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God Conserve the Bar Task 1 B. Point out your opinion about theme bars and discuss whether it is a good idea that idea pubs get global. Lots of people today will state that the favorable old British pub is dying, specifically after the smoking ban on July one particular, 2007, and the fact is that 52 cafes are concluding every week, plus more than 6, 000 fewer pubs today than just a decade ago, nevertheless ironically there are more places to enjoy a glass or two now, than just a couple of years before.

As well as the reason is fairly simple, just because a lot of the traditional pubs have been completely transformed into a brand new generation of pubs, the so called “theme pubs with excellent beverage and high class food, plus some pubs are even serving ecological food and beverage. I do believe it’s very positive that the classic English bar is being substituted, so the dark and sultry tobacco men pubs, today often will be theme pubs, with an open minded friendly atmosphere where women as well as children can come and talk about what’s going on in the local society.

Young people today know exactly what they desire, and they need it in a very good quality in a clean environment, and that’s what the majority of the new technology of topic pubs may offer today. UK is a great island in more than one sense and the British individuals have always been incredibly conservative and afraid of new changes, trends also known as nepotism, as we commonly known as from areas of Denmark like Bornholm and so forth But since England signed up with the Western european Community in 1973 combined with Ireland and Denmark, Great britain has slowly changed to be a global and modern country.

Therefore I feel that the transformations of the classic pub in to modern theme pubs are a natural creation nobody can battle against. Although theme pubs can i believe also be a problem to get the English. The magazine of today informs me, that the United kingdom has the highest rate of teenage drunkenness, because fresh teenagers in England are more likely to acquire drunk than anywhere else in the whole industrial community. Personally I hink that one of the reasons why the UK has this world record in adolescent drunkenness is really because children are in order to go to the idea pubs combined with their father and mother, and here your children see their parents alcohol consumption in a social environment. If the children increase up they will use/abuse alcohol because it previously had been acknowledged by the father and mother. A huge accomplishment in topic pubs in the uk today is a “Irish bar theme inches. The Irish pub topic started since just another bar theme, yet somehow the Irish motif seems to have gone down into the Uk taste of pub topics, and seems to go on forever as part of the The english language pub traditions.

I think the fact that English bar tradition using its diverse themes is known as a special and unique British piece of lifestyle, and the problem is if it is just a good idea that theme bars go global. First of all I do believe that it is a extremely good idea to export topic pubs international, because countries like Denmark, Germany, Italy, Holland and so forth already have received the traditional The english language pub pertaining to quite a number of years. But the next question is if it’s currently too late to complete such a small business.

As we well know the Irish pub designs have been international for a large number of years with huge success, to start a global investment in English motif pubs in foreign countries will hardly ever be any kind of success. Eventually its well worth to talking about that the economic crises is going to kill the theory, even before the theory just was obviously a little believed. Task 2 Murphy’s Memo Date: two September 2009 From: Isabella Knudsen To: Management Sales manager Re: New pub theme principle in Ireland

Just returned from the UK where I use studied the newest theme cafes, I like to let you know about my own research. The new generation of theme pubs are appearing all over the UK, and it looks like a huge success. The new idea pubs appear to have a great impact on the young technology, and have turn into such a big success, that within a small amount of time the traditional Irish pub slowly and gradually will pass away. The new theme pub strategy is a alteration from a great old-fashioned pub into a contemporary restaurant. Every theme club has its own identification.

During my go to in the UK I visited different varieties of theme pubs like disco theme bars, but the many interesting motif was the family and female/children friendly theme bars. It is also my opinion that people use more quality time during their remain in their local theme bar. My thought for a new pub topic should be a blend between a household restaurant theme pub inside the daytime and a circulo live music pub motif in the evening, every night, or for a start every Friday and Saturday night. That will definitely attract the young people of eire.

I recommend that management will need to let the advertising agency Shandon Advertising execute a market survey to obtain a few exact knowledge about what appeals to young people in Ireland. Thank you, Isabella Knudsen Murphy’s 48 MacCurtain St . Cork twenty two October 98 Shandon Advertising and marketing Church St . Cork Dear Sir. We are writing to you, as we need your qualified knowledge regarding a new job. Our business on the Irish market is lessening, and therefore we could considering beginning a new sort of pub. Each of our sales supervisor has just frequented a number of United kingdom pubs which may have changed a lot lately.

Several have become “superpubs with space for five-hundred or more. Additional pubs happen to be theme bars, to meet young people’s flavor. Furthermore you will find pubs, where one can get a wide choice of dishes at reasonable prices. There exists almost a great entertainment idea for every taste. As we would like to appeal to young people, we all intend to begin some new bars on a trial basis. But before we generate a final decision, we need some more details. Consequently we are requesting to inform us if you can carry out some market studies for us We could looking forward to hearing from you. Yours faithfully MURPHY’S Flann O’Brien Marketing supervisor

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