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A personal philosophy of the need for educational

Learning Models

With regards to my own “Philosophy” when it comes to both kids as well as adults with “Behavior Disorders ” their “treatment” educationally, my own philosophy specifically focuses on the scientific along with psychological and social details (including “multiple intelligences”) in addition to the very therefore vitally important educational “Learning Styles”. In the most recent years, these specific “Learning Styles” have been completely identified as the visual learning style, rational, aural design of learning, verbal, psychical, as well as the “Memletic” kinds of learning which have been primarily identified as working in a group and working in solitary circumstances (such because by a person’s self) (Learning Styles On the web (2017). In a nutshell, all teachers should not only be well educated inside the latter terms mentioned, although also trained in making use of them to true to life situations and while working with adults and children with behavior disorders. My own educational philosophy as well as personally as a teacher accomplishes this. Furthermore, it is crucial to be fully aware that a vast majority of both children as well as adults with “behavioral disorders” also have the presence of mental health disorders (issues). These kinds of may include but not be restricted to, ADHD, ADD in addition to, numerous degrees of anxiety, depression, and also other special issues and thought such as oppositional defiant problems all of which effect both child/adult educational richness. Specifically, my educational philosophy for equally children and adults could cater to both their interests as well as the generalized educational topics such as reading writing, math, science, cultural studies (history), art remedy and other topics/subjects that are of both sensible and day-to-day use (that is highly necessary to learn in the “Real World”. In addition , We would specifically use, tailored subject matter that are of any “specific interest” to each student/adult (very similar to the “Montessori Approach”). For instance, people that have both ATTENTION DEFICIT HYPERACTIVITY DISORDER and ADD quite often exhibit signs of be limited attention covers which can treated to concentrating specifying around the particular hobbies and needs of this individual (and thus proving an effective “outlet” for their patterns issues). In addition , hyperactivity are always solved with offering added “time” pertaining to sports and other physical activities which can effectively assist to release “pent up” out and out aggression, lack of restraint, excitability and fidgeting. Finally, those with these kinds of behavioral concerns can be presented the appropriate period as well as expertise (counseling courses) in order to make them effectively handle their irritability, intrusive thoughts, anger, changes in mood, and anxiety. There is no “one size meets all” viewpoint yet the last mentioned steps may be applied to every.

Experience Concerning Children/Adults with Behavior Disorders Their Treatment Educationally

Several of my own personal experiences involve the two “hands on” and “direct contact” with individuals (both adult children). Specifically, besides a vast majority of my personal experience being educational (via textbook, coursework, as well as seminar learning). It is good extensive experience of babysitting and proving the much needed and essential care for both children (young and old) in addition to adults with behavioral as well as mental healthcare needs. I use had to dispense prescribed medications to my personal brother’s kid (as he was under my own care and prescribed medication for his PUT.

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