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Of Mice and Men

The book, Of Mice and Men simply by John Steinbeck, is about two men called George and Lennie who are living in the time of the truly great Depression. They will travel jointly and after that they get themselves in trouble inside the city of Bud, they relocated to work on a ranch. Additionally there is a movie, “Of Mice and Men, ” that is based off of the book.

There are many themes in the story, one of them getting power. The movie differs somewhat from the publication in the fact it has fewer examples exhibiting the importance of power, unlike the book where there are numerous instances of electric power.

First off, power is proven, or in some instances not displayed, in the personas. In the two book and the movie, George has a specific power above Lennie. He acts as his father: reprimanding him, protecting him, and telling him what to do to get his very own good just like a normal daddy would have. An additional character that supports the theme of electricity in the book and movie is definitely Lennie. Even though he doesn’t have a lot of logical electrical power, he is an extremely physically powerful person in the motion picture and publication. He’s extra tall, strong developed, and just all-around a big man that can do a tremendous amount of physical labor.

Another likeness between the publication and movie relating to electric power is Curly, the boss’s son. He’s a very little man that likes to purchase people about and gets the reputation of beating up bigger guys. Though there are multiple examples of heroes showing electricity in the book and movie, there may be an example of when the movie makes the theme significantly less relevant to the story. In the book, Lennie has the power to remember to go to the comb, where George told him to go if he had any trouble. However in the movie, it was so that Lennie was lost and couldn’t get the brush.

It made Lennie seem more vulnerable and with less logical power within the book where he proved himself, apart from his problems. The second subject matter that the topic is shown in is definitely events. The poker site seizures are both likewise and different inside the book and movie. In both the publication and film, George discussions for Lennie in front of the boss when they initial arrive at the ranch. He is worried that Lennie will say something to expose that this individual isn’t the smartest person and this it might prevent them from working presently there. A similarity is also the simple fact that when George and Lennie were sold out of

Bud, they were getting chased without a reason other than the word of the lady that Lennie accidentally worried. He had not any intension of hurting her and never did, yet she nonetheless had the strength to manipulate everybody to think that she was assaulted by Him. The last similarity of events that illustrate electric power is once Lennie by accident kills the mice, the puppy, and Curly’s better half. He had a whole lot physical power and didn’t know his own power that he would kill living things before actually realizing the thing that was happening. This kind of got him into a large amount of trouble eventually.

A significant difference in occasions that demonstrates the importance power is that in the book, Curly’s wife who was at first looked at as a feeble, prone woman without power above anyone, out of the blue demonstrated quite a lot of authority over one of the dark-colored workers, Criminals. This was a very sudden turnaround in authority and improved the reader’s view regarding her. This happening under no circumstances occurred in the movie and enormously changed the outlook of power in the book. The final topic that displays the value of power is definitely the details of the storyline.

The first thing is that in both movie and book Curly’s wife has no name. This might have been to imply that her name got little importance or electricity over the account. Her influence of getting Lennie killed from charlie accidentally getting rid of her experienced nothing to perform with her name. Another detail is that the stable keeper was African-American. This displays a lack of electricity in the video and book because he was forced to live by himself and had no influence on the decisions or thoughts of the other men simply because of his race.

Another detail is that George was much smaller than Lennie in both portrayals of the tale, yet he previously power more than Lennie as though he was his father. This kind of shows that despite the fact that one may always be very effective in a particular way like Lennie, they will still be controlled by someone that possibly acquired more self-confidence. All in all, film production company weighs the value of capacity to some extent less than the book does. The book and movie’s characters are generally a similar, except the book reveals Lennie with additional logical power than the motion picture does to get when Lennie runs back in the brush to satisfy George.

The actions of the doj are very much alike as well. But , the movie is lacking the event of Curly’s wife showing electricity over Crooks in his very own cabin, which dramatically influences the atmosphere of the tale. The book and movie also have similar details exhibiting power just like Curly’s partner not having a name, Crooks not having a lot of power because of his race, and little George having electric power over Lennie. All these subject matter help talk how the film and publication relate to each other to get showing electricity.

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