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Advantages of living in a modern family essay

Modern Family members Nowadays, it would appear that the traditional relatives structure can be disappearing plus the modern is replacing this. The friends and family used to always be formed by the grandparents, the fogeys, their brothers and sisters and their children, living with each other in the same house, nevertheless the nuclear family formed by the father, the mom and their kids, live in an individual house without the rest of the family (“Nuclear Family). I believe that some of the features of living in a contemporary family will be: educational liberty, independence of every family member and the free choice in choosing marriage companions.

In a contemporary family, both men and women could have more freedom to choose their educational career. For example , after away from high school, they will decide to continue their education or not really. Some can choose to go to a University in the United States and live on campus, although some can choose to analyze abroad. Whichever decision earning, the parents would be supportive. On the other hand, in the past, father and mother could stop their daughters from going to school and would push them to work, for example , inside the reading “Traditional vs . Modern day Family,  Wan M.

Lam explains how her grandfather ceased her dad from likely to high school and forced him to work in off white sculpture (168). In the past, father and mother could also generate their children to look into a job, without nurturing if they will liked that or not really, and they could even stop all of them from learning abroad. An additional of living in a modern is that each member is very 3rd party, able to job and provide for themselves. Both father and mother share the expenses, provide for the relatives, and also stocks and shares responsibilities, just like doing duties at home and taking care of the kids.

The older kids also can operate and help father and mother with their very own expenses. In the past, children were very dependent on their parents and were always aware of the mom taking care of these people, while the daddy was at work and was the just financial provider. On the contrary, today, as Papillas Aly Naw states in the essay “Traditional Family and Modern Society in Africa,  both mother and father must travel outside to work and children are “left to themselves and without guidance,  (173) having at this point more liberty, learning how to act and control themselves and taking their particular decisions.

This writer likewise says that because of the mom is not really home in daytime, children “spend much of all their time deciding for themselves,  (Ndaw 173), letting them expand up, be a little more independent and having the chance to develop their own interest in lifestyle. Another advantage of living in a modern family is that there is more liberty to choose whom we would get married to. It permits today’s lovers to marry by their own will rather than because of fascination.

This likewise makes their very own relationship even more caring and warmer, of course, if they have any children, it could be because of take pleasure in. On the contrary, before, parents would force their kids to marry for interest, especially to someone powerful and rich, regardless if that they liked these people or certainly not. But now, marriages are different, the majority of people can pick whoever they wish to marry, such as my older sister decided to go with freely her partner and also married due to love, and my parents backed her decision.

Although I prefer living in a contemporary family than living in a traditional one, sometimes I feel that my family needs to restore some ideals from the traditional family composition, specially the communication between members. I do think that my loved ones does not use enough time together, and we need to read how to find time to share activities, and do this without influencing our busy schedules. However , I continue to believe that is essential to have a very good education, end up being independent and enjoying the freedom to generate our own decisions, we should also keep more in touch with our family rather than forget about some traditional friends and family values.

Operate Cited Lam, Wan T. “Traditional or Modern Family In Our Very own Words: Pupil Writers at the job. Ed. Rebecca Mlynarczyk and Steven B. Haber. New York: Cambridge College or university Press, 2006. 168-169. Ndaw, Papa Aly. “Traditional Family and Modern Society in Africa In Our Own Terms: Student Copy writers at Work. Male impotence. Rebecca Mlynarczyk and Steven B. Acontecer. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2005. 171-173. “Nuclear Family members.  Wikipedia. 2010. twenty-five April 2010.

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