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Thematic evaluation smaller and smaller circles by

Thematic Analysis: Smaller sized and Small Circles by simply F. L. Batacan The ultra-modern Face of Philippine Culture (Violence, Misuse, Crime, Justice) F. H. Batacan’s Pinoy detective novel, Smaller and Smaller Groups, creatively reveals the kind of culture the Korea has at this time – just how, nowadays, unfavorable it has become. It shows a theme on physical violence and mistreatment, the other items that select them just like motivation (anger, etc) and consequences (results), and gives your readers an idea about how unfair the society can be most of the time especially to those who have are not capable of speaking for themselves.

The new starts off by simply presenting one face of violence inside the story – the killings. It lets us know that offense happens to everyone. No one is definitely invulnerable to crimes. It can be anyone about us: a pregnant woman, a entrepreneur, a driver, a educator, a student, a grown-up or a youngster. In the history, children about twelve or perhaps thirteen whose genitals, faces and minds were removed are victimized. (pages a few 12) The victims will be “children of poor people. ” (p. 13) The storyline is set in Payatas – a place which can be known for it is poverty. This fact in some way limits these victims via attaining rights. This idea will be discussed further after.

Another deal with of misuse presented this can be a abuse of power. Many people who have authority in the culture tend to employ their electricity in the incorrect way. Govt officials, instead of helping the folks, make them go through by corrupting the nation’s money and lying to them about with their flowery talks. Policemen, instead of taking bad guys into prison, commit crimes themselves like requesting bribes and “lagay”. There are several cases in the Philippines where the police show the public someone – the ‘criminal’ – just to like front of the people’s sight and to seem in control of almost everything.

This is represented by Lawyer Benjamin Arcinas’ character, the acting representative of the Countrywide Bureau of Investigation who also suddenly makes public a guy named Carding who, in respect to him, handed over him self and revealed to every thing. (chapters IX-XI) Policemen are supposed to imprison law-breakers and not vigorously bring them inside. If those people who are given this kind of power and responsibility practice their expert like this, there is no more perception of rights in the country. Furthermore, Philippine police’s ineffectiveness is usually presented in the novel too.

Quoting in the text: “Unlike in the United States or Europe, Philippine police and law enforcement regulators do not make statistics about missing folks on a countrywide basis. ” Worse, that they seem to operate just to earn more money. Continuing the quotation: “Most people with a missing relative are reported the mass media, and little police effort, if any kind of, is expended toward following the cases up after that – unless, naturally , the subjects are wealthy or important. ” (p. 19, emphasis mine) The latter quoted affirmation gives us the idea that ‘small’ people, in particular those below the low income line, are certainly not given similar treatment.

In the event poor people make a complaint, they are given less interest, actions to their cases will be slow-paced. Even worse, some will not bother worrying at all: “Jerome and Saenz exchange appears. ‘Didn’t anyone complain? ‘ The mechanic sighs and shrugs, and although this individual doesn’t claim a word, they will know what he’d have said in any case: complain with what? To whom? All of us didn’t wish any trouble? ” (p. 123, emphasis mine) “We had been too poor. We didn’t know what to perform. ” (p. 113) “We talked about this when Alex was in bed. We were adults. We recognized what happened. Yet we were scared. Nobody mentioned these things back then.

We had no cash. Where will we proceed? Who would support us? ” (p. 114, emphasis mine) Another maltreatment case presented in the book, which determined the criminal to do his sick prepare, is sexual abuse. This kind of happened within the school. The criminal, Alejandro Benitez-Carlos Jr., was sexually assaulted by his homo P. E. high school teacher, Isabelo Gorospe who also, as mentioned later on in the tale, became his first patient. The situations of abuse shared simply by Emong Ricafrente, a former classmate and also a patient, is pointed out in phase XXIII. This kind of part of the history makes the viewers realize that there isn’t a more ‘safe’ place.

Crimes happen everywhere – inside the streets, in the school and even at home. To complete his plans, Alex Carlos, abuses his power being a dentist. This individual builds a fantastic impression among his patients to keep himself from staying suspected. This shows what sort of very ‘respected and good’ person can be quite a criminal. People trusted him. “He involves work early, lunches by itself, and is usually the last to leave at the end of the day. He provides a perfect presence record. ” No one thought he can commit this sort of a crime. If perhaps people are unable to assure somebody’s trustworthiness, how could there be trust?

And if there’s no trust, how can a society function properly? Physical violence gives beginning to even more violence. Bad things produce more bad things. Which what F. H. Batacan tells her readers with this book. For instance, a few take the circumstance of Alex Carlos. He was sexually-abused through the complex stage of his life – high school. This deeply disturbed him and changed him all together. “Emong nods. ‘How could anybody expect him to go on? He was a mess. After a while, it absolutely was just him, him constantly, and we most knew. This individual couldn’t stand it whenever we looked at him, and he used to opt for fights whenever he caught any of us taking a look at him.

He’d sit right in the back of the classroom, and soon he was all alone, he wouldn’t talk to anybody. When he had to, even though, he would never look all of them in the face, it absolutely was so peculiar. ” (pp. 122-123, emphasis mine) And according to Alex’s daddy: “He started to be rebellious, taken. ” (p. 114) As stated, violence gives birth to more physical violence, crimes to more criminal offenses. Alex, disturbed and in soreness, was encouraged to avenge himself. This individual killed his P. At the. teacher, as well as the poor kids who were as well ordinary in contrast to him and who informed him of his unpleasant past.

In addition to page 114, his dad even mentions “He was trying not to cry, nevertheless he was seeking even harder to keep himself from traveling by air at myself. From eradicating me. ” A lawbreaker created a serial killer inside the smart, spending neat small Alex Carlos. The book also reveals another part of the criminal’s character. He did not actually want to do those techniques. Quoting, “I didn’t want it. I failed to like any of computer. I. Did not. Want. It. ” Having been just excessive affected and troubled by abuse he had to go through. That instance in his childhood considerably changed his life down the road.

Everyone is presented his/her position/ responsibility in the society and all must do their particular works correctly, fairly. Justice is for everyone. Laws were created for the people’s better. Crimes really are a serious matter. Results of such and of the investigations considerably affect the lives of those who also are concerned. These kinds of cases take note00 with care and keenness because people’s lives are at risk. It should not be only a matter of exposure or selfish gain like the way the case was to Joanna Bonifacio, a journalist, who just thought of the ratings of her popular program: “The ratings will shoot through the roof. “

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