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A martian sends a postcard home by craig raine

In “A Martian Sends a Postcard Residence, ” Craig Raine uses many metaphors to describe exactly what a Martian would see if he came to earth. In the initially stanza Raine uses metaphors to describe exactly what a university Martian may think a book looks like. Raine refers to William Caxton, who had been the first to print books in the uk, in the initial stanza; “Caxtons are mechanical birds with many wings as well as and some are treasured for their markings. An e book would resemble a parrot when exposed, the wings being the countless pages, and several books include marked an area in history or perhaps is much-loved by the person reading that.

In the next several lines the Martian observes the different thoughts one may have got while examining a “mechanical bird, ” and although he’s never witnessed a single actually flying, which is difficult, he realises that they are sometimes in somebody’s hand. In stanzas five and half a dozen the Martian is trying to describe fog. “Rain is when the earth can be television / It has the exact property of making colours darker, ” meaning when the colors are changed on a television the picture would look unclear, and cloudy even.

Raine simply describes a vehicle as a “Model T, ” in the next two stanzas. Describing a car being “a space with the locking mechanism inside, ” is a very imaginative metaphor. Simply by writing “But time is tied to the wrist / or kept in a container, ticking with impatience, ” Raine can be expressing which the Martian is encountering a wristwatch or a time clock. In stanzas ten through twelve the Martian has come upon a telephone, which will he identifies as a “haunted apparatus, ” which usually “sleeps, ” and cries, or perhaps rings until it finally is found. Raine as well adds the element of wit to the composition, an example is in the twelfth stanza when he produces, “And yet they awaken it up / deliberately, by simply tickling which has a finger. “

The Martian believes that humans “tickle” the keypad with their fingers, when they’re making a call. “A punishment space / with water but nothing to to eat, ” is a bath room. The Martian observes that “Only the young should suffer freely, ” which can be really after i child would be getting their particular diaper improved, and adults must be by itself when they visit the “punishment area. ” Finally, in the last two stanzas the Martian is describing the nighttime routine of human beings, “At evening when every one of the colours perish / they hide in pairs as well as and find out about themselves / in shade, with their eyes shut, ” in other words by so doing humans close their eyes to get to sleep and wish.

This poem uses a multiple metaphors to describe what a Martian would encounter in the event that he stopped at Earth. The poem is usually interesting to see because it requires the reader to use their thoughts, the reader need to think to be able to figure out these everyday issues the Martian is discovering for the first time, really somewhat of any brainteaser. Is actually obvious the fact that Martian can be seeing these matters for the first time, that makes the visitor wonder for what reason a simple factor such as a enjoy or a time clock is certainly not found on his planet, is definitely time unimportant were your dog is from?


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