010:? 6. 6th million) are assets bequeathed to the English Red Cross, but be subject to life tenancy. Disasters Crisis Committee (DEC) appeal cash flow is accepted to the degree that solutions have been committed on programs funded throughout the DEC appeals. Subject to the agreed portion, the value of DEC appeal salary not driven down or perhaps accrued for at 23 December 2011 was? 2 . 6 , 000, 000 (2010:? a few. 5million). several. Incoming assets from charitable activities Grants or loans? m Emergency response and recovery UK International zero. 8 3. 1 3. 9 Resilience UK International Other? m 3. you 3. you Grants? m 0. 2 6. you 6. 3 Other? meters 2 . almost eight 0. a couple of 3. 0 Supporting the Movement’ scholarhip income is mainly from the Department for Intercontinental Development (DFID).? 1 . two million (2010:? 1 . one particular million) was received as part of our Relationship Programme Arrangement (replacing the Strategic Structure Agreement), which gives core funding for our international work to strengthen further more the effectiveness of the International Red Cross and Red New-moon Movement being a key expoliar of the foreign humanitarian program.? 6. zero million (2010:? 5. one particular million) was received within our Institutional Strategy arrangement with the Intercontinental Federation of Red Combination and Red Crescent Communities (IFRC), which gives funding because of their programmes and operations.

The charity v has recognized our junior volunteering, Future Jobs Fund and National Citizen Assistance activities. The income for 2011 can be? 187, 500 (2010:? 90, 000). The basis of share of support costs is described in note 1(d) and further analysis is presented in notice 5. Our total assets expended involves irrecoverable VALUE-ADDED TAX of? installment payments on your 9m (2010:? 2 . 1m). Included below 2011 immediate costs happen to be grants for the International Federation of Crimson Cross and Red New-moon Societies (IFRC) and International Committee in the Red Combination (ICRC) of? 20. one particular million (2010:? 19. a few million) and grants to other Countrywide Societies of? 22. two million (2010:? 6. 6th million). 28 British Reddish colored Cross Trustees’ report and accounts 2011 29

Paperwork to the consolidated financial transactions for the season ended 23 December 2011 5. Support costs by simply activity Expense of generating cash Emergency response Supporting and Health and the recovery Strength social treatment Movement Governance 2011 Total 2010 Total 7. Cash Balance 1 January 2011 Net purchase gain / Expenditure (losses) Actuarial loss on described benefit monthly pension Balance 23 December Transactions 2011? meters? m? meters? m? meters? m? m 2 . 6 3. 7 3. 6th 0. 4? m 2 . 4 three or more. 6 Total UK limited funds Total unrestricted money? m Profits? m? meters? m? m? m? m Finance Recruiting and central facilities Management information solutions Central management Total 0. 8 0. 6 0. 4 zero. 1 1 ) 9 0. 9 zero. 6 zero. 6 0. 1 2 . 0. your five 0. being unfaithful 0. 9 0. you 2 . four 0. four 1 . 6th 1 . 5 0. one particular 3. 6 0. you 0. you 0. 1 0. one particular 110. some 163. two (172. 3) (1. 2) (1. 6) , 98. 5 17. 1 9. 0 13. 3 twenty two. 3 6th. 0 forty-five. 4 one hundred fifty five. 8 a few. 8 4. 9 18. 4 dua puluh enam. 9 46. 2 zero. 6 50. 6 213. 8 (6. 8) (7. 2) (14. 2) (27. 4) (48. 8) (3. 0) (58. 6) (230. 9) zero. 1 0. 2 0. 2 0. 3 (0. 9) (1. 6) (0. 5) (0. 5) zero. 5 , 14. 2 6. several 0. 2 12. five 19. 5 4. you 37. six 136. 2 3. 5 0. 4 9. almost 8 Haiti earthquake Japan Other international limited funds Total international constrained funds Catastrophe Fund Total restricted money Total cash 10. three or more Support costs have been allocated on the basis of the accounting plan set out in note you (d). six. Trading part

Britcross Limited, the English Red Cross’ wholly held trading part incorporated in britain, engages in someone buy of greeting cards and products as well as company sponsorship in aid in the British Red Cross. The turnover and expenditure included within trading activities are: 2011? m Turnover Expenses Net income make donation to British Crimson Cross The assets and liabilities of Britcross Limited consolidated in the balance sheet are: Current resources Current financial obligations Net assets 1 . some (0. 9) 0. five 2011? m 0. eight (0. 8) 2010? meters 1 . some (0. 9) 0. 5 2010? meters 0. 7 (0. 7) , Constrained funds Expenses plans have been agreed for any material limited funds. Cash are held in appropriate property categories in accordance with planned usage. UK constrained funds UK restricted money include: &gt,? million of properties and other tangible fixed assets organised for restricted purposes &gt, a variety of neighborhood, national and European funding sources to deliver projects within the next 2-3 years &gt, legacies with a geographical and service limit. The balance of UK constrained funds is usually held to get the supply of regionally agreed companies. International constrained funds Significant programmes of work are prepared for the disbursement of international limited fund bills as at 31 January 2011. Other international limited funds consist of: &gt,? installment payments on your 4 mil of share for foreign programmes &gt,? 1 . 5 million displayed by net assets in the Overseas Limbs. Disaster Fund The Catastrophe Fund allows us to prepare for and respond to education disasters in foreign countries and in great britain.

We fundraise specifically for the Disaster Account and, mentioned previously on unexpected emergency appeal components, it can also contain funds donated to emergency speaks where we all raise a lot more than can be moderately and efficiently spent on that specific response. 30 Uk Red Mix Trustees’ statement and accounts 2011 23 Notes towards the consolidated economical statements pertaining to the year ended 31 January 2011 almost eight. Tangible set assets Freehold property? m 45. being unfaithful 0. you 2 . a few (0. 5) 48. 0 Vehicles, Possessions in the Leasehold equipment span of property and furniture structure? m? m? m 34. 2 0. 1 (0. 5) 33. 8 41. 2 zero. 3 a few. 5 (1. 1) 43. 9 zero. 6 (0. 5) 2 . 0 installment payments on your 1 Total? m 121. 9 8. 0 (2. 1) 127. 8 being unfaithful. Investments

Fixed assets assets Market value , 1 January 2011 Improvements at price Disposals in market value Net investment failures in the year Their market value , 31 December 2011 Cost , 31 12 , 2011 Total? m 54.99. 0 a few. 0 (11. 3) (0. 6) forty-nine. 1 47. 1 Expense At one particular January 2011 Completions Upgrades Disposals At 31 January 2011 Accrued depreciation By 1 January 2011 Fee Disposals At 31 12 , 2011 Net book value At 31 December 2011 At thirty-one December 2010 13. one particular 1 . almost 8 (0. 2) 14. six 11. six 1 . 1 (0. 2) 12. five 33. four 3. eight (1. 0) 36. 2 , 49. 1 six. 7 (1. 4) 63. 4 The portfolio includes the following: UK equities Overseas equities UK fixed cash flow Market value 2011? m 7. 8 a few. 9 35. 4 49. 1 Per cent of Market value 2011 2010 portfolio? m 16% 12% 72% 86. 0 six. 3 43. 1 58. 0 Percent of 2010 portfolio 15% 11% 74% 33. a few 32. 8 21. three or more 22. 6 7. six 7. 8. 1 0. 6 64. 4 63. 8 The next investments represented more than your five per cent in the value from the portfolio in 31 January 2011 Lazard Thematic Global Institutional Reveal Class Legal , Standard CAF UK Equitrack Black Rock Super Short Connection Fund Volume of units 67, 350 doze, 988, seven-hundred 287, 196 Market value? m 5. on the lookout for 7. 5 35. 5 Per cent of portfolio 12% 15% 72% Current asset investments Royal Bank of Scotland Global Treasury Cash plc BlackRock , Institutional Sterling Fluid Fund 2011? m 6. 2 6. 2 2010? m four. 1 1 ) 0 a few. 1 five. 4 zero. 7 10. 2 Deposit Investment property in britain Total 0. 4 6. 6 32 British Red Cross Trustees’ report and accounts 2011 33

Notes to the consolidated financial statements for the season ended 23 December 2011 10. Debtors 2011? m Trade debtors Accrued salary Other debtors Prepayments Duty recoverable Legacies receivable Total 4. 6th 6. on the lookout for 1 . 0 3. a few 4. four 10. 5 30. being unfaithful 2010? meters 6. five 4. six 0. some 3. several 4. 0 10. 1 29. 0 At 31 December 2011 Amounts supposed to be incurred: , inside one year , beyond one year 1 . 1 1 . one particular 1 . a few 1 . 0 2 . several 2 . four 1 . 0 3. 5 1 . 1 2 . a few 3. 4 At one particular January 2011 Payments during the year Increase in provision 12. Conditions for debts and fees Rehabilitation Leasehold commitments dilapidations? m? m 1 . a couple of (1. 2) 1 . 1 2 . 1 (1. 5) 1 . 7 Total? meters 3. 3 (2. 7) 2 . 8 All portions shown underneath debtors fall due to get payment inside one year. eleven.

Creditors: sums falling because of within 12 months 2011? m Trade credit card companies Accruals Various other creditors Deferred income Taxes and social security costs Total 3. a few 12. zero 1 . two 1 . on the lookout for 1 . 6th 20. zero 2010? meters 2 . 1 10. 9 1 . you 2 . 0 1 . 3 17. four The provision for rehabilitation commitments since at thirty-one December 2011 includes portions committed in Haiti to get livelihood funds. Leasehold dilapidations relate to homes where the United kingdom Red Cross has a legal responsibility as tenant for this kind of costs. 13. Staff emoluments and trustee expenses Total staff emoluments (including informal staff) to get the year had been as follows: Wage costs Countrywide insurance costs Pensions costs 2011? m 68. 7 a few. 1 . 0 75. 6 2010? meters 63. zero 5. 5 1 . a couple of 69. six Movements in deferred cash flow during the year were as follows: By 1 January Income recognised during the year Salary deferred in the past year At 31 December 2011? m installment payments on your 0 (2. 0) 1 ) 9 1 . 9 2010? m installment payments on your 6 (2. 6) 2 . 0 2 . 0 The amount of employees whose emoluments, since defined to get taxation functions (basic pay, vehicle and medical insurance benefits), amounted to? 60, 000 in the year were as follows:? 70, 001 ,? 70, 000? 70, 001 ,? eighty, 000? 70, 001 ,? 90, 1000? 90, 001 ,? 95, 000? 90, 001 ,? 110, 500? 110, 001 ,? 120, 000? 169, 001 ,? 180, 1000? 180, 001 ,? one hundred ninety, 000 2011 6 6th 3 five 1 a couple of 1 2010 8 6 5 2 1 you 1

Five (2010: five) in the above staff have retirement benefits accruing to all of them under described benefit monthly pension schemes. The overall cost of the contributions to these defined gain schemes created by the English Red Mix for these workers was? 106, 000 (2010:? 94, 000). Thirteen (2010: fourteen) in the above workers are associates of a identified contribution plan. The total expense of the contributions to this scheme made by the British Crimson Cross for anyone employees was? 81, 000 (2010:? 61, 000). 34 British Crimson Cross Trustees’ report and accounts 2011 35 Records to the consolidated financial transactions for the year ended 23 December 2011 13. Staff emoluments and trustee expenditures (continued)

The regular number of a lot of the time equivalent personnel employed by the British Reddish colored Cross during the year was the following: In the UK Fundraising Retail UK services First-aid services Worldwide services Additional Overseas Foreign services Total employed by FTE Total employed by headcount The average number of volunteers working for the British Reddish colored Cross in the past year was the following: In the UK Fundraising Retail UK services First aid services International services Total Trustees’ bills: Expenses received by wholesale real estate flipper and reimbursed by the United kingdom Red Combination Expenses sustained by the British Red Combination on behalf of wholesale real estate flipper Trustees’ indemnity insurance cover cost 2011 171 547 1, 475 405 72 280 65 3, 015 a few, 547 2010 147 544 1, 417 379 sixty six 249 54 2, 856 3, 364 14. Retirement benefits

New United kingdom Red Mix staff have entitlement to join either the Retirement benefits Trust’s Unitised Ethical Prepare or the Pensions Trust’s Adaptable Retirement Program. Staff experienced previously recently been entitled to become a member of the British Red Cross Pension Account (“UK Workplace scheme), Scottish Branch English Red Get across Society Retirement living Benefits System (“Scottish scheme) or the Retirement benefits Trust’s Development Plan. These kinds of three strategies are all closed to fresh entrants. UK Office and Scottish described benefit monthly pension schemes The assets of such pension strategies are saved in separate trustee-administered funds. The schemes happen to be subject to triennial valuations with all the last total valuation being carried out since at thirty-one December 2010 for the united kingdom Office scheme and 1 January 2009 for the Scottish system.

These values were up to date at thirty-one December 2010 and 2011 by independent actuaries on the Financial Confirming Standard seventeen ” Retirement living Benefits (FRS 17) w

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