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Aig insurance provider the history term paper

Bailouts, Goldman Sachs, Arthur Callier, Electric Automobile

Excerpt from Term Newspaper:

, 2008). There are two formats of insurance coverage that AIG focuses primarily on:

1 . Automobile insurance

2 . Travel Insurance

Auto insurance

The principal profits and insurance coverage made available from AIG intended for auto insurance providers were through its additional by the name of AIG Direct (can be utilized on aigdirect. com). The service package deal that they provided their clientele included insurance for independently owned vehicles, motor bikes, commercially-owned vehicles and as well as the recreational transportation (Schneiderman et al., 2008).

Some of the major subsidiaries of included the whole subsidization in the online car insurance specialist known as the modern world Insurance. This takeover happened in the year 2007 and expense AIG $749 million for purchase. This kind of subsidiary proved to be the most beneficial approach for AIG in the year 08 where they experience the highest record of losses with the recession. They will directed all of their business negotiations towards the 21st Century Insurance. This year, AIG sold the 21st Century Insurance subsidiary for the Farmers Insurance Group for a total of $1. on the lookout for billion, producing a huge profit from the amount it had initially used the company (Schneiderman et ‘s., 2008).

Travel Insurance

The main subsidiary that AIG utilizes to offer its travel cover services and packages is a Travel Safeguard. The headquarters of the Travel Guard are in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, while it has outlets in different regions of the country (Schneiderman ain al., 2008).

The company’s development

Its most effective point

The figure beneath illustrates the strongest demonstrate that the AIG stocks acquired in the most loss-prone yr for them, i. e. 2008. This was definitely the turning point for the business to turn things around inside the second half of the year after suffering tremendous loss for the majority of the first half the year. The key aspect to notice here is that, even though AIG stocks shut down lower than their particular opening charge, the level of varying was not because drastic since it should have recently been considering the humungous losses the company was experiencing (Sjostrom, 2009).

Turmoil (or weaknesses)

The year 2008 was definitely the biggest crises that AIG had to encounter. AIG were required to sell out the majority of its subsidiaries and give through to its benefactors to cut down their losses. AIG performed manage to revisit in the second half of their most disastrous year although despite that once we compare the yearly outcome for the 2nd half of 08 to the second half of 3 years ago, the difference can be extremely clearly viewed (illustrated in the figure below) (Sjostrom, 2009):

The highest and the lowest peak in terms of expansion

The physique below is an representation of the summary of the highest and lowest points of the AIG stocks over the years. The physique is a typical depiction from the performance of AIG in the market and how completely grown in such a massive structure in the United States. Possibly the highest stage of expansion came following the huge bailout explained previous by the Government Bank which will allowed AIG to really grow its course with a assurance of every year loans and collaterals offered against the a large number of subsidiaries that owned (Sjostrom, 2009).

The rise of AIG

The participation in government and President Obama

It is no secret that the Rose bush administration performed give AIG a lot of leeway in terms of the loans that they can take through the intro of the anchored credit facility. However , similar hospitality had not been give through the Obama administration that followed. The ironic factor here is that President Obama voted in favor of the bailout as a senator. In response to the overall compensation proposed coming from AIG, the President stated “It’s hard to understand how derivative dealers at AIG warranted virtually any bonuses, a lot less $165 million in extra pay. How do they warrant this invective to the people who will be keeping the business afloat? inch he additional added to that by expressing “In the final six months, AIG has received substantive sums in the U. H. Treasury. We’ve asked Admin Geithner to use that influence and go after every legal avenue to block these bonuses and make the American people whole” (New York Occasions, 2009). It is obvious kind these statements that AIG won’t have the unrivaled and unquestioned support from the Obama administration since it did during Bush’s rule.

The historical bailouts

1 . The $70 billion bailout enacted in 2008 to assist the big financial institutions regain control of finances tips AIG as the focus of this bailout was also in auto insurance which can be one of AIG’s primary services.

2 . The Secured Credit Facility bailout of $85 billion that allowed AIG to get back financial balance by warranting the resources and stocks and options of the subsidiaries

several. The casing finance plan from AIG anticpates another bailout amounting to 20 dollars billion through the Treasury Department (New You are able to Times, 2008b)

AIG’s present status quo since 2010

It is quite an obvious assessment to say which the bankruptcy and government pressures that AIG currently confronts will not be something that it could get over. In fact , this might actually be the conclusion of the business profile in the insurance industry. What I determine is that the AIG sticks find yourself being portion of the Hedge Cash machinery. The Hedge Cash will be the last straw intended for AIG while the money that AIG has to pay back because of the losses it really is facing is not being trapped in escrow and will be stored in the Destsche Traditional bank which is owned or operated by Hedge

Funds. The next figure points out how and why this is the assessment I make.


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