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The effect of illegal immigrants in malaysia essay

Illegal immigrants are people that migrate throughout national borders without making sure that you comply with the legal requirements. Some people call those that they suspect of illegal immigration as illegalimmigrants or undocumented immigrants. Individuals that arrive legitimately but then overstay their kompakti?kas may also have got illegal status. The term illegal immigrant is extremely contested since someconsider that a pejorative term, since some consider violating what the law states a meaning as well as legal issue. Due to these, the illegal immigrants offer serious effects to Malaysia which makes the government worried about the Malaysian community.

Migration throughout our nationwide border by illegal migrants strongly influences our socialsecurity. This is because some are the most wanted terrorists in their countries. Theycome to Malaysia to release themselves from your law impeachment. By doing the own sameaction in our restrictions, they are associated with the cases of robbery and rape. In fact , entirecitizens live in fear and maybe afraid to travel outside. All those illegal immigrants are inspired bytheir culture such as struggling among each other and life-style to survive in their country For surethis provides a bad picture to Malaysia.

For instance, the cases which involved a great Indonesianshot away and perished in a law enforcement attack not really a normal case more. On 10 03 2005, the RoyalMalaysian Police officers shoot four Indonesian staff when they became wary whilst carryingout securities patrol in Sungai Buloh area at Selangor. The four victims of the Indonesianworkers were Seklinde görüs bildirdi, Reni, Markus and Gaspar, (High light beam Research, 2005). Some of our armysends to Semporna, Sabah to battle with the terrorist that use high technologies weapon.

The migrations of the illegitimate immigrants also bring one other big problem to our country thatis dangerous conditions. As we know illegitimate immigrants originate from rural areas and when that they enter each of our boundaries they cannot even go to the public or maybe the private well being department for a medical check-up. Diseases such as HIV, SUPPORTS and TB are some of the disease brought by these people. Thehealth difficulty will increase the size of because this unlawful immigrant brings lot of healthproblem from their region. For instance the HIV, this refers to the smuggling of girls for the purposes of forced prostitution and this can lead to HIV virus consist of hand it is going to increase the total of fatality. (Theeffects of illegal zugezogener in Malaysia, 2008). Due to these diseases, complete citizens turn into afraid to those and some of them have been a patient of the diseases.

Nowadays, more and more people are suffering from these types of diseases and this contributes towardsthe cases of death. City rights happen to be class of right and freedom that protect the person from unwarrantedgovernment action. What this indicate is that breach of municipal rights is our local labor proper has been taken by the unlawful immigrants. Many employers in our country prefer to hire these people rather thanour own regional workers. The charge to hire overseas workers is cheaper than locals in terms of their very own salary.

As an example, the construction market is focused by Philiphino workers, maid servicesare normally related with Indonesians and the plantation sector is normally run by Indonesiansand Philiphinos. Subsequently, our local personnel are up against the deficit of jobopportunities. To summarize, illegal migrants may impact our country negatively. We can see it affectour economy, cultural structure and health. Therefore , before this matter becomes more severe, the government bodies should take further action to overcome this issue we can save our countryfrom all the unwanted effects that are brought by the illegitimate immigrants.


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