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A study on drug related crimes in mexico

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There are many problems that can be reviewed when it comes to the problems that are getting faced by the many countries that make up Latin America. Perhaps one of the most undermined concerns faced by Latin America is the chaotic and drug related offense spike that is certainly being experienced in South america along many of its cities that border the United States, and while efforts are being taken on the United States area of the border to prevent this epidemic by spreading very little is being carried out on the reverse side with the border, in which improvements must be made to conserve the lives of countless numbers that are being misplaced every year.


There are plenty of issues that could be discussed when it comes to the issues that are currently being confronted by the a large number of countries that comprise Latin America. Perhaps one of the most undermined issues experienced by Latina America is a violent and drug related crime spike that is becoming witnessed in Mexico along many of it is cities that border america, and while hard work is being used on the Usa side of the border to stop this crisis from distributing very little will be done for the opposite side of the line, where advancements must be built to save the lives of thousands that are being lost annually. Between june 2006 and 2010 alone, killing rate along Mexican border cities climbed nearly 30 %, whereas within the United States aspect border towns saw all their murder costs drop almost twenty-five percent. (Wilson) Lots of the violent crimes that are being knowledgeable in Philippine cities just like Tijuana are being perpetrated by rivaling cartels, exactly where murders will be committed just to make instances of people who care to go against the drug operate. (Dibble) Perhaps one of the biggest causes of the surge in violent crimes amidst Mexican urban centers bordering the United States is the boost of weapon imports and smuggling into Mexico which has taken place within the last 5 years. Since 2011, Mexico weapons imports possess increased three hundred and thirty-one percent. (King) By applying a tighter border plan of looking at vehicles to get the smuggling of not only illegal weaponry but additional illegal items being helped bring from the Usa into Mexico, as well as vamping up the provided government personnel in these edge cities, an absolute and genuine effort may be made to take apart these chaotic drug cartels and help supply a better and safer lifestyle to Mexican citizens along these edge cities.

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