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A movie examination glory highway

Glory, Wonder Road, Motion picture Analysis


Fame Road is film regarding an interracial college golf ball team in the 1960’s. In the movie, a young coach ways to a new town to be the head basketball coach at a small division you university. The film displays many instances of motor learning including: qualities of learning, punishment, advanced skill characteristics, individual dissimilarities, and the three or more things that interfere with efficiency.

Characteristics of Learning

Learning is a set of processes and requires practice and experience. Put on Haskins, the coach inside the film, presented his team with many different kinds of opportunities to study. While on a recruiting trip, Don locates himself for the court using a future participant. As they are playing a little one on one, Don handily stops the young gamer. He then earnings to teach him the rocker step, a fresh skill. This was a learning situation, when the student was attempting to acquire a new skill. At this point, the athlete would be considered to be in the cognitive level of learning as his performance was still being somewhat inconsistent and varying. Although the continued stages of learning are certainly not shown in practices in the film, the athlete later uses the skill when in competition, suggesting that he had seeing that mastered the brand new technique placing him inside the autonomous stage.


Treatment played a massive role inside the film and there were quite a few examples of just how Coach Haskins used this aspect of motor unit learning to help his team grow. Probably the first instance of punishment in the film was once some of the players were found breaking crew rules. That were there traveled away campus through the night in order to have a little fun out and about, participating in activities they should not to have participated in. Trust is a crucial aspect of any kind of team sport, so once that trust was broken Coach Don Haskins was inclined to punish his players. Nevertheless , he would not just penalize the perpetrators but everyone was required to spend the price. Everyone ran pointe to begin that practice for a few of the athletes’ disobedience. In the beginning, the viewer may be convinced to discuss the inequality of Trainer Haskins’ approach. But this process of abuse enforces the fact that they are a team and what they do impacts one another. Eventually, it helped the team grow more robust in their companionship and comradery with one another. Consequence which is game-like is most desired. In this instance, there could have been a much more game-like abuse but rate and flexibility are also very desirable traits in the game of basketball. Jogging wind pointe helped state the team in order to keep up with their very own opponents and ultimately earn. The benefits had been especially apparent in the last game against Coach Rupp and a skilled Kentucky team. Coach Haskins played just 7 players the entire game. These players were surely exhausted right at the end but displayed their strength gained in part from the punishment of their mentor. This is a good sort of punishment because it helped the team achieve their particular goal.

Advanced Skill Features

The Tx Western Miners exhibited a large number of characteristics of advanced skill including their very own internal nature of inspiration. Before the start of the season, Instructor told among the players that he was staying cut from your team. This kind of player, Shed, was emaciated. He exclaimed that he’d never be able to look his daddy in the eyes once again. Coach stated that he failed to care and that he hadn’t attained the right to stay. Shed went to the health club one previous time and blast around a tiny bit. While he was there, deceiving to hit game-winning baskets this individual realized that he had what it accepted stay and play. His motivation to try out rose that night to a level which could certainly not be diminished. The next day, in practice, he came along demanding that Don Haskins let him play. Coach made a decision to let him stay because of his determination and extremely high determination to play the sport of basketball. In addition to the motivation of the Miners, they also displayed a great deal of flexibility. When they enjoyed in different locations they were necessary to put up with a lot of negative thoughts from enthusiasts of rival teams. Likewise, each group they played out was different, with different strengths and weaknesses. One purpose that this crew was and so successful was because of their capability to adapt to the opponents they will faced.

Person Differences

Probably the greatest lesson learned from this movie is the fact that that individual dissimilarities, specifically interpersonal differences, can be overcome to attain greater heights. Sadly, many individuals inside the South at this time were even now very partial to racism. The Miners knowledgeable a great deal of persecution and changed a great deal. Even the school facilitators and boosters of Arizona Western were displeased with Coach Haskins for developing so many shaded players. When he started 3 black players, they genuinely questioned his methods. Yet , the operations proved to be the least of their challenges as they progressed throughout the season. The team enjoyed well collectively and the players learned to see past color faster than the rest of the community. On the road, some communities had been less acknowledging than other folks. In one industry, the enthusiasts yelled, throw, and put food in the players because they came out of the tunnel and onto the court. Absolutely, this encounter would have recently been terrifying intended for the team. However they stuck collectively and grew stronger. Within instance, several community members could not reserve their social differences and also beat up one of many black players in a bath room, leaving him bruised and bloodied. However, many likewise believed that because the players were dark-colored, they had significantly less capacity for brains and capacity to perform pressurized. The Tx Western Miners proved them wrong as they won the NCAA Championship.

Three Items that Interfere with Performance

First and foremost, personal problems can substantially alter a great athlete’s ability to perform. Harry was using a difficult time at school and trainer threatened to punish him unless this individual got his grades up. Eventually his mother showed up at the college and having been back on the right track in no time. Yet had this individual not pulled his marks up, they surely may have suffered intended for his apathy. One of the players got into a relationship with a girl that perhaps modified his video game slightly. Coach found them on the roof from the dorms one particular night as well as the athlete was required to run stairs for some time as a treatment for disregarding team rules. Injury can also play a huge role inside the performance of the individual. Willie Cager, certainly one of their big guys, was diagnosed with a heart state as a young man. This was not manufactured known to Trainer Haskins in the beginning. When he eventually found out, he was unwilling to play Cager and didn’t allow him to dress in his uniform for games. The last thing that can interfere with performance is performance parameters. This has recently been reviewed, but the masses can significantly influence the ability of the sportsman to perform. This film is great example of the tenacity and maturity necessary to overcome this kind of obstacles and still win under the harshest of circumstances.


Coach Wear Haskins was the first in NCAA history to start five black payers. He helped change the method people dealt with his decisions as a field hockey coach. Sport can be a highly effective social tool. While responding to problems with culture, Coach Haskins and his squad also proven important guidelines in engine learning such as the power of treatment, overcoming specific differences, and a few key attributes of learning. Glory Highway exhibits that even against all chances, highly determined individuals can easily accomplish a great deal more than what can be expected of which.

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