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A canary for one composition

The storyplot under consideration is entitled A Canary for just one and is written by Ernest Hemingway, an American novelist and short-story writer. Regarding the author I can mention that his style is usually characterized by crispness, laconic dialogue and emotional understatement. In his writing Hemingway explored themes of confusion, defeat and social complications. The story A Canary for just one is not an exception. The first idea about it is that a bird was obviously a present, a canary for someone.

However , next his story-telling iceberg design, Hemingway makes the meaning in the story much more significant.

The bird symbolizes hope for the better long term. It is like a means of negelecting the problems and not to be alone. The story is approximately an American girl returning house with a canary for her child. After reading the story we have to know that the main thought is solitude and the failure of other types of relationships. This can be proved by the sort of the American couple who went to Rome to set up specific residences in Paris.

As it generally happens with E. Hemingway’s stories, the plot is usually difficult and thought provoking by their simplicity of language varieties.

In a train approaching to Paris, an American lady acquired acquainted with a north american couple. Within a conversation over told one more woman about her daughter, who fell in love with a guy from Vevey but they were required to put an end to all their relationships. Mother believed firmly that only an American boy would make a meet for her girl. Having found the train station the couple and the woman said goodbye to each other. Having relocated towards the door the man and a woman travelled their own techniques. The main personality of the account is a quite rich and lonely American lady. Mcdougal doesn’t also mention her name because it’s pointless.

In the whole history there are simply no names whatsoever. What we understand her ” she is a bit deaf and has a girl whose your life she damaged because of her strong values. To describe her character more vividly, to expose her frame of mind to others who are not Americans, the author employed the key phrases that “Americans make ideal husbands or perhaps “American men are the simply men on the globe to marry. The author made it happen to show the woman`s haughtiness. She stayed at deaf both physically and emotionally to the world outside the house, even with her child.

The girl described many methods from a good viewpoint, but remained adamant. They were madly in love, “He was coming from a very good family, “I had taken her apart, of course. The problem raised in the account is that individuals that don`t realize their blunders, are not willing to figure out and increase the situation stay alone in the long run. The author doesn`t name the characters to exhibit that there are a lot of such people among us. And this trouble still continues to be a burning up one. To conclude I would like to talk about that I appreciated reading the storyline. It is a very profound one that makes the target audience become thoughtful about his own lifestyle and wishes. All the important things are between your lines.


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