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Qualifications Nestle is known as a Swiss multinational company that has been founded in 1866 and finally produced in 1905 by blending two firms, and it is the greatest food company in the world which products incorporate breakfast cereals, pet treatment, ice cream, bottled water, dairy products, baby foods, chocolate and sweetmeat, sports nutrition, weight management, food service, culinary arts, chilled and frozen meals, healthcare diet, drinks and also coffee, and it roll-outs a existence in almost every nation in the world.

And it aims at providing good foods, beverages to buyers in order to enhance their lives. Even as found that Nestle offers nearly 8000 brands in worldwide, we all decided to focus on Nescafe which can be launched in 1938, your brand of quick coffee.

The first immediate coffee continues to be developed intended for seven years, and very low huge successful after introducing during Ww ii period. It will be found in 43 countries in globally. And it has different types of goods in Nescafe, for instance: sole serve espresso, house blend, instant coffee in containers and lightweight aluminum packs, etc .

It has also launched a coffee machine lately which can be greatly helpful in expanding their particular market share in coffee market. Strengths As Nestle is known as a well known manufacturer in the world, meaning it has a particular and wide-ranging geographic insurance in world, and this is good for Nescafe to make any further development in fact it is believed that Nescafe is the major player in coffee market and it has a good brand names because of associating with Nestle that has mass market share in the world.

Besides, Nescafe features various products in different taste and packing which can be fit into different market segment, for instance , it has home blend espresso for customers that can make espresso at home whenever they want, also instant espresso in containers and light weight aluminum packs that provide customers an event in consuming coffee in everywhere at any time. Moreover, Nescafe has a great position because UK’s Number 1 soluble coffee manufacturer also major instant caffeine market in some countries. Therefore it has a certain quantity of devoted customers and good recommendations is certain.

Nevertheless, Nescafe is set by a reasonable value that buyers can afford that easily it will attract even more new customers. Weaknesses Although Nescafe has a great deal of strength, that still has it is weaknesses which can be coffee marketplace is nearly saturated and people starts off concerning health problems, it is because Nescafe has already been launched coffee in different forms that are no more fresh forms can be found, which means Nescafe can only increase their business by stretching the product line.

In addition, it has been recently claimed that caffeine can be described as central nervous system and metabolic stimulant and it has physically and psychological effect on people in the event consuming a lot of, and this can be seen in coffee, as a result, it may result in a decrease in consumption in caffeine as people start qualified health problems. Prospect Even if Nescafe has a big success in coffee market, there are always various opportunities awaiting it.

As I have discussed earlier that people start concerning their particular health problem, it will be a weak point also a chance for Nescafe. And it is presumed that it will be new and long lasting tendency for Nescafe to introduce some new sort of coffee, for instance , it has long been launched sugar free caffeine, it may also develop organic coffee veggie or else coffee which has reduce caffeine. Furthermore, Nescafe can easily open up a Nescafe retail store which is functioning like Starbucks or Pacific cycles coffee company.

Actually it is just a potential chance for Nescafe to maximize its profit and increase its business, because it can sell Nescafe’s goods in the store, likewise adding some food or fresh flavor of coffee intended for consumers. On the other hands, Nescafe should keep tracking within the latest trend which can be helpful for this to innovate new flavors which can get acceptance, intended for examples, designing a new taste like green tea latte in whatever type. It will absolutely gain customers’ attention and maintain strengthening consumers’ loyalty.

Last but not least, Nescafe can try to tie-up with some restaurants to provide its products, in order to spread its item all over the world and customers can buy and enjoy that everywhere. Threat Somehow, Nescafe is facing some hazards like Starbucks which is a skilled and popular coffee shop that may drag their market share away. Besides, some coffee enthusiasts may deeply in love with the freshness of Starbucks which is providing just in time coffee.

Plus, there will always be a few instant espresso brands with relatively lower price, it is impacting on Nescafe that some instant coffee lovers would like to opt for the brands according to cost instead of top quality. And now the earth is facing inflation, therefore does Nescafe is confronting the same trouble. It is because pumpiing leads the price tag on Nescafe go up, and Nescafe have to harmony between cost and top quality which that cannot reduce the quality normal to decrease the cost. Vice versa, very low rising expense caused by keeping good quality standard.

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