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Air france klm changing the rules with the game


Air France-KLM Case (Som 2009) offers the background for airlines sector and factors impacting companies’ positions, information about the history of air-carrier forces and their problems. The main focus of the Case is on two companies: Air Italy and KLM and their decision to combine despite predictions of failing. The period included in the case ends in 2006. As most aviation corporations worldwide were struggling and losing earnings, Air France-KLM was confidently gaining marketplace shares, increasing growth and financial efficiency. The purpose of this kind of report is always to identify and analyze the main element challenges with the aviation industry and Surroundings France-KLM merger; evaluate choices and offer recommendation on how to obtain stronger position and withstand economical problems (oil prices, political pressure, and competitor’s rivalry).

Data presented in the Case will be assessed using: PESTEL Analysis (Yüksel 2012), Porter’s Five Causes Analysis (Porter 2008), organizational and economical performance, SWOT analysis (Bernroider 2002). Choices and recommendations will be presented based on Hubbard’s (1996) tips.

Macro-environmental/PESTEL Analysis

Politic Sub-factors: Governments on most countries have a strong affect over air-carrier business.

For example , Detrimental Aeronautics Board regulated flight companies prices until 1977. A lot of the companies had been government owned or subsidized without respect to the success of the transporter. Countries’ air space was limited for use by the national air-carriers and gain access to by overseas carriers was restricted. Changes came with the trend of privatization of nationwide carriers. Ratification of the Deregulation Act in 1978 by the ALL OF US Congress experienced changed the airline industry market panorama. According to Spinetta (2006), the Western european market became a Single Marketplace removing restriction to all providers.  Economic factors: The air travel industry is heavily dependent upon the cost of fuel, number of travellers and cost effective factors just like unemployment and household disposable income. Advantages of complicit� provided a solution to defeat these constraints and regulations, widen entry to the constrained markets and provide cost reduction to the member companies accomplished through merged codes, reduced number of flights, simplified moves and ticketing, reduced fixed costs. Providing combined recurrent flyer applications attract more passengers.

Reduction of service centers and reducing job is a very unpopular measure in Europe and difficult due to the union’s activities. Social-cultural factors: Improvement of lifestyle, growth of travel and leisure, additional free household income and simple travel within just European Union affect the airline sector. Traditionally, every European country has its own aircarrier even though some of them are heavily subsidized by the govt and not profitable. Since 1997 global alliances became standard practice for the industry, but not the mergers similar to Atmosphere France-KLM.  Technological factors: The aviators industry is extremely dependent on technical improvements. Advancement fuel useful aircrafts increases fuel consumption and decreases fixed costs. Expending the aircraft potential improves overall performance of flight companies core organization of the volume of passengers and cargo, therefore increasing earnings and income.

Environmental factors: Public health, food and into the regulations, traffic safety, eco friendly way of performing are important elements impacting flight companies strategies. Legal factors: There are numerous factors affecting the flight companies, for example use of the American market was closed right up until 1978 when the Deregulation Take action was approved by Congress. Eu countries discuss the regulations. Summary of Findings: PESTEL analysis allows evaluating the surroundings in which the company operates plus the industry scenery projection on the future. Yüksel (2012) covers use of measured measures of each and every PESTEL component which boosts accuracy in the results and it is recommended to work with for more in depth analysis.

Buyer Power: Frequent flyers programs decrease buyer’s electricity. Ups and downs from the economy influence household income available for leisure time travel. Low-cost companies regulate the cost.

Supplier Electrical power: Boeing and Airbus are the two key companies that supply global flying companies. The fleet is often renewed each decade each aircraft is extremely expensive. In 2006 Air France-KLM had 565 aircrafts in operation with 240 destinations. New Entrants: The barrier for new entrants is definitely high due to high competition, government rules, high fixed and start-up costs; difficult exit strategy due to unionized work force.

Alternatives: A number of significant and reduced airlines are available for passengers to pick. Other transfer options can be found; however , flight companies provide the fastest way of long and method distance travelling. They are usually substituted by the alternatives for short distances. Cargo services, facilities, training and maintenance applications are also primary businesses intended for airlines furthermore to carrying passengers.

Industry Rivalry: in 2007, 249 airlines had been registered globally, with 90 airlines propagate between 31 European countries. This kind of creates a excessive rivalry between your airlines.

Analysis Summary: Aviation industry is extremely regulated with strong and increasing purchaser power. The barrier for new entrants is high. The supplier electricity is strong but deterioration as AirFrance-KLM benefit from the economic climate of size and solid bargaining power. The company helps to protect oil prices by purchasing price fixing insurance. There are alternatives available although air travel continues to be the preferred strategy to business travelers and fast cargo delivery.

SWOT Research


 The two CEOs discuss company and industry future vision and unpleasant strategy. (De Wit & Meyer 2010, g. 397-400)

 Usage of non-discriminating procedures and promotion of stronger marketing. Synergy in IT systems.

 Guarantees given to the stakeholders. Strong financial position.



 Geographical distance among Paris and Amsterdam hubs is definitely 400 kilometers

 Different ethnic backgrounds (De Wit & Meyer 2010, s. 415-419)

 High fixed costs

 Union activities and political interference play a significant role in the industry.


 Cha?non attracted such companies because Aeroflot

 Habbit on gas cost and economical which clears huge Russian market.  fluctuation.

 More companies may be attained or your

 European countries usually do not increase the partnership with the merged Air France-KLM.  runway capability.

 Improved routs offering attained by reduction of  Possible threat of integration between redundant travel arrangements. Expenditure of network.  Northwest and Delta which may make a high competition in America.

 Economy of scale in bargaining while using suppliers


The recommendations will be to continue purchase in the latest technologies, which include IT; invigorate the fleet to reduce gas consumption and improve defect-free customers knowledge; secure locked fuel prices, build relationships to extend extended distance plane tickets options; stability the network offerings between continents; give attention to stakeholder’s, employee’s and customer’s needs; consider strategic relationships with other airlines; continue raising market share and improvement of free cash flow and strengthening of economic position.


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BUSM3922 Case Study:

Air England – KLM: Changing the principles of the Video game


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