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Legal Studies In December 2002 Dominic Li answered his front door to two men (Richard Nimmo and Maua Sua) both choose guns. Sua and Nimmo were being paid by Yonky Irvin Bronze, a medication dealer to whom Li’s brother in law owed funds to. Both equally Sua and Nimmo poured hydrochloric acid onto Mr Li in which he suffered can burn to his face, started to be blind and burns to his esophagus.

Mr Li painfully died three several weeks later because of these accidents sustained because they led to a blockage in the throat that blocked his breathing. Color was identified guilty of plannng the murder and sentenced to life in prison.

Sua and Nimmo were located not guilty to the murder although found accountable on additional offences. Discover the correct legal citation of the case Name: Dominic Li , Satorre versus R, Ur v AB, R versus Tan , Acid assault and tough Date: 13th December 2002 Outline the elements of the offence In cases like this the aspects of this case range from the planning in the event by Tan. This can be known as the men’s rea (guilty mind) this is certainly proven simply by Tan acknowledging he had planned out the take action and paid Sua and Nimmo to kill Li for him. Also serves rea is made in this case.

Serves rea is a guilty action and is exposed in the case by simply Sua and Nimmo putting the acid upon Li’s face which at some point led to Li passing away three weeks after due to the injuries suffered in the attack. The general offence of this act was murder. Identify the elements that might include led to the criminal conduct. Economics was your factor/motive for this murder. Li’s brother in law (Phillip Ma) due Tan funds and had vanished. Tan then planned out the murder of Li as a means of finding out where Ma was and portray to Ma it turned out a sign that Tan was coming after him.

Outline the reporting and investigation of the crime Mister Li’s killing was reported to the law enforcement officials by his wife who also looked in in fear as her husband had the acid added down his throat and his face at gunpoint. The evidence that was discovered at the crime scene was the DNA of Sua and Nimmo (Fingerprints on firearms and acid solution bottle). Explain the role of the courts The position of the process of law is to notice cases becoming put forward by the two parties and make a decision the outcome in the hearing. In cases like this the case was heard on the NSW Best Court.

It absolutely was heard in Supreme Courtroom as the offence dedicated was too severe pertaining to the local legal courts as it was a murder circumstance. Outline the legal manifestation The legal representation in this instance is the functions of the two crown as well as the prosecutor. The role in the crown in cases is to work as the prosecuting party resistant to the defendant. The Crown is usually abbreviated or perhaps represented by simply R. e. g. 3rd there’s r v Johnson. The role of the prosecutor is to support the the courtroom in that the facts of the offence has been appeared and achieved. Identify the Plea

In the case of Dominic Li’s murder the offenders involved in the crime Suntan, Sua, Nimmo and Sattore all pleaded innocent yet were identified guilty on various accidents. Firstly Tan was discovered guilty of planning the homicide and was sentenced to our lives in prison. Secondly Tua and Nimmo were identified guilty but were found not guilty because among Tan’s affiliates that was involved in demonstrating Sua and Nimmo’s sense of guilt and been in prison about previous situations was seen as unreliable. Yet , both Tua and Nimmo were identified guilty of drug offences and both prisoned to twenty-four years prison.

Finally Sattore, who was located guilty of generating Sua and Nimmo to Li’s residence was charged with for being an accessory to the crime when he admitted to using prior understanding of the designed murder and was sentenced to 16 years in prison. After the sentences were handed down Sattore expressed his sympathy and sorrow towards victim’s friends and family. Discuss the factors that affect the sentencing decision Factors that have an effect on sentencing decisions are conditions that may effect the final result and impact the result elizabeth. g. educe or increase the punishment handed down. These conditions are considered by court when ever determining whether or not the defendant is definitely guilty or innocent. Several conditions may well reduce the intensity of the demand. These circumstances are called mitigating accidents. In addition , conditions that may make charge becoming more severe happen to be known as frustrating offences. In Mr Li’s case the mitigating offence shown is that of Mr Tan’s co-workers being branded as unreliable therefore leading to the tough charges in Sua and Nimmo getting dropped.

Explain the charges given Fines given to the defendant might include time in prison. The assess determines enough time that the accused has to provide in penitentiary based on the severity of the watch case that is becoming heard. In the matter of Mr Li’s murder the judge passed down the sentence in your essay of your life in penitentiary to Mister Tan, twenty four years in prison to both Sua and Nimmo and 16 years imprisonment to Sattore. Analyse the extent where the law balances the rights of victims and offenders.

In cases shown in court, the legal courts have to ensure the both the rights from the victims and the offenders happen to be upheld. These types of rights has to be met with no bias or unfairness towards one party. In the case of Mister Dominic Li’s death, his family and Mr Li himself have had all their rights preserved as they be aware that the people responsible for Mr Li’s death will be serving a long time in prison for what they did. On the other hand the rights with the offenders are also upheld. Proper rights has been offered to Suntan, Sua, Nimmo and Sattore.

This has been done by Sua and Nimmo getting acquitted due to an unreliable source being utilized as a observe and rendering an unstable statement. However , the rights of Li’s family members were once more maintained while both Sua and Nimmo were even now charged intended for other offences and face lengthy prison sentences. Furthermore, Sattore has been dealt proper rights as he remains to be serving time for his component in the homicide but hasn’t been given because severe consequence as the other member because he did not actually be a part of the getting rid of he only drove the murderers to Li’s property.

He as well admits to feeling extremely sorry for his activities and all of the offenders must live with the guilt of murdering Mister Dominic Li for the rest of their lives. To summarize, the legal rights of both the victims and offenders have been upheld through the case by the final outcome. The family of Mr Li could get a sense of security and adequate out of knowing that the folks who wiped out their precious family member happen to be serving period behind bars. Finally, the privileges of the offenders were taken care of because every single person was given a reasonable trial and received a reduce consequence except for Mr Tan. Bryce Donovan

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